Postler and Midori merge to become Meiruborosuaa

Some of you may already have anticipated this move. Midori is a web browser, based on WebKitGTK+. Postler is a mail client and also mostly a thin wrapper around WebKit. There’s been a feed reeder extension for Midori for a while which also uses WebKit. The natural evolutionary step is to merge these pieces of code. The few C pieces of Midori will be rewritten in Vala.

Enter Meiruborosuaa, from Japanese メイル for Email and ブラウザー for Web Browser. The name was chosen because it’s easier to pronounce than Midori and reflects the new goals. Work has already started in a private branch and will be moved to the official repository in the following week. Rest assured, existing Midori extensions will continue to work. The new split view where you can see your tabs on the left, your mail boxes on the right and the message or website in the middle however required API additions that extensions don’t use yet.

8 thoughts on “Postler and Midori merge to become Meiruborosuaa

  1. Ana

    Well, I don’t understand French, so the glogoe translation might have led me astray, but I don’t know what exactly Awesome Bar does, but what can location bar in midori do is more than enough for me: access history (even searches in page titles, not only in address) and do web search (even supports keyword search, which speeds up things a lot). Anyway, I’m using midori as primary web browser and I’m quite happy with it

  2. Artit

    pardon my french but your artcile is mostly a lie, all the things you claim to be missing aren’t, some are even better than firefox’s (ie, you can hide the tool/menu/status/tabbar even in normal windows, not just fullscreen), it is indeed a bit crashy as some comments have mentioned before but that’s mostly due to the plugins but overall far better than you make it sound (that or you’re using a terribly old version)with that said i wish there was better doc covering the extensions mechanism since i’d like to port a few things i miss (emacs keybindings, keyboard link navigation a la conkeror/LoL, noscript/extended adblock)

  3. Kaze

    Happy April Fools day =)
    But idea drives me. Add please IRC client too like in Opera=)))) And… Somethig more=)

  4. siafok

    “The name was chosen because it’s easier to pronounce than Midori and reflects the new goals.”
    Shame on me I’ve read it only now 😉

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