Bag of buglets

Time for a bag full of bug fixes. Prominently 0.4.5 has a regression that causes security status to not work at all, so I urge all 0.4.5 users to update immediately.

We fixed potential crasher bugs in the geolocation infobar, about:version on some systems and opening bookmarks from Unity global menu in Ubuntu 12.04.

Problems with wrong page icons in multi-frame sites like Google Mail or Tumbler have been addressed. If WebKit 1.8.0 is available Midori will use its WebKitFaviconDatabase interface to improve page icon consistency.

Chinese users will like that Midori now offers both Simplified and Traditional Chinese charsets out of the box in case you need to override it.

Finally, say goodbye to empty tabs due to opening download links with a target. Kudos to Martin for looking into that!

So download Midori v0.4.6 (951 kB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

Also Midori v0.4.6 Stable for Windows (18 MB) and Midori v0.4.6 Experimental for Windows (30 MB). You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows. YOU can make the difference by helping out!

7 thoughts on “Bag of buglets

  1. Midorifan

    Hello Christian,

    please readd a complete bookmark menu for easy work with bookmark menu.

    Many thanks

  2. Вова

    После версии 0.4.1 русский язык неполный,только отдельные фразы.Если возможно,исправьте этот недочёт.

  3. Jason

    Midori now offers both Simplified and Traditional Chinese charsets? That’s incredible good news, expect for the new windows build.

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