Midori is a lightweight yet powerful web browser which runs just as well on little embedded computers named for delicious pastries as it does on beefy machines with a core temperature exceeding that of planet earth. And it looks good doing that, too. Oh, and of course it’s free software.

Privacy out of the box

• Adblock filter list support.
• Private browsing.
• Manage cookies and scripts.

Productivity features

• Open a 1000 tabs instantly.
• Easy web apps creation.
• Customizable side panels.
• User scripts and styles a la Greasemonkey.
• Web developer tools powered by WebKit.

Requirements: GLib 2.32.3, GTK+ 2.24.0, WebkitGTK+ 1.8.1, libXML2, libsoup 2.27.90, sqlite 3.0, Vala 0.16, libnotify

Current State

Development happens on GitHub, from which stable versions are prepared. Releases of WebKitGTK+ are tracked actively but older versions are supported.

For more information see the Midori FAQ.


Download now on midori-browser.org

Contributing to Midori

Checkout the git repository

git clone https://github.com/midori-browser/core.git

Read how to contribute on midori-browser.org

Join #midori on Freenode to talk about Midori, discuss bugs and new ideas.

Report bugs on GitHub.

200 thoughts on “Midori

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  3. Joey

    I too am thankful you develop Midori into a totally fun browser that even works great on Debian running on a little 4-watt Pogoplug (it’s headless so I use RDP).

    Another vote if anyone could figure out how to make Ghostery work on Midori – it’s an essential freeware that installs on all major browsers and shows you who is tracking you – many news sites an even weather it’s not uncommon for 20-30 trackers personally identifying your browsing habits – Ghostery blocks whom you specify and speeds up browsing too.

    Iceweasel could support Ghostery but is an unstable browser and doesn’t like operating in a headless computer one bit.

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  6. Stephan Munsch

    I have come to know Midori some time, but in the first time I found it a bit ‘weird’ because of the ‘middle-click-mouse-gestures’. When this behaviour was changed I gave Midori a second try. Now it’s my browser #1!
    Small and fast it does all I need and even on my oldest (and slowest) computer it is still fast enough.

    Continue with the good work!!!


  7. newandlearninguser

    Hello and than you for your nice browser.

    I am running Ubuntu 14 and slowly migrating from bloating Firefox to Midori (old Version 0.4.3 but runs fine here).

    Is it possible to have two or three independ instances of Midori running paralell that have different user settings, or at least an way to store different user profiles that i could choose when starting up?

    I should not forget things like in “Privacy Mode” but instead store cache; cookies and other user settings in different profiles that i can choose between.

    Thank you very much for your Answer.

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  9. Richard Ward

    I heard great things about this browser, especially the SSL’d DuckDuckGo default search engine and small footprint — nice! Unfortunately, it crashes upon starting up on Windows 8.1. It also crashes in compatibility mode. I was hoping to use this browser and ditch memory hogging Mozilla Firefox. I will have to find another light weight browser that doesn’t crash on the latest version of Windows. This looked so promising! I hope it’s fixed in the future.

    1. Lloramity

      I’m on Windows 7, Midori doesn’t work here either. I’d recommend Maxthon Nitro or Diglo for lightweight browsing in the meantime.

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  18. Joel

    I downloaded the official installer for Windows (at this time 0.5.7) and also tried the 7z version but none of them works on Windows 7. The browser crashes the first time it opens, no matter what i tried, i couldn’t make it work… I am waiting the next version, hope it will be repaired 🙁

  19. Dreyeth

    I will second the fact that Midori is a great browser for Linux, but just loading duckduckgo.com
    (which is the default search engine so its immediately loaded on start) totally WTF BBQs Midori on windows causing a total lockup until the process is killed.

    Linux should not be rated on how well it runs windows programs that is just a added bonus that sometimes works for big profile games, and almost always usually works for simpler programs you need like utilities or creative programs, I have tons of obscure utilities that I need for this and that, that wine runs perfectly.

    I play 3 high profile MMOs and wine runs one of those perfectly, the others are hit and miss and get broken on some patches and are working on others.

    Mainly I’m a classic gamer, which linux does perfectly for what I use (except that the big 3 SNES emulators have been doing terrible maintenance on their Linux ports lately), and I play some of the MMOs wine supports (though a couple it doesn’t), and my PC gaming outside of that is mainly Valve stuff that has been ported to Linux with steam, which I will probable
    stick to in the future, proprietary software installing “stuff” on my windows installation has
    been a serious issue for a decade.

    Wine running of Windows games on Linux is just a added bonus that could work, but should never be expected to, since they were never designed to do so, nothing like Wine will ever become entirely perfect.

