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Postler and Midori merge to become Meiruborosuaa

Some of you may already have anticipated this move. Midori is a web browser, based on WebKitGTK+. Postler is a mail client and also mostly a thin wrapper around WebKit. There’s been a feed reeder extension for Midori for a while which also uses WebKit. The natural evolutionary step is to merge these pieces of code. The few C pieces of Midori will be rewritten in Vala.

Enter Meiruborosuaa, from Japanese メイル for Email and ブラウザー for Web Browser. The name was chosen because it’s easier to pronounce than Midori and reflects the new goals. Work has already started in a private branch and will be moved to the official repository in the following week. Rest assured, existing Midori extensions will continue to work. The new split view where you can see your tabs on the left, your mail boxes on the right and the message or website in the middle however required API additions that extensions don’t use yet.

Many bug fixes and productivity enhancements

Here comes an update of Postler with a focus on solving problems and small productivity enhancements. DockManager API is now supported, so Docky and the latest AWN show a badge for unread mail.

You can also use Blind Copy when composing messages now. And you can specify which port should be used for sending, including secure SMTP support via port 465. Otherwise STARTTLS is used.

Keyboard users rejoice, there is actually an overview of keyboard shortcuts now. Including Alt+Up/ Down to jump to the next or previous unread message.

And you can delete messages from saved searches, which means a lot if you use them in place of inboxes such as “work” or “bugs”. For further changes see the change log.

So [!sha1!f5c73c0219844d4092860eb4d8aa36223027b298 download Postler v0.1.1] (245 kB) now and have some fun reading mail, not setting it up.

For Ubuntu and derivatives, there are two PPA’s available, ppa:postler-dev/ppa and ppa:postler-dev/devel for stable and daily builds respectively.

An icon theme such as Elementary, Faenza or Buuf is recommended, at least as a fallback. And [ addess book Dexter] for contact auto completion.

Reading mail without distraction

So one thing I do a lot, every day, in the morning and in the evening, is reading mail. With friends, family, work, appointments and what else. But as far as I can think back, this is tedious. And it is a lot of work to get a mail client do what I want. A cuple of minutes to randomly flip settings until it stops showing errors. Then some more time to get rid of extra bars and columns and make it fit inside my screen without scrolling. And then to find out how to be notified of new mail. And those are the basics, I didn’t even think about searching mail yet. Or waiting for it to startup.

The gist of this is, I am now breaking free from this past and releasing a mail reader that works, that doesn’t even ask me about all these details and that magically works after I type my name, address, password and company name. That’s it. I am surprised myself. I expected having a huge set of settings was mandatory, but it turns out I don’t miss them a bit. Also no menubar and no statusbar. Fetching mail happens in the background, cached locally so I can use it without lags and even when I’m travelling and have no network. Secure IMAP only for the moment, I can’t even remember when I last used something else. Incidentally it also works fine with Gmail.

Support for Ayatana messaging indicator included. Developed on Archlinx 64bit. Underlying Xfce core. So I think this app is pretty portable. You need Gtk 2.18, GLib 2.26, WebKitGTK+ 1.1.18, unique, libnotify and libcanberra. The indicator can be disabled if the distribution doesn’t support it. For compiling Vala is needed, which on a related note is a very nice language.

I recommend the Elementary icon theme and GTK+ theme. A sensibly uptodate theme is expected, so if in doubt get Elementary as a fallback to your favourite icon theme.

I also recommend to get the [ addess book Dexter]. If it is installed, Postler will autocomplete addresses, use it for sender names in the message list and let you add contacts with one click from a message. It is optional however.

So [!sha1!a8c7fdff740c3d4e46b842d6b70fcea56b4b766a download Postler v0.1.0] (237 kB) now and have some fun reading mail, not setting it up.*

For Ubuntu and derivatives, there are two PPA’s available, ppa:postler-dev/ppa and ppa:postler-dev/devel for stable and daily builds respectively.

*Improvised download location due to a problem with the release manager.