Speed dial, private browsing, user agents

So Midori is going full speed ahead, we support the new libSoup cache now (WebKitGTK+ 1.3.11 or greater required) which supersedes the old extension, support for F6, F7 and Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab and Tab in completion and a faster speed dial, which is still in the middle of even greater improvements, so stay stuned for more goodness in the future.

Private browsing has received a number of improvements such as masking of the timezone, language, architecture and Netscape plugins, disabling of DNS prefetching, disabling all HTML5 storage facilities and stripping referrer details – the last one is also available as a preference in the Privacy options now, and prevents unrelated websites from seeing search strings or sub pages. You can use the –private switch on the command line now to open a window in private browsing mode.

Motivated by user agent changes of Firefox and Chrome, Midori takes the opportunity to omit the language and encryption from the user agent, and prefixes with Mozilla now in an attempt at increasing uniformity of user agents. It resolves typical issues such as Facebook and other websites mistaking Midori for a mobile phone browser or Google hiding interface tweaks (you know, the guys doing their best to ignore their own ideals).

So [http://archive.xfce.org/src/apps/midori/0.3/midori-0.3.5.tar.bz2#!sha1!69940049ea98c06b2a6444e9a837e2bf472ba949 download midori v0.3.5] (850 kB) ([http://archive.xfce.org/src/apps/midori/0.3/midori-0.3.5.tar.bz2.md5 MD5]) ([http://git.xfce.org/apps/midori/tree/ChangeLog ChangeLog]) already!

[http://www.twotoasts.de/media/midori-!sha1!49904752d36861a19eb6b1a90baf070b35566fef Midori Win32 Archive v0.3.3] (11 MB)

36 thoughts on “Speed dial, private browsing, user agents

  1. merv

    Nice release! I just updated through the PPA on U 10.04. However, one thing concerns me, middle click no longer opens a link in a new tab for me. I can’t seem to find the setting for this. It’s driving me nuts, I am constantly opening new tabs, and its annoying to have to that extra click. Does anyone know how to change this?

  2. kalikiana

    The symptom sounds like this will be fixed in 0.3.6 which will be released in a few hours.

  3. Jon Flowers

    I just updated Midori via the Ubuntu updater. I use Maverick 64 bit. I have used Midori for ages and like it but now when I try to start it all my ram and CPU is instantly used up. I cannot even kill the program and have to reboot the computer. I tried removing Midori and reinstalling but the same problem results. Any suggestions? I like Midori and would like to be able to use it. The speed dial stopped working some time ago but I do not use it anyway.

  4. sergio

    Yes, you have to right-click the link to save it.
    That dialog that would offer to open the file doesn’t work anymore and also we can’t set it to ask for the directory to download.
    Maybe the developers are working on this but you may want to add a bug report in the launchpad page (from the ‘report bug’ option in the menu).

  5. Martintxo

    Another issue with 0.3.5. There isn’t a buttom for view the last entered URL in the url-box. This buttom used to have a down arrow. I cleared my config files to see it all issues are from a bad configuration, but don’t :-(.

  6. martintxo

    I’m too for try back the speed dial switch option to preferences dialoge. I don’t need this thing in my browser too. Make it optional !!, Martintxo.

  7. Peter

    1. Is it now possible to rearrange the bookmarks?

    2. Whould we see “smooth scrolling” in a future release?

    3. How does look your plans about GTK3?

    Thanks for your good work!

  8. gio88

    Thanks, I just wanted to try it, but I received the update via the getdeb repository! But I’ll save your advice in case I’ll have problems again in the future!

  9. Paul

    How to switch off speed dial?
    Did I overlook something?
    In case not: please please bring back a way to switch off speed dial.
    I just don’t want it.

    Thank You !

  10. sergio

    Then whenever you want to update it to the latest code cd to that midori folder and run

    sudo ./waf uninstall
    ./waf clean
    git pull

    Then configure, build and install it again.

  11. sergio

    Remove that PPA from your sources, then run
    sudo apt-get build-dep midori
    then cd to where you have your compiled apps (here I have them in ~/src), run
    git clone git://git.xfce.org/apps/midori
    cd midori/
    ./waf configure
    ./waf build
    sudo ./waf install

  12. kalikiana

    The win32 update is delayed because the latest test build was unstable, there will be an update following as soon as possible.

  13. sergio

    What’s wrong with webkit from the repo?
    I use Debian sid and the build-deps from the repo to build Midori from source here.

  14. turn_self_off

    i think there may be a issue with bookmarks when trying to place then deeper then top level on first creation.

  15. David

    Just wanted to say thanks for making a browser as kickbutt as midori. Haven’t quite figured out how to track down all the dependencies I need to try to compile 3.5.

    But think you rock …

  16. gio88

    Hi, I’m using Ubuntu Natty 11.04, I wanted to upgrade to latest version of midori, but I’m facing some problems with webkit ppa, it isn’t able to fetch packages from it, does anyone have the same problem?

  17. Billamama

    I am looking for a win32 build of Midori 0.3.5. The link listed points to the 0.3.3 build and not the 0.3.5 one.
    Are we going to have a win 32 build available in the future?

  18. spc

    Each time i press clear privat data >> ok, 0.3.5 is gone, closes itself , well it isn’t segfault. Same snag I had with 0.3.3.
    Well back to 0.3.2 .
    BTW how to disable this bloody speed dial ??

  19. nathan

    For me speed dial looks fine without js. The buttons to edit and remove don’t work but websites open just fine. But I have only 9 websites in there, it might be that it breaks if you have more.

  20. anon

    alt+d = ctrl+l (from location) in Midori. I guess you can also re-bind it if it does not clash with some other shortcut

  21. Bobby Hunter

    I keep going back and forth between Midori and Chromium. Not sure which one I like better.

    I would love to see ALT+d (highlight address bar) supported in Midori. I use that feature a _lot_ and Midori and Epiphany are the only browsers that don’t do it.

    I set Midori to identify as Safari. That solves issues with bank and credit card websites refusing Midori as an “unknown user agent”. I wonder if it would help if all the webkit browsers identified simply as “webkit”? Chrome, chromium, safari, midori, epiphany all together have considerable marketshare.

  22. klh

    Need a ‘Hide Speeddial’ or even bringing back the config option: speed-dial-in-new-tabs=false

    I was told to ‘ignore it’ but hopefully disabling or hiding will comeback for those w/out the need for a speeddial as fancy as it may be. And yes speeddial does not work properly with images & js disabled, hence the need to disable/hide speeddial altogether.

    All of that being said: The new 3.4/3.5 release is looking good and midori is stable for those who may have used it around the time of the ‘1001 bug’ fix release give it a go and you will see for yourselves.
    Thanks Midori Team!

  23. Hue

    When I open new panel (JavaScript off), I get a cripled Speed dial. In 0.3.3, when JS was off, I got blank screen. Now (with 5×3) I get Speed dial that has 3 thumbnails on a row, then 2 on a row, again 3, 2, 3, 2. Is there a way to fix this and use even without JS, or at least to get a blank screen again?

  24. billamama

    Still see the old links. Double checked and cleared browser cache just to be sure. Can you please look into this.

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