    Linux has execellent driver support now execept the efficiency of the open source ATI driver
    is still weak on newer cards, if you’re card is old enough to have been end of lined by ATI
    so you’re forced into using legacy, the open source driver is better, the proprietary from AMD is fast and feature complete, I hear everything is even better for Nvidia users, and Intel.

    Linux has a few issues picking between cards that have normal jacks and a HDMI out that can usually be selected in you’re sound mixer in the system tray, and seems to want to occasional reset back to HDMI (which you might not be using) but besides that I haven’t found a single device not supported in Linux out of the box (almost all drivers Linux supports
    are shipped with the kernel so all drivers are “out of the box”).
    I find that you want to use a distro shipping a newer kernel though, using a old kernel
    on a newer rig and expecting it to work (debian), is a recipe to go straight to segfaulting.

    Linux still has a few occasional usability for users unfamiliar with it in keeping some of the lower system features out of the way that has usually been configured to already be that way on most desktop oriented distros, and still suffers from some probable over zealous permission issues on some of the lower subsystems, most of them are easily managed with a small amount of knowledge on Linux.

    IMHO a good desktop oriented distro using KDE as the desktop is the best usability right now
    in Linux.
    I like Manjaro (rolling) and OpenSUSE (non-rolling), but just remember to open up the control panel in SUSE and go to networking and switch it over to use the networking daemon when you first start it up on the Live CD.

    1. Everett

      Hate to sound like I’m spamming, but the truth is that Bodhi enlightenment is the best, fastest, most reliable, secure and downright purdy linux distro out there and it uses Midori as it’s default browser. Bodhi is based off of the Ubuntu 12.04 system and comes pre-loaded with virtually…nothing! Synaptic package manager, leafpad and midori browser-that’s all I remember it coming with. However, that’s what makes it so damn customizable. To many desktop users (myself included) this will seem like a pain in the ass at first because you have to install everything-including flash and codecs-manually. However, it’s all right on the app center page or you can use it or Synpack. It’s lighweight enough to run on old machines and I imagine that WINE will work just fine on it (Personally, I absolutley detest mmo gaming, so I don’t use wine. Gaming is my time to be alone, so I just go to the 360. However , if mmo’s are your bag, it will run theme just as well as any other distro-if not better since it is one of the lightest ones out there.) It is visually stunning beyond all expectations! It uses the E17 D.E. so it can be stripped down and yet have all the cool gadgets, modules, built in themes and other cool looking stuff.

      Go check it out.

      1. Flymo

        @Everett +1 for that.

        We use Bodhi Linux on our own machines, and have done since 1.0 emerged. We like Midori too,
        and Bodhi keeps up to date versions – Bodhi 3.0 RC uses Midori 0.5.8 – and runs the E19 desktop.
        Bodhi is indeed based on Ubuntu LTS releases, but has its own repositories for useful things like that.

        At first we ran Bodhi alongside Xubuntu LTS (Unity did not suit us, and often borked on our old hardware – still do not like it much, and hate its obesity).
        We were used to Xubuntu, and liked it, but Bodhi was just more responsive, especially on older machines, and adds real speed to faster ones. It also does more, and (imho) can look much better.
        There was (as ever) a learning curve with a new distro, but the super-helpful forum made that easy for me. Strongly recommended to take a look at Bodhi. Great team.

        A few very respectable people do not seem to ‘get’ Bodhi, especially the minimal Live CD and initial installation – it is mildly scary finding almost everything missing! But that keeps the download small and fast, and it was enough for me to play with the environment and discover how utterly configurable Enlightenment can be.
        Loading software was so easy in Midori once online – the Bodhi App Center web page has a slew of stuff that fits in with Bodhi, the most useful (initially) being the ‘Pratibha’ and ‘Nikila’ bundles that get you set up with all that most users need in one lump – one of them is light weight, the other is feature complete.

        One of our posse has a bargain-basement Steam setup running Bodhi 2 on an early AMD APU, which just flies.
        The secret with the APUs is to choose a motherboard that will take the faster RAM, fit that RAM, and wind it up all the way in the BIOS. Seriously speedy, and not overclocked -yet.
        With the default RAM settings it was just ordinary. Those APUs do need fast RAM.
        Darn thing now boots in about six seconds – OK, that’s on an SSD, but it was the *cheapest* SSD available in order to meet the stringent budget.

        From 11-year-old laptops and the like to (fairly) recent AMD hardware we’ve found Bodhi Linux suits a wide range of users – hope you all like it as much as we do!

      2. mzsade

        If you are comfortable with installing everything yourself then why not install a minimal Debian which is what these other distributions are based on, and add apps to it. I did and my system boots with less than 70 MB ram. I built this just to dedicate all my resources to Blender. Don’t use a Desktop environment or even a display manager. It goes straight from xorg to OpenBox.

