Fixed crashers, faster JSON-import and fewer allocations

This is a bugfix release, peppered with a few minor goodies as usual. There were issues with importing the older speed dial configuration at startup on some systems, and crashes when using the address completion. An issue with icon sizes in error pages as well as handling of https URLs in Adblock were also resolved.

Motivated by confusion of users of Adblock, URIs in Adblock, when adding bookmarks and when changing the homepage are now validated visually.
Backspace and F5 now serve as Back and Reload accordingly to cater for strong habits of some users and making the experience of casual users a bit smoother.

Now for the bonus, [ geo URI support], which is a fairly new standard for URIs such as


which you can open in Midori to have it show a map of the location as of now. This blog unfortunately doesn’t allow me to insert geo: links, so you have to copy the address to the location and hit Enter to open it. There used to be extensions to support this in Firefox and Chrome, both of which unfortunately haven’t been maintained recently. Midori can also serve as a system-wide handler of the geo: scheme on Unix systems (GLib >= 2.28).

As a reminder, the user agent strings changed with Midori 0.3.5 and if you used to pretend that you’re browsing with Safari or Firefox, try going back to identifying as Midori. Typical issues such as Facebook and other websites mistaking Midori for a mobile phone browser or Google hiding interface tweaks have been addressed with this change.

So [!sha1!b790f33b72520e6910061a933f879b74482f801c download midori v0.3.6] (883 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

Any Windows users are very welcome to join #midori on and give some feedback on how Midori works for them. We can also use help testing pre-releases to sort out rendering glitches.

[!sha1!554b3c93243929c364a910a19e10768baff1cfa7 Midori Win32 Archive v0.3.6] (11 MB)
[!sha1!48ea9c4ca7ca8196835a31d75042910440a939cd Midori Win32 Installer v0.3.6] (12 MB)

32 thoughts on “Fixed crashers, faster JSON-import and fewer allocations

  1. webi

    Hi, MANY THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME BROWSER. That is the Browser that I am searching. Firefox 4 and 5 is so *+’#s#?’+* and yesterday I found this browser. I am so happy .

  2. Hue

    Well, it will crash the same, never mind if it’s x86 or AMD64. Or at least it should…

  3. Banibrata Dutta

    Are there any binary distributions of latest version of Midori on Ubuntu ?
    Any specific repo to add for automatic software update ? Or a .deb file for manual install ?

    Does anyone believe that Midori might be more unstable on 64-bit OS ? I am using 0.3.2 on Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit amd, and while it is an excellent, small, blazing fast browser, it just dissapears (crashes) suddenly. One place where it crashes more often though is Gmail’s “loading” progress-bar, or Gmail’s account-switching point. It’s almost predictably reproducible at that point. I hope 0.3.6 is better.

  4. Nesc

    Thanks. hotmail works with the user-agent string of iPhone and its okay but i have to change it for some pages to Midori or Firefox. It’s okay but not optimal. I’m just curious

  5. Hue

    That’s not problem of Midori. It’s caused by Micro$oft, which is running Hotmail interface cripled and against standards. And if we don’t want to end up like huge Firefox with ton of fixes for crippled pages, we have to push on those running bugged pages and want repair from them.
    PS: try external mail client

  6. Nesc

    Nice Browser but:
    i cant login on unless changing the user agent.
    i have to change the user agent to iPhone ( mobile version)

    if i’m not chage the user agent string i’ve got a clear page: there are no fields for email or passwort and no buttons.

  7. Milton

    Hi again, thanks for you quick reply.

    I forgot to mention that this only happens on Windows, not Linux. I was looking for an open Webkit bug, but I found nothing. I tried with this page too (midori release) and Google home page. All is small, fonts and images.

    Actually, to fix it you can add a CSS zoom property in the page, with a value near 800%. In this way, it’s printed correctly.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hue

    What page are you trying to print? When i select Print on this page (yes, this one announcing release of Midori 0.3.6), and look at the preview, it gives me 5 pages – all properly formatted. Maybe bugged page you’re trying to print?

  9. Milton

    Thanks for this release.

    I found a bug, I think: when you try to print a page, everything is very small (fonts, images, etc). Seems that the zoom has been modified. Webkit bug?

  10. Nero

    Will Midori support flash players at the future? I hope it’ll come soon… Love this browser very much but still crashes on my xp…

    I hope that issues would be fix…

    Thanks for this nice update 🙂

  11. Samuel Creshal

    “dont like the tabs, they could jave been more integrate with the browser and with a better look.”
    Those are standard gtk tabs. If they don’t integrate, get a GTK theme where they do. 🙂

  12. Pedro

    Love Midori thx for the great work 😉
    although it will be very cool to have a new fresh interface, dont like the tabs, they could jave been more integrate with the browser and with a better look.
    Keep the good work! 🙂

  13. aero

    Midori still has crash after adding speeddial address. Anyway great browser and very fast, i integrated it out of box to Ubuntu with uck.

  14. Hue

    Don’t think so – this delay is there even if JS is disabled or if i go straightly to another page. And, if it was due to this, i would get something like:
    hit key -> open new tab -> delay
    but it’s actually
    hit key -> delay -> open new tab

  15. Samuel Creshal

    That’s probably due to the (fully js, bleargh) speed dial. Since you can’t disable it anymore, there’s not much you can do about it.

  16. Hue

    Can’t find a way for registration on FlySpray, so let’s get it here:

    Slow opening of new tabs
    Any way of opening a new tab (Ctrl+T, context menu “Open in new tab”, icon in panel) puts me for a delay of about half a second. I can confirm this happens in 0.2.9, 0.3.3., 0.3.5, 0.3.6, all compiled from sources on Fedora 14. Tested on three independent PCs, one x86, two x86_64.

  17. Bob Carroll

    Midori seems to be the best small footprint web browser available.

    When will you fix display of flash-based MP3 streaming radio (Icecast) widgets?

    There is no such problem in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Maxthon, or any browser based on the gecko or trident rendering engines. Only Midori, Arora, and Epiphany fail this feature among better know browsers.

    Here is a test page:

  18. Rodrigo

    It was very good the new Midori.
    But still with an error as the port setting in the URL.
    I am a developer of web systems (Apache / Tomcat) and I need to set the port http://localhost:8080/teste.jsp.
    Midori but removes the access door causing error in the next request.

  19. Samuel Creshal

    I’m not sure about the exact steps, but from my experience with other GTK/Libsoup applications, I’m damn sure they involve human sacrifice.

  20. Rodrigo

    Thanks for the update for Windows!
    I will test and report potential problems.
    I believe I’ll soon be using Midori as the default browser.

  21. olivier

    Thank you, with this version, speed dial page is not broken.

    It works fine on my FreeBSD box.

  22. Billamam

    Folks, was wondering if any one had the steps to compile this on Windows.

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