Monthly Archives: October 2011

Building, private browsing and identity crisis

So this release builds with WebKitGTK+ >= 1.4.3 without problems and addresses regressions with middle clicking toolbar buttons. Flash window on background tabs works correctly now and cookies are cleared on quit like they should if you enable it.

There’s a separate Private Browsing shortcut now so that you can see it in GNOME Shell, Unity, Slingshort or Synapse and also type “private” to easily open a private browsing session. Closed tabs can now be re-opened in private browsing (but won’t be saved once you close it as you would expect). You can also see downloaded files in supporting launchers now as recent documents.

The new Automatic option for Identify As now enables built-in compatiblity quirks to work around mis-behaving websites like Google’s. You can still choose a genuine Midori identity which doesn’t do that.

There’s also experimental GTK+3 support thanks to Lucas. For now it is not recommended because there are still issues to sort out. Build with –enable-gtk3 –disable-addons to try it out.

So [!sha1!0c499459b1049feabf86dce89f49020139a9efd9 download midori v0.4.1] (884 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!


Windows binaries below. You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows.

[!sha1!9e26ca104134ec0dd2995b5798d29196adc35588 Midori Win32 Archive v0.4.1] (22.4 MB)
[!sha1!6202796777b3a334c2eda1384a404b02e9526347 Midori Win32 Installer v0.4.1] (14.8 MB)