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  21. handy

    I guess I’m a GNU/Linux power user. I just about live on the web! I have ~1,500 Firefox bookmarks that are (as they need to be) organised into fairly strict order so that they are useful to my poor old (memory fading) mind.

    When Midori can import said bookmarks & maintain the order of topics & sub-topics – that will be the day that I will very happily become a dedicated Midori user.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Trolso

      Copy all your URLs into a text file, with structure such as:
      category subject details:: actual url

      all words have to be nouns, like “hardware notebook msi xxx repair:: http://….”
      Then you can use sort | uniq to immediately sort ALL your bookmarks.
      You can also fragment your bookmarks into smaller files, at trade off of possible fragmentation.

      This is THE best method to store bookmarks – it is fast, reliable, crossplatform, easy, zero-dependencies, very anti-redundant.

      You can also make a script to grep your urls and check them for 404 or timeouts.

      1500 bookmarks hehe, I have over 4,000. They are also mine (not shared with big brother “automatically”). And I can browser-hop any time.

  22. AmmO

    Tried installing Midori for Debian Wheezy 7.3 again today. Worked like a charm.

    If you don’t have the tool apt-add-repository and are running Debian stable (Wheezy) 7.x, just add:

    # midori sources
    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/midori/ppa/ubuntu precise main
    deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/midori/ppa/ubuntu precise main

    to the file: /etc/apt/sources.list

    To add the repository key to your keyring:
    sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys A69241F1

    Now you can install midori-0.5.6 without problems, using

    sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install midori

    Keep up the great work!


    1. AmmO

      The long minus sign in the apt-key command is – – (double minus signs), but the blog autocorrects to one long minus sign. Keep this in mind when using copy paste!



    2. ernesto15

      added midori 0.4.3 to debian wheezy ppc running on imac g4 1.25 yesterday. very fast, esp. compared to iceweasel. one blip: all (all) history entries show as folder labeled “12/31/1969” and duplicate/proliferate wildly in the history sidebar. any idea at all, anyone? is that a developer’s birthdate or something?

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  27. Neil

    Midori is junk for Windows. It gets stuck upon the first launch trying to go to Duck Duck dot com. So I have no idea what midori does, or what it looks like. And isn’t Duck Duck dot com some kind of junk/spam toolbar site? It’s just crazy, i thought i might try out a linux browser to see if it would offer more stability and privacy than a Windows browser. Fix this thing, as I would like to see what it does on Windows. It seems to have a popular rating, yet freezes upon startup in Windows. Linux boasts much, but has yet to run any Windows program properly. And most of my games are Windows based. Linux is a pretty woman, but disfunctional.

    1. Joe Linux User

      Please learn how to use both WINE and VirtualBox before making sweeping assumptions.

      My commercial clients can run pretty much any older Windows software they need without problems. (Except the latest cinematic action games, but you can run them in VirtualBox. Ever heard of ‘dual boot’.)

      Linux is not a dysfunctional pretty woman, but a ‘hot lady’ that is even good at housekeeping your computer system. The learning curve to get Linux running properly is nothing compared to the wasted effort, sweat and sorrow I have experienced in the Windoze world(tm).

      Dream on dude.

      PS: Oh, and it’s http://duckduckgo.com, which is an awesome search engine that respects your privacy.

      PS2: Are you some paid Micro$oft blog-troll?

    2. AmmO

      Script kiddie comments aside, I have a problem installing Midori on current Debian stable (7.3 wheezy). I would like to offer Midori to my clients as their default browser, since Firefox is becoming a little heavy on some older PCs.

      The current Debian package for Midori (midori_0.5.6-1_i386.deb from the download page) has libwebkitgtk >= 1.9.90 as a built-in dependency.

      This website lists libwebkitgtk-1.8.1 as dep. Debian squeeze has libwebkitgtk-1.8.1-3.4

      Also, the download website for Debian mentions the infamous (python?) script ‘apt-add-repository’, which is in Ubuntu, but *not* in Debian (or is some unmentioned dependency missing?)

      Thanks for taking the time to create a great light-weight browser and contributing to the open software community. I hope you can spare a moment to give Debian users access to the great Midori webbrowser.

      Respect and kind regards,

      AmmO – Debian sysadmin

      1. AmmO

        [corrected an error ‘squeeze’ -> ‘wheezy’]

        Script kiddie comments aside, I have a problem installing Midori on current Debian stable (7.3 wheezy). I would like to offer Midori to my clients as their default browser, since Firefox is becoming a little heavy on some older PCs.

        The current Debian package for Midori (midori_0.5.6-1_i386.deb from the download page) has libwebkitgtk >= 1.9.90 as a built-in dependency.

