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Catfish 0.6.1 Released, PPA Available

It’s been out for a while now, and seems to be working well for everyone who’s tested it.  The latest version of Catfish has been released, and its the greatest, fastest version yet.  Read on!

Catfish is faster, cleaner, leaner, and meaner.

Catfish 0.6.1 is the best and fastest version yet!

What’s New in the Catfish 0.6 Series?

Considering that I never “officially” announced the 0.6.0 release, there’s quite a bit to go on about here.  Here’s some updates from the Changelog.

  • Rewritten from the ground up, with an emphasis on speed and maintainability.
  • Replaced the ‘find’ system command with Python’s own os.walk.
  • The interface has been revamped, improving on the 0.4 series, bringing a styled sidebar and symbolic icons.
  • Thumbnail support has been improved.
  • Filenames can be dragged and dropped from the Catfish application.
  • Files can now be deleted directly from the application interface.
  • Operations can now be performed on multiple files at once (including the two new features mentioned above).
  • Improved wildcard support.
  • Simplified strings for easier translation.
  • And finally, Python versions 2 or 3 can be used.

Demo Video

Screenshots are boring, and they don’t show off the power and speed of Catfish.  So here’s the latest version in a great demo video.

PPA Available for Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, and 13.04

If you want to install the latest version in Ubuntu (or Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, etc.), simply add the Catfish-Stable PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:catfish-search/catfish-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install catfish

Catfish 0.6 Features & Translations

Catfish 0.6 features a complete rewrite, easier translations, and better-than-ever stability and performance.  And if you speak another language besides English, it needs your help.  Find out more!

What’s New in Catfish 0.6?

  • Completely rewritten from the ground-up.
  • Replace the UNIX ‘find’ command with Python’s os.walk.  This makes everything faster and more responsive.  The “Deep Search” button is now also gone.
  • The sidebar now uses the theme style as well as symbolic icons (when available).
  • The interface has also had a number of other tweaks, further refining it into a professional-grade application.
  • File names can now be dragged from the search results into other applications.
  • Files can now be deleted from the results window.
  • To speed things up, these above items and other file actions can now also be performed on multiple files at once.
  • Strings have been simplified and made clearer, making the application easier to translate into other languages.
  • Last but not least, this is the first version of Catfish that can be run with either Python 2 or 3.
Catfish is faster, cleaner, leaner, and meaner.

Catfish is faster, cleaner, leaner, and meaner.

Translations Needed

With the newly-optimized interface and strings, there’s a need for new translations.  There are more strings than ever before, and I think that the number of users is growing as well.  As such, there is a growing need for more localizations than ever before.  And, all of the old translations are no longer compatible...

So, if you or a friend are interested in contributing, improving, or suggesting translations to the next release, check out the Launchpad translations page!  Creating and modifying translations is really as simple as can be with their handy interface.  And hurry, because this next release will likely happen this weekend and will include all completed translations!

What About the Code?

If you’re more interested in looking at or testing the code, you can check it out here.  If you find any bugs, be sure to report them at the Launchpad bugs page.

Thanks for your interest in Catfish!  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

Have you ever seen a catfish?

Thanks to Sean Davis who took up the rod and design input from Simon Steinbeiß of Shimmer fame I’m happy to show off Catfish 0.4! For a bit of history, read the previous post.

catfish slim

Catfish 0.4 features a revamped interface based on GTK+3. Searches are now powered by locate and find behind the scenes, with autocompletion from Zeitgeist and locate. The advanced options allow filtering by date and file type.

So download Catfish v0.4.0.1 (41 kB) (Release on Launchpad) already!

Or get the development version from Launchpad in bzr:

bzr branch lp:catfish-search

Freshly-fried Flying Catfish

After quite some time of abandonment of Catfish there’s finally a maintainer. Sean Davis decided to take over the project and started by porting to GTK+3 and adding quite a few nice features (see below).
This is good news for some distributions that still ship Catfish or even use it as default search tool (e.g. Xubuntu).

catfish slim

All in all, the focus of development has been to make Catfish easier to use, power-users can use the command-line. For fetching results quickly, “locate” (which uses a database) has been made the default, but other search engines are in use incrementally. This means that the user doesn’t have to worry about changing/ choosing search-engines anymore and getting different result-sets. In this sense Catfish has become much more like what people are used to nowadays from the web, also in terms of the User Interface.

catfish advanced mode

Features / under the hood:
* Default search engine is now “locate” (“find” can be used as fallback if “locate” doesn’t retrieve the desired file/s)
* Search suggestions as you type (using locate and Zeitgeist, if installed)
* Update the search-index of the locate-database
* Live result-filtering by date and mimetype
* Fulltext search (search file-content)
* Multiple search terms are not treated like a single string anymore (instead connected by “AND”, e.g. “cat fish” searches for files that contain “cat” and “fish”, not just “cat fish”)
* Cleaner user interface

The project is now hosted on Launchpad in bzr:
bzr branch lp:catfish-search

A little refreshment for Catfish

Even though development of the next Catfish line is not exactly fast forwarding, it’s time for a maintainance release. Translators have added new languages, which is totally great, and I fixed a handful of small things. Plus, notably, the package now includes the new logo which has already been on the website for some time.

So [ download catfish v0.3.2] already!

New website

During the last few days I was working on the website for a change. In fact my dear Nancy was doing the lion share of this work. She even made a new Catfish logo on the way. Afterall we are going to share this new site, for programs I work on and artwork Nancy will publish here. The URL moved from to the toplevel The old file links should silently redirect, including downloads, screenshots and git repository. The sub pages have changed but will all lead to the homepage now, which shouldn’t be a problem. Of course I recommend everyone to update your links and bookmarks to now.