File choosing, passwords and translations

So I started to get back to WebKitGTK+ hacking after being inactive for a while, [ Lanedo kindly sponsors some time for me me to work on WebKit]. I spent some time to get an overview of the bug load while doing test builds, which still require patience and a lot of tea, despite the two 2 2.5GHz cores I have.

So I updated and improved the proposed patch for [ WebKitFileChooser API], which should allow applications to provide their own file chooser, preset the right folder and keep track of uploaded files, including support for multiple files.

A seemingly simple issue is [ support for input methods in password fields] which is basically unconditionally disabled right now. By extension virtual keyboards can’t be used. What stalled this in the first place is that the Mac port has completely different code for it and understandably reviewers are hesitant to continue working around the inconsistency.

I noticed prominently a number of translations slumbering in bugzilla, so I actually went ahead and committed all I found except one (waiting for reply from the translator). And it may be possible to add these to the next stable release as well.

[ Pan Scrolling] is a popular feature. You may have never heard of the name, at least I didn’t know that term before I found out WebKit calls it that. Middle click on a page, and a four-directional mouse pointer appears, allowing you to scroll by moving the mouse. The featues is right now disables by default in WebKitGTK+ and depends on a build-time option. I updated a patch to add a runtime setting, and I am also proposing to make it unconditional. Waiting for feedback.

I also fixed [ too many spelling suggestions] and [ a redundant separator in context menus]. Small but very noticible bugs.

5 thoughts on “File choosing, passwords and translations

  1. Ikem

    I am a bit confused with the bug tracker. How do you see if the bug is related to Midori and not to WebKit in general?

  2. barneau

    right click:
    it is not translated for french ” ajouter un lanceur sur le menu”

    could we have something going to the desktop instead of application menu?

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