Christian Dywan
Cris likes to cook. Add to that a passion for Chinese and Japanese tea. These days, kalikiana focuses on hacking on snapcraft, but is still fondly looking back to Midori, ElementaryOS and Ubuntu Touch.

Christian Dywan
Pariser Straße 36
53117 Bonn
contact at twotoasts punto de


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  1. Nick


    Thanks for the great work on Midori and Catfish!
    I was wondering, is it possible in catfish to display not only the date of last modification but also the time?

  2. Bob Campbell


    I haven’t used Midori since my first install of Ubuntu way back in 2009. I am now using Lubuntu for develoment and was getting really tired of Opera and Firefox. Just by chance I thought I would do a quick install of your browser.

    WOW.. it has changed so much.. fast, nice-looking, speed-dial, ad-blocker, tabs.. This is simply a wonderful piece of software.

    Thank you so much. I love your work.. Cool name too: Christian!

    Note: I live part-time in China, have a Chinese wife.. love Chinese food.. the real stuff.

    Bob Campbell
    Southern AZ, USA

  3. Shift

    Hi, ninjas!

    Thanks for this great browser. Use it on Debian 🙂

    I watch for splited inputs for uri and search engine question … It’s cool but both can do request in SE. Can you merge it? It’s very comfortably.

  4. kl


    I really would love to give midori a try. However, I am having trouble installing it.
    I downloaded the file from the website and followed the instructions up to to the terminal. then I get error saying “bash ./waf permission denied”. So I tried the another by getting the ppa on launchpad and adding it to the software source. But when I get the ppa the old version that is 0.4.3 is still in synaptic and it is not being updated. Is there a way to get midori. I reeeaallly want to try the latest version.


  5. shortcut fanatic

    Hi, it would be nice to add a Ctrl+q shortcut for exit Midori.
    It’s a standard in a lot of programs on Gnu/Linux.

    Midori has alt+f4 for exit but it’s windows shortcut.
    Just need to look distance between keys for seeing the wrong conception.
    (need two hands for exit)

    Except this Midori is rock and speed. Great job.

  6. prince

    By far you have the world’s best looking web browser and the sexiest, too (because, it behaves much like unix).

    You even managed to dethrone Opera in terms of looks.

    Powerful, Midori can guide through ways to keep running (or browsing) with JavaScript disabled!

    Secure, one of the few browsers that won’t expose your drive’s system files;
    You can even check by typing in the URL “file:///C:/”.

    Windows 8 group is jealous, because Midori can’t survive for 20 min. in Windows without crashing.

    If you guys can solve that crashing issue in Windows 8, beat Qupzilla and NetSurf in terms of speed, beat K-meleon in terms of eficiency, and beat Slimboat and LunaScape6 (and, or maybe even SongBird and Kylo) in terms of features, and don’t forget a text mode or a dark mode, you will make history as the greatest web browser ever!

    Keep up the great work! I also, hope you will have and OpenIndiana version soon.

    All the best and many thanks!

  7. Bud

    Hi, what is the name of the bookmarks file and what is the path to finding it. Somehow I have Firefox imported bookmarks x 3 and can’t figure out a way to delete them all,
    Is there a Midori forum?

  8. Sinisa Perovic


    For years now I’m using Midori and I’m glad to see it getting better with every single release. Last year I’m using it on my ElementaryOS Jupiter / Luna laptop and today I accidentally created a shortcut which is now appearing in Slingshot launcher. I tried to locate .destkop file but a cannot find it in /usr/share/applications nor with locate utility. Please advise how to remove this one but also a future shortcuts since there is no way to do it from Midori.
    BTW, the shortcut appears in Slingshot but does nothing at all so you may want to look into this since it’s default browser in Elementary OS.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for wonderful Midori.

    Sinisa Perovic

  9. Thewebtube

    The other day I was looking for a good browser on the Ubuntu Software Center and I found Midori and I downloaded it. As soon as I opened I found just quick and easy, and I love the simple software .. and wanted to know if you needed a hand to distribute it here in Italy, I’d do it for free since I’m an estimator of free software, thank you. Thewebtube

  10. Vektorweg

    very nice browser!
    i tested some svg filters with animation and midori is incredibly fast rendering this. faster than known other browsers. how did you get this?

    PS you should write “dot” instead of “punkt” in your contact address.

  11. Flavio

    Thanks Andrew! I didn’t notice those tooablr style settings before. However, when I mentioned customizing the tooablr I was thinking of moving buttons around as well as the style settings.I know that there’s a fullscreen mode, but it doesn’t autohide the tooablr and tab bar like Firefox does.

  12. Aaron

    > Awesome Bar comes from Firefox and permits to find your bokmkaros with the location bar. Epiphany has had this feature for years, much before Firefox did.The name ab awesome bar bb might have been coined by Firefox though, Ephy didn’t have a name for it afaik, it was just natural for us Ephy users.

  13. Airon90

    You forgot the links to download Midori (Windows version is not hosted in Git) and info about translation and so on 🙂
    You did a great work in restyling the website 😉
    Keep on rockin’ m/

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