Page groups, page icons and pretty quick reviews

I updated [ a patch adding WebKitWebGroup API], which is going to let applications inject scripts and styles into views or, as the name indicates, groups of pages with a common name. The methods to add and clear scripts are in a separate patch, discussion is needed on what the exact API should look like. The page group will also be the way to control visited links and DOM storage privileges, those are implicitly global currently with no way of changing it.

With my latest patches I encountered a lot of false positives on automated coding style checks. I was happy to see that the issues with WebKitGTK+ API headers were fixed very quickly after I reported them.
I also noticed and fixed [ a regression with missing default menu items] and again review happened in no time. This is how it should be.

At the moment the access to page icons, or favicons, consists of a function to obtain the URI for a web view. [ The new WebKitIconDatabase object] is there to make it more flexible. Icons can be loaded into pixbufs, it is possible to globally listen to icon changes, which is essential for bookmark icons or history display and the location on disk can be changed, including unset to disable icons if so desired.

Thanks again to [ my employer Lanedo] for letting me hack on WebKit.