        This website lists libwebkitgtk-1.8.1 as dep. Current Debian wheezy has libwebkitgtk-1.8.1-3.4

        Also, the download website for Debian mentions the infamous (python?) script ‘apt-add-repository’, which is in Ubuntu, but *not* in Debian (or is some unmentioned dependency missing?)

        Thanks for taking the time to create a great light-weight browser and contributing to the open software community. I hope you can spare a moment to give Debian users access to the great Midori webbrowser.

        Respect and kind regards,

        AmmO – Debian sysadmin

    3. James

      Midori will not launch on Windows 7. Neither installed nor portable version. I am a regular Linux user and install it in every PC I use. But the programs I really need to run on Windows do not run under Wine. Thus I do need Windows and just wanted a lightweight, fast browser. I guess Midori is not the answer. Disappointed.

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  30. passedparrot

    Is there any way to download the 64 bit version for XP 64pro (windows), preferably without going through cnet? I’m currently running 64 bit 0.4.8. Thanks in advance.

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  34. Julien

    Windows version cannot be downloaded :

    Not Found

    The requested URL /media/Midori-0.5.2_setup.exe was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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  36. zzreg

    Unfortunately the latest version does not run on Win7, it permanently crashes. I am now using an elder version (0.4.4.) and would be very happy about a stable version of this nice browser. Thx in advance

  37. iancilos

    Please add plugin to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, history etc. by Google. Just how does the Browser “Rekonq” do you want to be outdone? No, you are the best! An elderly appearance with your plugin so we will use all Midori!

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  39. SaphirJD

    Hello 🙂

    Any chance that you ever make the UI Elements more customizable? like moving adress- and adressbar elements at least on the same bar from left to right or something like that? 🙂


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  41. Anonymous

    Thanks for the good work (midori). I generally see high cpu usage of midori against qtwebkit based qupzilla. I compared by opening the same website on both the browsers (this may be gtkwebkit problem).

  42. ariel

    Checking for release version : midori-0.5.2
    Checking for program gcc or cc : /usr/bin/gcc
    Checking for program cpp : /usr/bin/cpp
    Checking for program ar : /usr/bin/ar
    Checking for program ranlib : /usr/bin/ranlib
    Checking for gcc : ok
    Checking for program valac : /usr/bin/valac
    Checking for gobject-2.0 : yes
    Checking for gthread-2.0 : yes
    Checking for program version valac >= 0.1.6 : ok 0.14.2
    Checking for program glib-genmarshal : /usr/bin/glib-genmarshal
    Checking for program glib-mkenums : /usr/bin/glib-mkenums
    Checking for program msgfmt : /usr/bin/msgfmt
    Checking for program intltool-merge : /usr/bin/intltool-merge
    Checking for header locale.h : yes
    Checking for program rsvg-convert : /usr/bin/rsvg-convert
    Checking for gtk-doc : disabled
    Checking for libnotify : no
    libnotify not found
    Checking for granite : disabled
    Checking for zeitgeist-1.0 >= 0.3.14 : Package zeitgeist-1.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
    Perhaps you should add the directory containing `zeitgeist-1.0.pc’
    to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
    No package ‘zeitgeist-1.0’ found

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  44. Uros Djokic

    Hi can I install firebug extension on Midori ? Is it supported and will you support it ?
    I want to use midori for agents in my callcenter but software won’t work properly
    without Firebug and Firefox is too much for Raspberry Pi.

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  46. Paul

    Can’t seem to reorder bookmarks either in book mark side bar or on bookmark bar. All other browsers have this function. Am I missing something? Like the speed!!

  47. Jay

    Thank you sooo soo soo much for Midori. It is so fast and it looks great on my linux box. I use Bodhi linux by the way. Thank you so much for the effort you guys put in for folks like me. Do not think you’re work is going unnoticed : ). I’ll be making a donation regularly. = ) Thanks again.

  48. Paul

    I am liking this browser over both Firefox and Chromium. It is stable and had no issues since installed on my laptop with dual booted BackBox Linux and Ubuntu (13.04 Beta).

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  51. netzuser

    Hallo Herr Christian Dywan,
    auf der suche nach alternativen zu Firefox & Co. bin ich heute erstmals auf Ihr Midori-Projekt aufmerksam geworden. Leider gehöre ich zu einer Generation die nie die Möglichkeit hatte in der Schule eine Fremdsprache zu erlernen. (Dies hat sich erst nach meiner Schulentlassung alles geändert). Ich bin daher wie viele meiner Generation nicht in der Lage Ihre englischen Texte zu verstehen. Deshalb möchte ich die Frage an Sie richten warum Sie keine deutsche Übersetzung Ihrer Texte auf Ihrer Webseite anbieten.

