A new public face for the little browser

Following up on the little hint I gave in the last post. We skipped a release as some may have noticed. And why you ask, for good reason, because not only did we do a big migration to bzr and Rosetta but thanks to Lewis Goddard we now have a completely new website with decent screenshots, integration of the FAQ, our new Contribute page and a proper downloads page. And much of it is automatically regenerated from the existing contents in the wiki, blog and released packages. So apart from looking nice it also reduces some manual labour related to release management. Even better, the new website is hosted on github and you can file bugs and propose changes.

4 thoughts on “A new public face for the little browser

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  2. Zlip

    Looking forward to new release and hope that it will not disappoint Windows user, even if it, I hope you people will surely consider Windows platform in future releases.

  3. lae

    I was pretty surprised when I discovered that site about a week ago through Google and kept wondering if it was actually an official site or not. Nice job, nonetheless.

  4. SaphirJD

    Very nice 😀

    When is then the next version being released? Using here on Windows 0.5.2 and i am happy that i have switched away from Firefox, otherwise i would never have found that nice little gem of a browser 😀 If it only would crash a little bit less, but otherwise, very nice work 🙂

    Looking forward for hopefully many years to come with using Midori 🙂

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