Ballet (or: 0.5.9)

Seven months of sweat and tears… oh well, not quite so dramatic. In any event Midori 0.5.9 is out!

We’re already scheming… I mean planning for the next cycle. We want to go WebKit2 and GTK+3 only now and do away with the fourfold compatibility setup. Anyone who finds this thrilling is more than welcome to join in; the fun is going to start soon.

So download Midori v0.5.9 now (1.2 MB)

The source tarball and Windows download are up, while others are still being refreshed, so be patient if the option of your choice isn’t there just yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on or Slack and party for the release!

5 thoughts on “Ballet (or: 0.5.9)

  1. Nick

    Oh hey, I just downloaded Midori 5.9 for Windows and its not compatible with Windows 8.1. Freezes upon launch.

  2. Enrique Moctezuma Ortiz Gutierrez

    23 Nov 2014
    Hello from Mexico My name us Enrique Moctezuma Ortiz Gutiérrez, I am user of Mandriva 2011, I have installed 0.4.3, i been using the browser for long time, I like it, I use the portable version for Win 7 tiny, extensions are working better.
    For Ubuntu 12, i lost the midori function after a upgrade that null the function of midori, I use the deb package of midori page, I uninstall and reinstall the new version and work fine, with best performance and I colud be able to restore full functionality of Midori in Ubuntu.
    But for Mandriva 2011, RPM only was develop to 0.4.3., i use Flash player standalone 11 and disappear flash player extension control and quicktime extension, may can include extensions option to be downloaded for install offline or include in installation of midori the extensions, does not matter if growth a little the package because it will be optional. I have to check it.
    Thank you Midori.

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