    Für Ihre Antwort vorab ein herzliches danke.

    m.f.g. Netzuser

  52. martin

    I’m using midori in vista on a 32 bit Win OS. It works perfectly and is super fast and simple. Haven’t moved up to 0.5 yet because I like what I have.
    I’d like to add it to ccleaner but am not script competent. Can anyone provide a script to paste into a Winappi file for midori?


  53. Marvin

    @Zac, I just compiled 0.4.9 on the raspberry pi. There are a *lot* of packages you need to install. The one you mentioned, you can get via
    sudo apt-get install libzeitgeist-dev

    @Anyone, I can’t get midori to display video (mp4) via html 5 on the raspberry pi. The same video file (mp4) plays just fine with the omxplayer. Any ideas? I’m trying to get it to display video feeds with concerto v 1.9.3.

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  55. Thom

    Midori is a great browser. No problems whatsoever. I love how there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles hanging off of it. It is now my default web broswer.

  56. Martin

    Second the Morphos and AROS ports suggestion.
    Morphos runs on some Apple G4 machines while aros runs on some supported hardware that is x86 based.

  57. Jeff

    I meant to say *incompatible* in my above statement. Midori appears to be *incompatible* with Microsoft SSO.

    I’m running Midori on Gentoo/Xfce – quite possibly my favorite combination of all time!

  58. Jeff

    Hi. I really love the effort to keep available this browser that is neat and clean. However, I find that Midori is often compatible with several Microsoft back-ended web sites and pages that have an interaction layer such as SSO (Single Sign On). Is there any documentation for Midori or WebKitGTK+ that describes how to get a WebKitGTK+ browser (like Midori) to properly interact with SSO and other Microsoft style web pages? Firefox seems to be able to handle these sites fine, but as we all know, Firefox has become rather bloated and overbearing these days. Thanks!

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  60. christian

    I use midori on mint 13 whit lxde and it crashes more and more. It start with high cpu and ram usage that freezes the computer and it closes. ¿ Is this a known problem ? Anyone knows a relative simple solution to that ?

  61. Zac Tolley

    Are there plans to keep the Raspberry Pi version inline with the current release? Pi is on 0.4.3. Tried to build it but got stuck asking for zeitgeist 1.0

  62. prince


    Not for Ubuntu. If it was OpenIndiana ready, definately.

    Also, maybe FreeBSD ready.

    Ubuntu, ready, …, no way, … I fell asleep. snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!

  63. prince


    Midori is a very pretty, secure, and intuitive web browser.
    Maybe the first web browser to surpass Opera, Chrome, and Safari in appearance.

    However, it will consistently crash.
    I could not find an email contact for the creators of Midori (twotoast).
    May I suggest that you guys, both, look up EEL web browser and borrow what is needed to stabilize Midori.

    It uses a highly stable and an exceptionally fast Webkit engine, yet it lacks Midori’s features and looks, of-course.

    Keep up the good work.

  64. prince

    Midori is a very pretty, secure, and intuitive web browser.
    Maybe the first web browser to surpass Opera, Chrome, and Safari in appearance.

    However, it will consistently crash.
    I could not find an email contact for the creators of Midori (twotoast).
    May I suggest you guys look up EEL web browser and borrow what is needed to stabilize Midori.

    It is uses a highly stable and an exceptionally fast Webkit engine, yet it lacks Midori’s features and looks, of-course.

    Keep up the good work.

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  66. Rob

    Midori is nice work. I’d set it as my default browser if I could turn off the speeddial feature. For me, they are a distraction even when functioning as intended and a needless complexity. I would prefer my homepage or barring that about:blank on new tabs. It’s so very close what I consider ideal that I felt compelled to chime in and ask that you consider again providing a method for users to toggle that feature.

  67. Alice Wonder

    I would like to see an optional (default on) check of URL against known phishing sites, kind of like what chrome has. Not sure what the best way to implement it is, but the feature I think is needed.

    Oh, and I love the browser even without that feature 🙂

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  69. bodhydarma

    As Iceweasel-user I’d like to switch to midori.

    1. Any way to comfortably import //firefox smart bookmarks// into midori? I have about 30 of them and I am to lazy to manually transfer them into ~/.config/midori/search. Cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_bookmarks

    2. I don’t want XUL, but I love it’s “drag and drop”-behavior. Especially in conjuction with the Lesezeichen-Symboleiste. Neither Epiphany nor Midori allow me that.

    3. I don’t want XUL, but I’m used to the middle-mouse-button to scroll.

    4. Of the hundreds of available Firefox-Addons, I utilize only three (AdBlock, Greasemonkey, NoScript),, as soon as these are available for midori, I’m good to go.

