Kitten looking to be adopted

The following unfortunately comes up regularly these days:

  • This Midori looks interesting, maybe I should try it out.
  • Aha, there’s a Debian package for it.
  • sudo apt-get install midori
  • midori (0.4.3+dfsg-0.1)
  • Meh, pretty crashy, I better ask some devs for help.
  • Ah, so 0.5.8 is the latest.
  • So why isn’t this packaged!?

The answer is simple, Midori needs a Debian package maintainer! Thousands of Debian and Ubuntu users are facing the above situation, including lots of Raspberry Pi users. A single person stepping up to it can literally change the world at this point. Now if fame isn’t motivation enough, there may be a t-shirt to get.

16 thoughts on “Kitten looking to be adopted

  1. Ryan P. Nicholl

    I am liking this browser for a number of reasons, such as the integration of the program with the rest of my system (such as the theme I have selected!) I would be interested in putting forth some time to help out, but I have no clue how to develop debian packages, if you could give me some starter pointers I would be more than welcome to assist in maintaining the packages, and possibly contribute some code. 🙂

  2. kostas

    this is more a trouble than a browser. How to get the ubuntu updade if you are not developer and you are a simple home user?

  3. mmstick

    I complained about this 2-3 years ago. Ubuntu and Debian still ship an ancient version of Midori that crashes often. When I filed a bug report for it they told me that I shouldn’t be using such an ancient version of Midori, yet how could I get a newer version when that’s the latest version from their repos?

  4. Ben Young

    I’d love to get involved! I’m not particularly experienced in package maintenance, but I’d like to learn. Any suggestions on how I could get started?

  5. Rongxiang LIN


    Hardly an Ubuntu user here much lesser a developer with Canonical.

    Was searching the twotoasts website and found the paypal donation button missing, recall approximately that I saw such a feature here awhile ago, or was it at the Bodhi Linux website by Jeff, people do grow old and memories gradually fade.

    My present customer enforces a be-loyal-with-Microsoft-policy or else guideline, I would install Debian on this Windows Vista SP1 laptop either as a VM or dual-boot approach if you think this helps the world – I was figuring out the past while I could hardly use the search engine – is there already a midori package there or you are suggesting that you will like it being created?

    On Bodhi Linux I recall Synaptic Package Manager packages Midori properly as a defacto web browser, I thought Bodhi Linux is a derivative of Ubuntu/Debian it doesn’t work that way?

    All I wanted was updating this IE7 and the process requires me downloading a Windows Vista SP2 before a passe IE8 can work on this laptop, finding a proper Windows Vista SP2 download on is amazingly elusive.

  6. Nicholas


    I’ve been looking into helping out the folks behind elementary OS and other Linux distros for quite a while.
    This looks like the perfect stepping stone for me. How would one go about becoming the package maintainer for Midori? I’d love to do this, use Linux daily, and am an open-source enthusiast.

    – Nick

    1. Nicholas

      I am currently looking through the Launchpad repo and planning to chat with some people in the Midori IRC channel but if you have any other suggestions that’d be great.

  7. Maurits

    I love the browser, linux and development, but I’m not a packager (yet). How can I become one?

  8. Marc

    I’d be happy to do it, but given I’ve never done one I don’t know where to start…

    This isn’t sarcasm, I genuinely love Midori. It’s like Firefox and Seamonkey were like before. Mozilla got greedy.

  9. landroni

    I guess this is a good example of the restrictive policies of Debian/Ubuntu on adopting new packages or maintainers. In other words, in some (many?) cases packages get updated on a whim, even when there is contribution from a willing external maintainer.

    This is where Ubuntu’s Launchpad PPAs come in handy: The community or even the devels can provide up to date packages, even when the official maintainers are too sclerotic to notice that their packages are outdated or too reticent/lazy to take in external contributions.

    So I would suggest that you advertise much more prominently the “Midori PPA (release)” ( ), which does an excellent job at providing up-to-date packages of Midori for all supported Ubuntu distributions.

    Now if only Debian had such a platform for its own distributions..

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  11. Flymo

    So true kalikiana, sadly.
    Except (wait a minute!) …this hasn’t happened to me for… is it a year? or more?
    (clicks on Menu ‘hamburger’ -> About …and gets: midori 0.5.8)

    Yup, Bodhi Linux 3.0 RC ships with the current Midori. No wonder I’m liking it so much.
    Well done to the devs!

    If anyone fancies trying the excellent Bodhi, I’d recommend the main branch, currently 2.4.0 which is rock solid on our varied hardware. Bodhi 2.4.0 ships with Midori 5.5, which is excellent.
    Bodhi 3.0 RC is still (marginally) less-than-the-perfect-experience, but is improving steadily.
    Bodhi 2 to 3 has gone from Enlightenment E17 to E19 which is a fair sized leap (native Wayland-compatible compositing engine) , and it’s ready when it’s ready. Very interesting evolution.

    Thanks again for an excellent browser folks!
    We recommend it to all our posse.

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