Hacking your search engine

One of the main reasons why I use DuckDuckGo is the instant answers it serves. Without having to do anything I get my wiki, my code questions, my lyrics and whatever else suggested. Lucky enough the company behind the search engine implements those, right?

Wrong. Everyone can write plugins for DuckDuckGo now. It is as hackable as Midori is, except it’s Perl. There’s a tutorial at http://duckduckhack.com/. There are lots of proposed ideas already. s/The sky/Free time/g is the limit!

2 thoughts on “Hacking your search engine

  1. Gaurav

    Could you consider enabling extensions in private mode or at-least allow user to choose?
    I generally use midori in private mode and miss some functionality (extensions) over there.

  2. karim


    I just want to thank you for your great browser midori …I like it so much

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