  70. k

    Hey great work!
    Only issue i encounter is that audioplayback (for instance from html5-video) is blocking other alsa-clients upon first play, even if the tab containing the video is closed. And vice versa.
    That issue is in midori only, chromium for instance does it nicely 🙁 I’d rather stick with midori, though :). midori 0.4.3, debian wheezy 32bit.

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  73. Ash

    I love Midori and use it every day. However, I need to restart it very often because I only have 768 MB RAM.

    It seems that Midori doesn’t release memory after downloading. This is particularly problematic when downloading large files.

    Test case:

    1. open Midori and check its memory usage using ‘ps’ or similar. All good.
    2. do nothing except download a DVD/CD image of your favourite Linux distro.
    3. note that the memory usage of Midori now includes the full size of the CD image downloaded (possibly 1 GB or more), and that the memory is never released until Midori is closed/killed.

    I don’t understand why the browser needs to allocate large chunks of memory for files it is downloading, nor why the memory can not be released upon completion or termination of the download. Is this an area that could be optimised for those of us with low memory?

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  78. Holger Thies

    Hallo und Gratulation zu diesem tollen Browser!
    Ich versuche die Lesezeichen in HTML zu exportieren.
    Wie kann ich das anstellen?
    Ich nutze Gnu/Linux/Mint 13.
    Gruß aus Oberhausen!

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  80. Luis Orden

    Hi friends,
    I’d like use Midori but I can’t log in at Outlook/hotmail, when I try the web always come back…

    I am running Salix 13.37 LXDE 64bits.

    Any solution?


  81. Lucas

    hi, i’m testing midori as a low-ressource alternative. aktuelle i’m happy, but there is one probleme. i can’t reach my e-mail account at the german provider web.de

  82. PRafael

    Great Job with this Midori web browser. I tested it (I ‘m a chrome fan) but when I finish the test I change to Midori… very fast.

    I think there is only one “small problem”..the HTML5 support is not correct because in some sites i got the message “you are using an old web browser, please update it or choose from…”. Can you check this?

    Regards…from Portugal!

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  84. OS Stuntman

    Great browser!

    This browser is fast and lite, I don’t want to slow it down or turn it into a Firefox clone, but it could use at a built-in addons:

    1. A scrapbook plus-type, that can quickly switch between multiple books for researchers.

    2. Privacy-type addons, like betterprivacy, ghostery, sharemenot

    3. A color toggle-type addon, again for researchers this is one of the top 10 firefox addons.

    Also, the sidepanel is nice, but it is a screen hog, at least make it adjustable and remember last position.

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  90. al

    Hi, there are dimbulbs out there (like me 🙂 ) that don’t know how to install too much in Ubuntu outside of the software center or that tiny download that opens the software center for newer versions than are carried by the software center. Please have something like this available because all of this tar.gz stuff never works for me 🙁

    Also, maybe consider making Midori the “privacy browser”. I.E. get rid of geolocation cr@p (last i checked Midori doesn’t have) and all other snooping methods by the crooked rotten theiving tracking companies that are making BILLION$$$$$ off of selling people’s private data, most of whom are unaware of whats going on. Maybe team with StartPage (DuckDuckGo is fine too i guess) and see if there’s a way to fund development for a privacy-conscious browser.


  91. André Faria

    Hi, I heard a lot about this browser.
    Very recommended for low end machines, specially for Powerpc Macs Running Linux.
    Anyway to port this to PowerPC MacOS X 10.4+?

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  93. gunflame

    Is there a way to change the language of midori?

    I would like to change the browser’s menus and options to Spanish. If there is not a laguage pack I’ll be willing to translate it all for free for a special project I have, just let me know if we can work on it.

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  95. N Gururaja Rao

    This seems to be an old error reappearing. This is happning during build process. I stand corrected.

    [ 28/138] cc: midori/midori-extension.c -> _build/default/midori/midori-extension_1.o
    ../midori/midori-browser.c: In function ‘_action_copy_activate’:
    ../midori/midori-browser.c:2699: error: too few arguments to function ‘sokoke_widget_copy_clipboard’
    Waf: Leaving directory `/home/raja/Desktop/midori-0.4.7/_build’
    Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc midori-browser.c -> midori-browser_1.o}

  96. N Gururaja Rao

    I am trying to install midori 0.4.7 on debian squeeze from source. make and build went through successfully. But install is giving the following error:
    “root@debian:/home/raja/Desktop/midori-0.4.7# ./waf install
    Waf: Entering directory `/home/raja/Desktop/midori-0.4.7/_build’
    [ 27/138] cc: midori/midori-browser.c -> _build/default/midori/midori-browser_1.o
    [ 29/138] cc: midori/midori-locationaction.c -> _build/default/midori/midori-locationaction_1.o
    ../midori/midori-browser.c: In function ‘_action_copy_activate’:
    ../midori/midori-browser.c:2699: error: too few arguments to function ‘sokoke_widget_copy_clipboard’
    Waf: Leaving directory `/home/raja/Desktop/midori-0.4.7/_build’
    Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc midori-browser.c -> midori-browser_1.o}
    root@debian:/home/raja/Desktop/midori-0.4.7# ”
    can you help?

