Many bug fixes and productivity enhancements

Here comes an update of Postler with a focus on solving problems and small productivity enhancements. DockManager API is now supported, so Docky and the latest AWN show a badge for unread mail.

You can also use Blind Copy when composing messages now. And you can specify which port should be used for sending, including secure SMTP support via port 465. Otherwise STARTTLS is used.

Keyboard users rejoice, there is actually an overview of keyboard shortcuts now. Including Alt+Up/ Down to jump to the next or previous unread message.

And you can delete messages from saved searches, which means a lot if you use them in place of inboxes such as “work” or “bugs”. For further changes see the change log.

So [!sha1!f5c73c0219844d4092860eb4d8aa36223027b298 download Postler v0.1.1] (245 kB) now and have some fun reading mail, not setting it up.

For Ubuntu and derivatives, there are two PPA’s available, ppa:postler-dev/ppa and ppa:postler-dev/devel for stable and daily builds respectively.

An icon theme such as Elementary, Faenza or Buuf is recommended, at least as a fallback. And [ addess book Dexter] for contact auto completion.

19 thoughts on “Many bug fixes and productivity enhancements

  1. grey

    Hi, I am a complete noob. So babytalk this to me.
    I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 and Crunchbang, how do I install postler from the stable ppas in terminal?


    For me this was quite a pleasant surprise. For one, the occasional donation that comes in is around 5€ and rarely above. And further more, being voted to the top by users of shows how big the support from the community is. Right in line wi

  3. paulus

    minimalist mailer for unity/gnome is not very necessary, but needed for WM. Support Launcher and Libappindicator Ubuntu – it’s good, but why throw a traditional icon in the system tray? Where is the logic? Any ext. in Chromium is able, but postler no 🙁 Therefore, the number written bug may read people will vote.

    Thanks for postler_0.1.1+r763-0…

  4. kalikiana

    If the icon is so necessary, how come nobody answers to the question and there’s exactly one person subscribed to the bug report?

    State your use case, be verbose instead of hiding your feelings in a P.S. in a completely unrelated comment.

  5. gio88

    I’m not able to compose an email with the latest postler. I’m using ubuntu natty 64 bit and have a gmail account, if this may help to understand the problem. I would really like to use postler since I love how simple it is!

  6. Pimpao

    Hi this browser is the best.
    But is having a problem. I am web developer and systems necessary to use ports in the url address and access https. Unfortunately i can not.
    Windows Xp, Midori 0.3.3

  7. Pimpao

    Hi, this browser is the best.
    But is having a problem. I am web developer and systems necessary to use ports in the url address and access https. Unfortunately I can not.
    Windows XP, Midori 0.3.3

  8. Mike T

    I’m using Midori on XFCE on my old PIII – I think it is pretty cool..

    Can’t wait to be able to try out postler if it is as clean and efficent as Midori it should make an excellent mail client for XFCE. I’m not sure I agree about not having a status bar though, I like some feedback on what is going on when sending/receiving. Unfortunatly since I’m not really up to compiling the source I’d would welcome a binary package for Debian stable.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Florian Bauer

    I currently use opera mail, which is quite good. But I want to switch to chromium, so i need a new mail software. But all of the programs out there are such overloaded. But Postler looks awesome!

    Would be great if you can fix the error when using vala >0.10

  10. Letian

    Dear developer,
    Midori chinese font looks terrible, chrome seems to render chinese fonts nicely, why midori screws them?
    This issue is not fixed! Please fix it.

  11. Viktor

    What about FreeBSD or OpenBSD? Will it be available? It looks like great project!! What programming language do you use? Thanks for reply

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