Better performance, better GTK+ 3 support, better Windows release

A good day for releasing Midori 0.4.3 with better performance and better GTK+ 3 support!

The web inspector resizing issues were addressed and the maximum number of closed tabs in private browsing is fixed.

There were a number of improvements to the GTK+ 3 support. Private browsing makes use of the dark theme. The new channel-(in)secure-symbolic icons are used if they’re available. The location supports .security-(un)trusted style classes. Tab icons display properly. Configure no longer requires the GTK+ 2 version of javascriptcore. The speed dial is fully usable.

There were a whole lot of performance improvements. Startup is much faster due to optimizing how actions and tabs are created. Adblock uses less allocations – and the Easy Privacy list is included by default – and the cookie manager became faster.

Location and search in the toolbar can now be resized by dragging, fullscreen hides all bars and borders now and the preference to override all fonts handles monospaced fonts more selectively.

Support for GTK+3 is considered beta quality. It’s almost ready but minor issues are still expected. Build with –enable-gtk3 –disable-addons to test it.

So [!sha1!8e2f5630382ff2069847cf244898a8058e3a55b0 download midori v0.4.3] (906 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

Stable Windows binaries below. You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows. YOU can make the difference by helping out!

[!sha1!3b2ea90512514b9c6453c20fcad056e4cfa905dc Midori Win32 Archive v0.4.3] (14.7 MB)

Again experimental Windows binaries. WebKit 1.6 with Unicode and SSL support. Detailed error reports are especially helpful here. GtkLauncher.exe and gdb.exe are included to make debugging easier. So go wild, just keep in mind this is not stable just yet.

[!sha1!eb709f48d02b9ce2dd28c5fc1f9dfce0451647f6 Midori Win32 Experimental v0.4.3] (16.3 MB)

18 thoughts on “Better performance, better GTK+ 3 support, better Windows release

  1. racuna

    Awesome browser! i love it. But i have some problems with LXDE. ‘Cause can’t associate links with mimetype files with their applications, so Midori displays only an empty dialog, not the “open or save as” dialog.

    Maybe it’s a LXDE problem ’cause i don’t have that problem with Gnome, but if you can implement a external download manager support or a “favorite applications” dialog would be awesome.

  2. Tim


    Love your product, however, I am unable to open compressed files and therefore am limited to version 4.1, which crashes constantly. Is it possible that you could post or send me the latest version as a standard file? Will this updated version eliminate the crashing problem? The error code I get from Windows is “Midori has stopped working and will be closed.” Are there adjustments that I can make to my PC to better accomodate the program?

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I am not a software person, just a web surfer 🙂

  3. mm

    Hight Christian. Thank you for the great work. I really like Midori. It is fast and light weight, and works well on Windows. However, I could not get the flash plugin run in windows for portable midori. i am not sure it is the right place for asking this though. Sorry if it is not!

    And by the way, it would be great if you put a switch for an ability to block flash videos and run them on demand using a place holder instead of the video window. I know that midori can block all the flash videos, but that is not what I mean. What I mean is something like tha flashblock plugin in FF.

  4. perpipon

    that probably is the only thing I don’t like. Tab should disappear and only displayed if you move your mouse to the top (as far as I know only firefox does it)

    I love this browser because it’s so fast (chrome cannot compete) and light (perfect for netbook).

    Will be perfect when stable (sometimes closes on its own or page stop loading, both windows and linux mint)

    Thanks to the team

  5. haoogrindcore

    Omg, i love this browser, is my new fav browser with chromium, i hope this grow, cuz is an awsome proyect 🙂 .

  6. Zhonghua

    I like Midori, although I am just a new user of her.
    I use Slackware 13.37, with xfce desktop environment.
    I have some fonts problems, such as:
    (midori:3224): Pango-CRITICAL **: pango_font_family_is_monospace: assertion `PANGO_IS_FONT_FAMILY (family)’ failed

    Why and how to fix it?

  7. Manuel Wan

    Can you allow the book marks on the bar to be saved without a title? I want just the icon from the website itself

  8. me

    Please implement 256-bit SSL encryption at the earliest. it is the only major thing lacking in midori!

  9. novi

    Excellent, I’ve found the one and only webkit browser supporting fullscreen + tab bar. My little netbook likes it, because Midori makes all screen estate available.

  10. Chaz6

    Unfortunately the experimental win32 build does not work for me at all. I have tried on both Windows XP and Windows 7 (both 32bit). The error message is:-

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error!

    Program: …binmidori.exe

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.


  11. olivier

    Thanks you very much. It works fine (like always) on my FreeBSD box.

    I’ve send a PR for update.

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