  97. Dave Keays

    On my computer I have Midori, FIrefox, Chrome, Opera, Konqueror, Lynx (yes it is handy sometimes). Midori wins for most of my daily work since it is what FireFox and Opera used to be- fast and lightweight. If you can’t tell, I am impressed. Keep up the good work!

    I still use firefox because of plugins and certificate handling when I am developing a site or when I am doing ecommerce which needs extra caution. Occasionally I use Lynx to see what is going on and how spiders see a web-site.

    However, if Midori drifts away from the lightweight browser it is there will be no reason to not return to Firefox 100% of the time. How about different versions for each? A plugin manager like Firefoxes would work too, but then you are competing with Firefox on grounds it has already won. It is better to fill the void Firefox left (about 3 or 4 IIRC).

    How about a mobile version of Midori that will compete with Opera mobile?

  98. archmonk

    very very nice job … the first thing i would do when i get a job is donate to this project for sure !!! keep the good working going …
    next to firefox my favorite browser is now midori <3 🙂

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  101. cristiangunner

    es un excelente navegador, es rapido, sencillo y configurable… al explorarlo encuentra uno muchas cosas… lo unico malo es cuando abro muchas pestañas q se paraliza, manden actualizaciones para mejorar eso! uso linux mint 13 maya… lo mejor

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  103. al

    what we need is a “Hi-Privacy Browser”, something that is basically harvesting webpages and giving little or no info to the website servers, 3rd party tracking etc. I think if you repositioned Midori as this kind of a browser it would become incredibly popular in a few years at most. Just look at Startpage.com – already profitable and growing quickly just by word of mouth. Same thing would happen with Midori. As it is now there’s not too much that separates it from the mainstream browsers other than its light on resources. And where is the config:about option? can we disable Geolocation? Privacy is going to become a huge issue once the avg person finds out just how much data all of these websites and 3rd party trackers have been compiling on them. And forget about firefox and chrome and opera doing anything about it – they all make their money from the search engines.

  104. Paul

    Hello.I have a bug to report.Well ,that is it . After I run the command “./ configure”,it said “Checking for program version valac >= 0.1.6 : not found
    /root/Downloads/midori-0.4.7/wscript:107: error: valac version too old to be used with this tool” However, my version of valac is 0.1.8, it is not old at all. I think the version is new for midori .

  105. Jalexterito

    Midori works well in Windows 7 (detected as OSX flash, html5), sites that gave me problems with Opera (http 500) or Safari 5.1.7 (please drop down boxes) I have not. IDM works well and the only thing I have noticed that when leaving not clear the history and CCleaner does not detect the portable version

  106. davidsierra

    Hi, i cannot open my mail account on outlook.com, when i introduce the email and pass, and click on go, only recharge the same page over and over again, if i copy-paste the direction from firefox, and put in preferences “identify like Firefox” i enter, but to the mobile version of outlook, i tested the others identifications.

    my specs:
    Midori 0.4.6 (de.twotoasts.midori_61af72e01fa32bdfe2eb9cc81626043a__0)
    GTK+ 2.24.10 (2.24.10) Glib 2.32.3 (2.32.3)
    WebKitGTK+ 1.8.1 (1.8.1) libsoup 2.38.1
    cairo 1.10.2 (1.10.2)
    gcr No
    granite No
    libnotify 0.7.5
    single instance libunique 1.1.6
    Platform X11; Linux x86_64
    Identification Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux; rv:2.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0.1 Midori/0.4
    Video Formats H264 [x] Ogg Theora [x] WebM [x]

    thanks for the good browser, any help?

  107. Weatherlawyer

    No bookmarks?
    I am going to need a few pages for my speed dials and that will be a slow dial by then.

    And when I wish to download something I’d like to be consulted about where it is going to be saved. Being fast is good but not if I have to chase after it to clean up.

    I have only just got hold of the browser so I don’t have anything to compare it with. Thanks for the work though.

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  111. Miguel Coelho


    I’m using Midori browser and I don’t know how to install a portuguese spell checking, it only have english spell checking. And I like to know too if is possible to have more than one spell checker.


