Love for Downloads, Windows and more

A feature that excites me personally a lot is support for external download managers. You will find Aria2 and SteadyFlow support in the preferences under Extensions. Once activated, the Save button in download prompts offloads downloads instead of saving the file internally. This means you can stop worrying if Midori keeps run all the time, you may get faster downloads than WebKit can provide and in the case of SteadyFlow a GTK+ UI with support for Ayatana indicators. Do note currently only Aria2 recognizes Cookies from the browser, and if a particular download doesn’t work, use Save As instead.

There have been some erroneously blocked links with Adblock. This has been solved by introducing an automated whitelist for actively opened pages. The whitelist may be extended for other uses cases in the future. There’ve also been bug fixes around the Block Image feature which broke in certain cases.

Despite known problems with GTK+3 Midori supports overlays for the statusbar and inline find bar with GTK+ 3.2. Optionally there’s also support for Granite, an extension library written in Vala, which among other things provides pop-overs and a new notebook widget. At the moment it’s still under development and it’s not recommended for packaging just yet. But you can try it with –enable-granite –enable-gtk3.

The Windows build got some love, opening of downloads now falls back to an ‘Open With’ dialog automatically and opening of images works well. Application associations such as the text editor for viewing source code also give a more sensible choice. And the experimental Windows build is pretty solid at this point. You get full Asian font support (Unicode) and HTML5 video support.

The about:version page Midori has to provide information useful for debugging is now also listing other special pages, such as the newly added about:geolocation to test geo location support if it’s enabled in WebKit. In contrast to some websites out there, it will give accurate results not affected by browser discrimination.

Uses of sqlite, which is relevant for for history, bookmarks and cookies have been tweaked. WAL mode is now used if the system supports it. In short, it is faster.

Smaller issues also got attention, like internal javascript improvements which could break Google apps among others, there was a case where form history could break a website and invalid characters in filenames are handled better.

Last but not least, you can right-click Back and Forward buttons now, to get a menu with the 10 last or next pages. So if there’s a website re-directing you when you hit Back, you can now right-click Back and open it manually.

So download Midori v0.4.5 (951 kB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

Also Midori v0.4.5 Stable for Windows (12 MB) and Midori v0.4.5 Experimental for Windows (30 MB). You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows. YOU can make the difference by helping out!

22 thoughts on “Love for Downloads, Windows and more

  1. -

    I think it’ll be nice if the next release can simply copy a photo on a webpage without needing to save the photo in my folder, then paste it somewhere else like LibreOffice Draw.

  2. Bipin

    I’ve been using Midori on my Arch Linux installation (v0.1.3-1), which has been very stbale. The only issue I have with it is the lack of a plugin architecture. Those mozilla folk sure knew how to lock us in to their browser when they designed that!I would totally switch to Midori I’m sick of Mozilla if only it allowed the same plugins I’ve grown so accustomed to.

  3. maryem

    Nice tip. I sort kept track of Midori’s evolution, it bmnoeicg a really good lightweight browser alternative.Recently a changed from Firefox to Swiftfox, that one are stunning fast, i recommend a try.By the way, please, could you say what are the GTK/Metacity theme you’re using? The one from the screenshot. Looks amazing, slick and elegant.

  4. Jason

    Midori for windows improved much more, thanks guys!
    It worth waiting the next build, and i sure that’s be great one.

  5. liar link in “about Midori” (Midori 0.4.4-123-g21c047a) gives a ‘Could not show link No application is registered as handling this file’; I have to cut and paste the link to get here. This behavior was also the case on the last Windows install.
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
    DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

  6. alunado

    (google traslate, sorry)
    Hi, sorry to write here, but I agraderle to the developers of midori (I read somewhere that it was a single person). Actually I really like this browser. Every day, from midori nevego a while after using mozilla (I call it “the moment midori” haha​​.)
    I use it on GNU / Linux debian “wheezy-testing”. Too bad you can not use “noscript” and “Ghostery”. There is also something with the sources that I can not calibrate (as are semi-bold) Maybe in the future. Well, thank you very much and encouragement with the project that seems the only serious after the big ones.

    hola, disculpen que escriba aqui, pero quiero agraderle a los desarroladores de midori (por ahi lei que era una sola persona). La verdad que me gusta mucho este navegador. Todos los dias, nevego un ratito desde midori despues de usar mozilla (lo llamo “el momento midori” jaja.)
    Lo uso en GNU/Linux debian “wheezy-testing”. Lastima que no pueda utilizar “noscript” y “ghostery”. Tambien hay algo con las fuentes que no puedo calibrar (estan como en semi-negrita) Quizas en el futuro. Bueno, muchas gracias y animo con el proyecto que parece el unico serio despues de los grandes.

  7. mo cook

    Have been using Midori for years on Lucid desktop and recently on Toshiba AC100 Netbook…. But there is no way for us to upgrade the AC100 to 4.4.4/5 because there is nothing for us in the Ubuntu 11.10 Armel Deb repos….PLEASE…. pretty please could we have it there?

    Request for Midori 0.4.4/5 in Launchpad Armel Deb repository

  8. Daniel

    Hey guys!! I’m having trouble getting it to build on Xubuntu 11.10. I have run into lots of 3 missing packages so fare, and got them install now. But the last one sqlite3 is giving me the message >>
    “Checking for sqlite3 >= 3.0 : Package sqlite3 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
    Perhaps you should add the directory containing `sqlite3.pc’
    to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
    No package ‘sqlite3’ found
    /home/daniel/Downloads/midori-0.4.5/wscript:181: error: the configuration failed (see ‘/home/daniel/Downloads/midori-0.4.5/_build/config.log’) ”

    can anyone help me fix this?

  9. never again

    The third release that completely broke our bookmarks! We’re stuck with 0.4.2 so this is the end of midori for us!

  10. Smilzoboboz

    I really miss those tosts… And of course I miss the MIDORIsh look of the previous theme. Cyan, black and white aren’t that bad (actually the theme is quite good), but you named your beautiful browser midori.
    Anyway, above all, plese bring back the toasts breakfast image, it was really cool.

  11. binkino

    It seems subpixel rendering can’t be enabled via fontconfig settings in experimental Windows build. It would be great if subpixel rendering can be enabled.

  12. Akhsy

    Would also love to see support for u-get & multiget & an option tu use wine for windows managers
    & Cookies from the browser is a must
    Good work

    P.S- add features like these & will make All the Non-tech savvy people switch to this 🙂

  13. kissson

    experimental for windows binary works great, flash support, chinese / cjk support great

  14. Heimen Stoffels

    Granite doesn’t even work yet. I get:

    ‘configure’ finished successfully (0.532s)
    error: No such command ‘xe2x80x93enable-granite’

    Even though libgranite-dev is installed.

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