Goulash needs to cook long to be tasty

As they say, the exception proves the rule. Consequently Midori 0.4.8 fermented a little longer than most releases. The number of bug fixes is too plenty to make for a good read: let it be said that bugs in 0.4.7 with opening Midori in different modes, GLib-related build errors and forever delayed pages are gone – now on to the new features.

Autocompletion includes open tabs now, is generally more responsive and open to more extensions in the near future. Speaking of extensions, Netscape plugins can be individually enabled and disabled seemlessly.

Icon loading received a major refactoring, bookmarks and search engines mostly wave goodbye to the well-known “default icon”.
Support for Granite 0.2 was improved big time. As a treat, autocompletion features a side-by-side layout.
To round things up, inline search highlights all matches by default to increase readability and the urlbar tries harder to keep selected text working as expected.

Spoiler alert: The Win32 version will support FlashGet. Updated builds are still in the making. Incidentally if you missed it, on Linux wget, SteadyFlow or any other command line-accessible external download manager can be used.

So download Midori v0.4.8 (1 MB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

9 thoughts on “Goulash needs to cook long to be tasty

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  2. Paiiou

    I do not know if the place of my request is suited well.
    I saw that Midori (Linux Xfce) accepts plugins Netscape.
    I would like to install the plugin Quicktime.
    I do not find the plugin for Linux (a file .so).
    Can you help me?

  3. Jason Liu

    This time, windows version a little slow. From 0.46, windows Midori also be amazing web browser.

  4. mullein

    All bookmarks have been strangely reordered and all folder/sub-folder are at the bottom (bookmarks on the menubar).

    Even if Always Show Tabbar is disabled, the tabbar is not hidden when there is only one tab.

    There are two Mouse Gestures entry in the preferences with one that has a strange changing name behavior.

    Mozplugger is not detected as a netscape plugin, but as a second Mouse Gestures.

    Opening a link from an external apps always open midori with two tabs.

    Disabling netscape plugin in the statusbar feature is broken, when you close and reopen midori netscape plugin is reenabled.

    Cookie side panel show nothing if we don’t click on in the search box.

    Reloading a tab causes any tooltips to quickly flicker.

    Most of the time, in the cookie manager, we need to delete all cookies two times to really delete cookies.

    Clear private data does not give the possibility to delete flash cookie anymore. There is nothing about that in the changelog and I consider this an huge regression.

    This is not really what I call a “tasty” release, maybe more a buggy beta release. For important software like a Web browser, why don’t you use a beta/rc/final release schedule? This would lead to a more stable final release, and allow some times to translators to update their translations.

    And last but not least, you practice censorship on your blog!

    What’s wrong with you? You do not accept criticism?

    1. kalikiana Post author

      In general, please report bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/midori instead of comments. Developers get notifications and can individually reply to bugs.

      Regarding “censorship”, the default WordPress junk filter is very aggressive, and it’s time consuming to manually fix the hidden comments. Any suggestions on improving this are welcome.

  5. Sgaradh_uaim

    Two extensions I would really like – an equivalent of NoScript and a video downloader. Also maybe a “turn off the lights” video viewing mode.

  6. Hue

    Thanks for the new version! But I already found one bug. When you uncheck the option to always show bar with open tabs, it works only for a while. If you open two tabs and then close one of them, the tab bar remains in place, even when it should hide…

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