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Heads or tails

Midori featuring headerbar and Adblock in the toolbarAs things go we diverged a bit from the original plan of making a big compatibility break with this release. Instead much of the original branch has been broken off into pieces that made their way into trunk. We did however bump WebKit2, libSoup and Zeitgeist dependencies. The most visible change is support for CSD, client side decorations, also called header bars after the API in GTK+3.10 (enabled via GTK_CSD=1). With no further adue here goes Midori 0.5.11 with a whole lot of nice things and a ton of bug fixes! Peek at the change log if you want more details.


So download Midori v0.5.11 now (1.2 MB)

The source tarball is up. Windows is going to follow suit shortly, and others are still being refreshed, so be patient if the option of your choice isn’t there just yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on and party for the release!

Hacking your search engine

One of the main reasons why I use DuckDuckGo is the instant answers it serves. Without having to do anything I get my wiki, my code questions, my lyrics and whatever else suggested. Lucky enough the company behind the search engine implements those, right?

Wrong. Everyone can write plugins for DuckDuckGo now. It is as hackable as Midori is, except it’s Perl. There’s a tutorial at There are lots of proposed ideas already. s/The sky/Free time/g is the limit!