The June 2011 donation goes to Midori

For me this was quite a pleasant surprise. For one, the occasional donation that comes in is around 5€ and rarely above. And further more, being voted to the top by users of shows how big the support from the community is. Right in line with great projects like AbiWord, GIMP, Geany, VLC, Archlinux and many, many others.

So here goes my thanks to all those who voted for Midori!

Personally I have slowed down a little with Midori because [ my little side project] is consuming a lot of time. So the planned big 0.4 release us unfortunately delayed and the speed dial revamp has yet to happen. Meanwhile Paweł and Alex are however ensuring a constant flow of improvements, rest assured.

8 thoughts on “The June 2011 donation goes to Midori

  1. Anonymous


    Yes, I know this comment is now being posted in the incorrect spot and probably does not pertain to anything being discussed (I didn’t read it).

    The reason I’m posting here is that I could not find a place to post a comment on the midori site and have to get back to work (so if the webmaster wouldn’t mind redirecting this comment to the correct location for me).

    Here’s my comment:

    I LOVE THIS MIDORI!!!!!~ Man I have been battling with bloated clumsy slow firefox and chromium has taken it’s first nose-dive and opera needs too many updates and man is this Midori fast or what!!!????

    Woooo woooo…..bravo to the makers of Midori! Now if I can keep this up for a few weeks to see it’s stability I’ll be ready to donate. Today is my first day with Midori and this thing is so fast it’s scary!

    There was a one second delay to set it up and if anyone gets snagged with it’s “homepage” call me and I’ll walk you through it (or schedule a time more convenient).

    But actually, I think anybody can pretty much figure it out all by theirselves “;-)

    Thanks again.

  2. Bruno

    HI! This is my first time using Midori on my netbook and i find it very light and fast compared to FF or Opera. Good work!
    Best regards.

  3. John

    midori deserves much more than €210 proudly presented by I run it side by side with FF and I must say that apart from the number of available plugins midori wins the competition.

  4. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    I have enjoyed using Midori a lot and always find the progress interesting. My congratulations on your well-deserved donation – I hope that this will also serve to make the browser more popular. While I use Firefox because of certain extensions, the modifications I have settled with make it look almost exactly like Midori – so there is certainly a shared taste, and as mentioned above, it fits perfectly into Xfce. As I am using an older version of Slackware, I have only tried Postler on live system, but that looks promising in that design philosophy as well.

  5. Kurt Bauer


    if u wanna an artwork I could make one for u, like an OS TAN for ur blog

    Just For Fan Art

  6. Guy

    Great to hear that you won a prize by distrowatch! You really do a great work, I enjoy to use your browser. Lightweight, als XFCE. Perfect to speed up my laptop.

  7. Kaze

    What with this laugh? I using this browser quite often on my xp, well, it freezes sometimes, but there actually no ideal browser. FF eats too much ram, chrome no so fast as they say it is and kinda whimsical, ie is, well, very popular because most tracking systems and net counters thinks maxthon, theworld, dolphin3d, and much more are ie, but they’re not… Midori at least fast, comfy and cool=)

  8. Nero

    Here again.. haha… I’m very excited about your big release of 0.4.. haha.. i’m so crazy about this browser.. everytime i check the web.. i usually visits this site hoping for new updates.. haha.. well… tired enough, i stop visiting this site… today.. my mind reminded me of the list of good browsers.. and i remember this browser so i visited this site today and found out a new post.. hehehe.. i’m very happy about that… 🙂

    Speaking of version 0.4, will it support flash player? hehehe.. i hope it will….

    hahaha… congratulations about the distrowatch!!!!!

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