Midori on OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen November 9/ 10

Looking back at a very successful presence in St.Augustin the preparations for OpenRheinRuhr are already underway. I just got definitive confirmation of the booth. People asked about t-shirts, and having checked that the organizers are okay with it I’m going to make some available at the booth.

Anyone interested in helping out in Oberhausen on November 9/ 10 is welcome, just poke me (kalikiana) in #midori on Freenode or drop me an email.

One thought on “Midori on OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen November 9/ 10

  1. Bob Zimmermann

    I have just tyed Midori 5.5 on winXP. It looks like just what i’V been looking for for a long time
    in a browser, I’m sick of IE Mozila and Chrome. BUT i cannot import my bookmarks ! Every
    time i try to impoet my bookmarks.HTM from IE8 i get the error message
    import failed Malformed document , surely there must be a way to work around this.
    Can anyone help? thanks.

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