Fingerprints, Frequent questions and fidelity

One thing history shows is, nobody wants to write documentation. Even though a number of people actually offered to do so, it never happened. And then you notice, hey, there is the FAQ in the wiki, and it is full of tips and tricks, and attracts users to suggest improvements. So why not use that as the documentation? So that’s what we do now. A side effect is that it will always be shipped because no longer is docutils needed. Which bears another lesson: if you make it too easy to disable something people may start to think it is not useful at all.

A sudden enlightenment as it sometimes happens and luck while typing key words into DuckDuckGo brought me to: Link Fingerprints. I have been very well aware of the utility of checksums for years. And yet, I will admit, I often enough ignore downloads which offer me an SHA1 or MD5 sum to verify my files. Why? Because it is different for every single site and because I have to fire up a console to switch to the right folder and compute the checksum, depending on which one is provided. That is simply annoying.
So I thought there must be a way to handle that automatically. And within minutes I found a Firefox extension that reads “fingerprints” embedded in hyperlinks. From this version on Midori will show such a checksum and display a warning if it doesn’t match. I use this for new releases of Midori from now on.

See for the details.

As always, see the ChangeLog for all the other nice improvements.

So [!sha1!01baf6243f7b00af5e5b4eb6ac5d3233e60bc993 download midori v0.3.3] (828 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

[!sha1!49904752d36861a19eb6b1a90baf070b35566fef Midori Win32 Archive v0.3.3] (11 MB)

10 thoughts on “Fingerprints, Frequent questions and fidelity

  1. Pimpao

    Hi, this browser is the best.
    But is having a problem. I am web developer and systems necessary to use ports in the url address and access https. Unfortunately I can not.
    Windows XP, Midori 0.3.3
    Site acess https:

  2. Scott

    This latest version of Midori is great. Almost everything I need to replace firefox+vimperator is there, and I’ve filed some bug reports for what’s missing/broken. Keep up the great work!

  3. Gio88

    Midori browser really rocks, I will definitely abandon firefox/chromium/opera as soon as password management will arrive! 🙂 Anyway, great job!

  4. Martintxo

    Hi, Christian, many thanks for you hard work in midori. I have a concern from ages: Can you implement the dropdown history items in back and forward buttons? (see: For me it is so usefull.

    I’m using midori almost for everyting in web browsing, but I miss this feature. Thanks in advance. Greetings. Martintxo.

  5. Jack

    Nice- very good stuff. Midori just kicks arse at this point. Funny, I tend to write documentation as I go and clean it up as I go. It helps me stay focused.

  6. Lee

    Also, what happened to the clear option to show status bar info in the address bar? I thought that was wonderful. Also the toggle button for side panel. Are these options all gone, or is there some magic way to enable them?

  7. Lee

    Didn’t there used to be a checkbox in preferences for ‘search as you type’? Is there a line I can put in the config file to enable this?

  8. spc

    Funny thing, when I press Clear Private Data – it closes itself, it’s not a crash but close.Each and every time I try to do it…
    I’ll stick with 0.3.0 for the time being.

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