Depanelitis spedalia

Skipping versions is becoming a bit of a habit. Midori 0.5.4 is out, the reason is in part due to the version control move and in part to the new website. Overall nothing to worry about, development is going on as fast as ever as you can see in the changelog.

Error pages are looking quite a bit nicer now and also try to be more informative. Alexander popped out of nowhere to work on it and other little improvements to the speed dial.

Bookmarks are also improving at an increasing pace thanks to André. Several bigger changes are already in the pipeline for the next cycle.

Another worthy highlight are the increased minimum requirements. Glib 2.23.3, GTK+ 2.24, Vala 0.16.0 and WebKit 1.8.3 are required now. If you wonder why that’s good news consider the large chunks of backwards compatibility code we were able to drop, which paved the way for improving thumbnail generation and favicon handling among other things.

As always see the file Changelog for more details.

So download Midori v0.5.4 now (0.3 MB)

Some downloads are still being refreshed right now, so be patient if you think the option of your choice isn’t there yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on and party for the release!

5 thoughts on “Depanelitis spedalia

  1. E.Beardsley

    Where and how can I get the 64 bit version for download (without using CNET that is)?

  2. Luca

    Well, as I updated my Midori on Arch since it kept crashing in 0.5.2(?), many websites (e.g., do not display correctly at all. Why do you depend on Vala if it’s highly gnome-specific? Also, the Arch package does not have Vala as a dependancy…

  3. Andrés

    Hi, I just updated Midori, but it’s quite strange (Midori 0.5.4).

    1. UserScripts and UserStyles are not working, they doesn’t appear in the side panel anymore.
    2. Midori don’t remember passwords (in old versions midori remembers the password for a time)
    3. I’m using inverted touchpad in my laptop (like natural scrolling in MacOSX, Manjaro Xfce 4.10 edition), but midori uses the “normal” behavior.
    4. No more ABP functionality, I can find it.

  4. Zlip

    Congratulations for your release. Hopefully that this browser continue to grow and do consider improving it for Windows platform as well.

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