Cleanup, Adblock speed-ups and crash dialog love

Time for a major release. The leading motto is cleanup and as we jump to Midori 0.4.0 we increase minimum requirements to WebKitGTK+ 1.1.17 and Vala 0.10 (Vala used to be optional). This allows us to say goodbye to several portions of backwards-comaptibility code. Anybody who has some familiarity with the code knows Midori used to try very hard to run on older systems, some may say too hard. [!sha1!b790f33b72520e6910061a933f879b74482f801c Midori 0.3.6] will remain available for anyone who can’t upgrade yet. This benefits users insofar as more time is available for new features instead of looking at old code.

Adblock is making another big step forward. URL cache, a faster JS generator (some ads are removed via dynamic javascript code), inline parsing (10% speed-up), empty lines are skipped and subdocument rules are ignored now. Big kudos goes to Alex Butenko aka avb!

The crash dialog received the love it deserved, you can now choose whether to discard, load or delay the last open tabs analogous to the usual startup preference. So if Midori crashed and you don’t think it will happen again, just proceed as usual.

Many people don’t know about a nitfy feature in Midori, which is going Forward to the next page. From now on you can hit Space at the bottom of a page to go to the next page, just like in a mail client. Note that this depends on the page. Pages with links labelled “Next” or similar will be recognized. Ideally ‘rel=”next”’ is used in the HTML so Midori knows what the next page is. Try it on your favourite forum, mailing list archive or search engine (unless you are using [ DuckDuckGo] which seemlessly loads as you scroll).

A long-awaited improvement is that looking at source code or saving files no longer re-loads the same file. Unity users will welcome the addition of Quicklist items for opening tabs and windows.

‘Last open tabs’ is now an item in the Clear Private Data dialog.

Midori 0.3.6 added support for Backspace and F5 (Back/ Reload). Shift+Backspace and Ctrl+= are now also supported.

Midori 0.3.6 introduced [ geo URI support], for example geo:50.75504,7.07751 . There was a crash related to invalid URIs and this is now fixed.

So [!sha1!c6d1d41f4e3c97bd2839235bd9d7b2a8a408c585 download midori v0.4.0] (892 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

Copying and pasting on Windows is fixed and the Inspector is usable again. Unfortunately Video support was punted due to glitches with the latest libSoup (HTTP networking libary). Thanks to Paweł Forysiuk for his efforts on preparing and testing Win32 builds!

Windows users are welcome to join #midori on and give some feedback, we can use help testing pre-releases on Windows.

[!sha1!01bb7a19cb45a004ddd52a7fd0f58439f52b5a9e Midori Win32 Archive v0.4.0] (13.3 MB)
[!sha1!dc322f947f7bc38405eb33da44e4138f872dced7 Midori Win32 Installer v0.4.0] (14.3 MB)

21 thoughts on “Cleanup, Adblock speed-ups and crash dialog love

  1. aarem

    Btw, I wanted to mention that dillo’s optional ssl support is 256-bit, so the developers could perhaps borrow ideas from there?

    Thanks again for a fabulous piece of work!

  2. ph001

    Midori is a wonderful browser, very fast and small.

    It’s not perfect for now, just for the few reasons following:

    It would be great if I could choose an external downloader instead of the one built-in.

    Furthermore it would be great if cookies would be really erased if checked in ‘clear private data’. As it dows not, I did write a little script for deleting cookies just before launching midori:

    if [ ! -f ~/.config/midori/running ]
    rm ~/.config/midori/cookies.txt

    This works fine for me, too.

    Third I miss 256-bit ssl support (is there any way to examine the ssl certificate used on a site?)

    Again, thank you for this great piece of software and maybe it will replace firefox on my pc very soon 😉

  3. aarem

    I also love Midori, but I am concerned about security encryption. Specifically, I wonder about the fact that midori has 128-bit encryption key rather than a 256-bit key as in firefox or chromium.


    While I do not know the details and hard work that could go into improving security encryption, it would make me more comfortable if a browser was as secure as possible. Is this possible to fix?

    Congratulations and thanks again for an excellent browser!

  4. aarem

    I really like midori a lot and would like to make it my default browser, however it would be more comforting if it had 256-bit encryption as evidenced by using the check at

    I don’t know what all this entails so I apologize in advance for asking this, but is it possible for the developers to try and improve the encryption strength. Because this is one important drawback that it has wrt firefox or chromium. Rest is all positive!

  5. Liza

    Thanks for a wonderful browser! I recently installed an older version of Midori on two other linux distros to try it out, but the extensions were grayed out. From what I gather, the webkit was wrong version? I noticed though, browsing speed is faster for me. I especially notice it as I have to use dial up.
    I wanted to try the recent release, and after two or more days of struggling to build/compile Midori 0.4.0 I finally succeeded today. Nice job! I hope Midori stays fast and lean, and does not become slow and heavy with all sorts of conveniences that have showed up in FF. I for one do not want form completion or save passwords.
    Again, thanks for a wonderful webkit browser that is nice looking and fast!

  6. Anonymous

    Am I the only one how have problems with downloading/opening some files like PDF?

    It seems Midori try to open some modal dialog, but it hangs.

  7. gio88

    the only reason why i don’t use midori as my main browser is that it doesn’t store passwords, which I consider a very important feature. As soon as it will support password storage, I’ll drop ff, opera or chromium.

  8. dmnmsc

    I’m using Midori and I love it! But I have a little problem: I can’t use Google+, how can I Fix that? Thanks!

  9. Markus

    Clear Private Data in Midori includes Flash Cookies, and you can choose to delete them when you close Midori.

  10. not sure

    Just disabling JS is not good enough. Neither is having huge white/blacklists.
    It’s about a useful default policy like only disabling all cross-site scripts.

  11. Sergio

    BTW, I only use Chrome for Flash because of that. Then I don’t need to install Flash in the system, can worry less with the Flash cookies and use the HTML5 video capabilities of the other browsers (like in

  12. Sergio

    Hi Ron, I think you can disable javascript (there’s an extension that puts a button in the status bar that makes it easy to enable/disable JS, plugis and image loading).
    Also you can disable sending the referrers to sites.

    I didn’t try version 0.4.0 yet. But a good feature that Chrome has (probably because it has built-in Flash) is that it can clear Flash cookies when closing the browser. But that’s something that could be done with a script too.

  13. Ron F.

    Midori is indeed a great browser, but I am uncomfortable relying upon it for everyday use due to privacy/security addons I use in Firefox that I consider essential, such as: BetterPrivacy, CsFire, NoScript, Taco, WOT, and GoogleSharing. I hope that someday, this kind of functionality could somehow be available in Midori.

  14. andre

    Vala is needed to compile midori, but not to run it.
    Why? – for the simple reason that there is vala code in the midori core

    btw – with vala it is very simple to write a midori extension

  15. spc

    Congrats on new release!!
    To be quite frank i don’t see any differance between 0.3.6 and 0.4.0.
    0.4.0 is off course rock solid, for the limited time i spent browsing with it.
    But, vala as an obligatory dep??
    What are the benfits of vala, what deos it bring in ?
    How can i use vala to improve my midori experience ?

  16. Nero

    Yeah.. cool… but no support on videos… haha.. it’s okay.. I gonna try this.. yeah!!! MIDORI ROCKS dude!!

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