Two WebKittens

Our new session management nicknamed tabby need a little bit more polish so we decided to go for a double length release cycle. This is a proper rewrite of the tab loading at startup and for the first time fully aware of multiple windows, able to load most recently used websites first and smart enough to not block GUI updates. If that’s not impressive enough it designed to get a sync backend and session management GUI is already work in progress, though it’s not ready for the spot light yet.

We also made the switch from WAF to cmake. What does this mean to end users? Nothin much. But to developers and contributors it means a lot. A big motivation was frustration from package maintainers with several aspects of WAF such as compatibility and the need to ship a binary blob. And in fact most contributors never got the hang of it. cmake on the other hand seems to win people over for not so obvious reasons. It’s in many ways tailored towards doing what it does while giving decent error behavior.

We also went with GApplication aka GLib.Application. No more choice between Unique and our own custom sockets implementation, which means less bugs due to different code paths and code possibly being disabled in some builds. It’s notably not Gtk.Application because we’re still crazy enough to support GTK+2 on its last breath which mainly means no use of new features that didn’t exist before either.

As always see the file Changelog for more details. And stick around for a bit if your package isn’t there yet, it can take a while.

So download Midori v0.5.6 now (1.2 MB)

Some downloads are still being refreshed right now, so be patient if you think the option of your choice isn’t there yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on and party for the release!

4 thoughts on “Two WebKittens

  1. TL

    Shell portability issue (bash-ism) in win32/old/x86-mingw32-opensuse/ : tests with “==” should use “=” instead.

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  3. Matias

    Only a comment.. 😉
    A good reason to never porting to GtkApplication..

    ..and like this, there are several similar bugs.. haha.

    In short, one of the main objectives is remove the use of libgnome (actually a old objective), but now introduced Gtkapplication, that only works well in gnome!.. :S

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