64-bit Windows and FlashGet

Here we go with the Windows build following Midori 0.4.8. For the first time, an experimental 64-bit version is available – no HTML5 video just yet. FlashGet is supported as an external download manager: just like on Linux and BSD, in the Preferences under the Extensions tab it can be activated.

Again, portable mode is officially supported. The 7z versions include a “portable.bat” which runs Midori out of the folder. It can be copied to a USB stick and will keep all data in the “profile” folder in the same folder instead of storing files in the system user folder.

Get Midori v0.4.8 32-bit Portable for Windows (31.9 MB) or Midori v0.4.8 64-bit Portable for Windows (22.8 MB) or Midori v0.4.8 32-bit Installer for Windows (33.2 MB) now. You are welcome to join #midori on irc.freenode.net and help testing pre-releases for Windows. You can make the difference by helping out!

4 thoughts on “64-bit Windows and FlashGet

  1. Lin Rongxiang

    I am just sharing with ya since on another Acer Aspire Sempron 2800+ machine I have gotten Bodhi 1.4.0 to run with Midori as my default browsr, you rock and so does Midori, even though Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 are still said to be the ones that several cumbersome websites claim to support, still I am glad I found Midori and Bodhi and what I am silly doing now is subconsciously installing Bodhi-ish apps onto my Windows Vista SP2

  2. Ogre

    I know that by and large Linux is the focus of Midori, even so you have put a lot of work into making it useable on Windows. (I use it on Linux to by the way). I just wanted to let you know that there are people who are really grateful for the work you’ve put into the windows version (me for example). Thanks for your effort.

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