A leap of leopards (or: 0.5.10)

Whilst work on the compatibility breaking branch is coming along nicely it seemed sensible to do another bug fix release. Thus Midori 0.5.10.

So download Midori v0.5.10 now (1.2 MB)

The source tarball is up. Windows is going to follow suit shortly, and others are still being refreshed, so be patient if the option of your choice isn’t there just yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on irc.freenode.net or Slack and party for the release!

2 thoughts on “A leap of leopards (or: 0.5.10)

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  2. NoName

    Quick testing revealed the following issues while running Midori 0.5.10 on Windows 7 Professional x64 with SP1:

    – Midori crashes when loading http://www.facebook.com
    – Midori crashes when loading match details on http://www.livescore.com – this happens if the match details are clicked during autorefresh

    All these long-lasting crashes really make Midori a frustrating experience on Windows.

    Unfortunately, this has been going for years with the Windows build, along with other annoying bugs that were reported a long time ago, e.g. what’s the point in boasting a ‘Form History Filler’ extension, if the damn thing never worked (not even on Linux) …

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