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  115. Mark

    I want to import my Mozilla bookmarks into Midori,but I can’t see any way of doing so.

    I’ve converted the Mozilla bookmarks file from .html to .xbel. What do I do now?

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  123. Simon

    I would totally switch to Midori if it would support Ghostery.

    Please create a preference settings for tabs, so I can choose which tab gets showed after closing another tab… now it automatically switches to the last tab, even if it’s empty. For instance, I have 5 tabs, tab 5 is empty, I go to tab 4 and load a page, I click on a link with ctrl pressed, in a new tab… if I close that tab, I do not return to tab 4, but the empty tab 5 !

    Good browser… Nice Job !

  124. michael

    very good, using the version from standard Ubuntu 12.04 repo. Although in Firefox, I can click into the url line and see previously visited sites. Autocompletion works fine but I miss that, maybe there’s a hint for that?

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  128. Tesla

    Nice Work with Midori. Keep on doing this beautiful webrowser, fast lightweight and simple 🙂

    Keep on rocking with Midori!

    Nice job!

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  132. CK

    Very fast browser but it would be great if it could manage SSL certificate and ciphers, my company need to use custom certificate authority but we can’t add it to Midori as there is no features available 🙁

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  134. Psnarf

    Please don’t bloat.
    Plenty of room for customization, should one want to:
    ~/.local/share/midori/[styles extensions]
    “…aims to be lightweight and fast.” That’s why I like it. Please don’t change Midori into one of them bloatware browsers like IE. Mail, chat, all that plerf can be accessed easily via html or personal extensions.
    {Those who want Midori to work in Windows should try out XFCE4}
    I agree with pingback: https://duckduckgo.com/ is my new favorite search engine.
    Thank your for providing this fast, lightweight html rendering app!

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  138. Sebastiano

    os : ubuntu precise pangolin
    installed Midori
    when trying to open, received this message :
    “the page http://www…… couldn’t be loaded
    cannot resolve proxy hostname ()” !
    I don’t use any proxy, just a router
    what can I do to fix the problem ?

  139. Mike H

    Midori is a lovely lightweight browser: congratulations and thanks.

    Just one plea :

    PLEASE don’t “fatten it” needlessly in this new variant, by adding email handling. Email is a quite separate function, needing a heavyweight client (because it has to have access to endless thousands of locally stored historial mails) – there is no reason to have all that baggage hanging on the back of a web browser. What we need is lightness and speed, which you’ve achieved brilliantly.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to combine an email client with a browser – the two are for different purposes, different work contexts, different times of the workng day.

    At least – PLEASE keep Midori available as a separate entity, if you do go in this new direction.

    Thanks a lot

    Mike, London

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  141. Faridul

    Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that. I built this kreenl for a headless board that had a USB flash drive but otherwise no display, keyboard, or mouse.You might want to hop on #ubuntu-arm on freenode and see if they can help. The stock binary kreenl has everything under the sun and might cover what you need already.

  142. Alondra

    Great tip, thanks!Maybe avoid an accadentil push (nah, no idea how that could happen), one could usegit config global url.git://git.gnome.org/.insteadof gnome:this way you get access to the read only versionAlso to my big surprise i found out how good the tab-autocompletition in command line works try it out!

  143. bazooka jones

    os : ubuntu precise pangolin
    installed Midori
    when trying to open, received this message :
    “the page http://www…… couldn’t be loaded
    cannot resolve proxy hostname ()” !
    I don’t use any proxy, just a router
    what can I do to fix the problem ?

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  145. David

    Currently testing Midori on the Saluki OS.
    Great little browser, but one problem. The HTML5 support is not quite right. It is great for opening pages as an application, but, it doesn’t offer full offline support. Take read.amazon.com their online kindle app, works very well in firefox but in Midori the Pin book function does not seem to work meaning you can only read your books when you are connected to the internet.

    Be great if you could fix this, happy to help with the testing.


  146. MCHAL


    Thanks for your dev efforts. Giving a try to your Midori. Seems a fine alternative.

    Please, give some thought to implementing “aliases”, that is, abbreviation shortcuts for web addresses, just like the feature found on Opera (called “nicks”) and Firefox (called “keywords”). For ex.: once set, the user only has to type, into the address bar, say, “goo”, visiting http://www.google.com, “mjg”, for http://www.majorgeeks.com and so on…

    Also, in my opinion a must-have feature worth-implementing would be the ability of importing Opera hotlinks (with nicks and all) and/or Firefox bookmark collections (also with keywords and all).

    Regards from Brazil.

    Good luck.

  147. Askar


    excellent web browser BUT very useful feature Form History Filler does not work!
    May be i do not correct use it? Please help and tell me, how it works correctly? Can i use it for login/password form filling or not?

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