WebKit2, Cookie Policies and more

It’s this time of the month again. Midori 0.4.9 is there, 3 weeks of features and 1 week of bug fixes is the new mantra, giving everyone higher quality as a result.

Anyone experiencing crashes on closing Adlock preferences, using Backspace in the urlbar under the wrong circumstances or attaching the inspector will rejoice, those buglets were resolved. Along with a resizing issue in the news feed extension and possible loss of the saved tab session if the disk is full.

A new extension is being developed to manage cookie accept behavior per domain. Too late for feature freeze it’s excempt from stable installs, but interested folks can try it in a build from source, likely to be available in the next cycle.

Midori relies on GTK+ 3.4 touchscreen support now, including kinetic scrolling. This lets us drop extra support code and rely on the same code used by other applications.

As a small bonus, ‘Google Translate (gt)’ was added to the default search engines. Use “gt WORD” or “gt URL” to translate using Google’s translation service. You can also right-click a selected word and use ‘Search with’ to the same effect.

Evidently the coolest thing to announce is WebKit2 preparation – again, preparation not full support. Indeed –enable-webkit2 will build Midori with the multi-process API. Most non-trivial features are silently missing but it’s the first step into a shiny new world.

So download Midori v0.4.9 (1.1 MB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

Also Midori v0.4.9 32-bit Portable for Windows (31.9 MB) or Midori v0.4.9 32-bit Installer for Windows (33.2 MB) now. You are welcome to join #midori on irc.freenode.net and help testing pre-releases for Windows. You can make the difference by helping out!

5 thoughts on “WebKit2, Cookie Policies and more

  1. Sven

    I like midori, is it possible to implement proxyserver? I use midori in a company where we have a proxy that needs identification, so username and password need to be entered.

    Thanks for the amazin browser ;).

  2. Todi

    FIrst sorry of my english

    Hello I tried out this browser. And the best for me is that, it has what I need for the web surfing (flash and ad blocker). But one thing is disturbing: The decription of this browser say that it is suitable for netbooks. Well I say it short, the flash videos do not work liquid. Currently the Opera browser do it better. Please don not overdo it with plugins and size of this browser. But least I know it a open source project therefore I do not want say to much. Just many browsers are to big and heavy and then it don not make difference between the browser.

  3. carlos

    looks good no problems so far…
    only thing I’m stil missing to make Midori my default browser is that I can sort my bookmarks. I like to put those that I frequently use on topof the list.

  4. Moniz

    I would like to suggest to add option for “Ask where to Save” option for Downloads & Restore tabs option if browser crashes… just like FF has..

  5. Jason Liu

    The windows version of Midori become excellent web browser. Maybe nobody had ever expect.

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