Menubar, multiple infobars and Win32

Aiming to get back to a sane release cycle, this release fixes crash on autocompletion, adblock which was half-broken in the last release, duplication of bookmarks on startup and using the Go button to open addresses.

This release by default has no menubar in new installations. Existing users can right-click the toolbar and select ‘Menubar’ to the same effect. The ‘app menu’, also called ‘compact menu’ informally, has existed in previous versions but I was concerned it didn’t fully replace the menubar functionally, I am now confident it does provide the better experience.

Spontaneous collaboration of users on IRC brought up proper restoring of tab order in the session. This is the kind of small detail I personally never noticed much but people who care about it were able to make a big difference literally over night, just before the release.

Fans of user scripts and styles will welcome that they will no longer see multiple infobars in the wrong tab, and support for the review pages on

Bookmarks can now be exported to Netscape HTML, as compatible as possible in light of apparent bugs of other browsers with regard to escaping.

Progress and search engines in location are now mandatory, as well as download notification bubbles. The statusbar no longer popups up for downloads if it was explicitly hidden. This is clearer and works better.

There is also a way to reload uncached now with a hotkey, by default Ctrl+Shift+R.

Finally thanks to Paweł we have a new Win32 release again. Note that this should be considered an unstable release as it didn’t undergo much testing, so installing it in a separate location is recommended. Any feedback and bug reports are very welcome, and especially anyone willing to investigate Win32-specific problems will be appreciated. I must give kudos to Peter who made the previous releases possible and made a huge effort at polishing the Win32 builds.
There is only an archive and no installer at this time.

So [ download midori v0.3.2] (806 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

[ Midori Win32 Archive v0.3.2] (11,3 MB)

10 thoughts on “Menubar, multiple infobars and Win32

  1. Ikem

    I upgraded the browser and *whoops*, the menu bar is gone. It took me some time to find out, how to reenable them.

    Would be nice to show a “What’s new” page, telling you about the changes. With a hint how to disable them, if you don’t like them.

  2. Gordon

    Hi –

    As we all know and regret, win32 ain’t Win32. Sigh…

    So, which Win32 platforms will v0.3.2 run on? It can’t find an entry point in my W2K Pro SP4 Rollup 1.


  3. Daniel Eriksson

    Nice! Thanks for the new release!
    I personally like having the menubar always available. The extra click and impractical side menu doesn’t work for me. But as long as the classic menu bar is an option that is great!

    I belive it should be default however, or it might confuse users and make them choose another browser instead. Probably not in any great extent, but it would have happened with me. 🙂 I searched a long time for such an option in Chromium but never found one, eventually giving up and removed the browser. That is how I found Midori. 🙂 That wasn’t the only reason of course, Chromium lacked settings for many other things as well.

    So while I can understand that a few developers can’t maintain code for all different options, I’d say it would be a good idea to keep them for as long as possible. If you think the GUI will be cluttered with all options an “Advanced Settings” menu might be an alternative.

  4. kalikiana

    The menubar is still there.

    And yes, forcing a workflow onto users is to some extent necessary to keep the application maintainable and usable. The complexity related to toolbars was actually causing a number of problems because there are fewer developers than combinations of options.

  5. Buffbot

    “This release by default has no menubar in new installations.”
    “Progress and search engines in location are now mandatory, as well as download notification bubbles.”

    Oh FFS, why do you do this every second release? It that some kind of sickness of developers, thinking that every change is an improvement and that forcing one way of using an application onto their users is a good idea?

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