Private data, private browsing and pretty numbers

Notable focus of this release was on privacy features such as improving cookie preferences, optimising saving and adding HTML5 databases as well as form history to Clear Private Data. Websites making use of HTML5 databases will also trigger an infobar now so it is easy to Accept or Decline.
The implementation of private browsing was improved, a private window will look much like a normal session now respecting preferences, search engines and keyboard shortcuts. Buttons and menus which don’t make sense won’t show up anymore.

Spontaneously a Find Links feature was added, you press ‘.’, numbers show up next to hyperlinks and typing a number will open the according link. If the number is not unique, you need to hit Return afterwards. Finding inline works with ‘,’ now because ‘.’ is somewhat common for Find Links in other browsers.
Have a look at the change log for other important changes.

My apologies for not providing an upgrade for Win32. Anyone stepping up to help out is welcome to come forward.

So [ download midori v0.2.9] (783 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

[ Midori Win32 Setup v0.2.6] (10,5 MB)
[ Midori Win32 Archive v0.2.6] (15,3 MB)

21 thoughts on “Private data, private browsing and pretty numbers

  1. Genro2

    I find it hard to differentiate that I’m currently using normal session or private session. 🙁

    Or did i miss anything?

  2. Daniel

    Sorry, das ich mich jetzt mal hier dran hänge, aber…
    Gibt es einen Trick um die Lesezeichenleiste dauerhaft angezeigt zu bekommen?

    Ansonsten bin ich absolut begeistert von den Browser, schnell und kompakt.

    Danke für eine Antwort

  3. Selus

    Hey! I Hope you will read this! Congratulations of making THE FASTEST webbrowser with full functionality, standards and working plugins!(flash,java). And thanks 🙂 It fits well in my xfce, alsa i will write some plugins for midori for sure!(make a page to upload it ;p)

  4. sogyam

    The best browser for me !
    I can easily hack this in C and it’s very powerfull.
    Thanks for your work;

    A fan

  5. tim

    Cool, thank you!
    Now is the default search engine.

    there is only a lill’ problem with box-shadow [rendering super slow] and @fontface, but this could be webkit-stuff, epiphany do the same with fonts but chromium is working :/

    herzliche Grüße

  6. 11matt556

    Just found this today when looking for a lightweight alternative browser for Ubuntu because I like streaming music from sites like Pandora on one desktop while working on one of my others, but didn’t like Firefox using up so much memory. This does what I needed and more. I have an app on Windows to stream for me but when I get back on Windows I’m going to install it as my alt browser just because I see great potential in this. It doesn’t have as many features yet as Firefox (like themes) but it’s comming right along and very fast.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. jpxsat

    This browser is just awesome!
    Hope that while it grows, it gets faster and more lightweigth each time 🙂
    Keep making this awesome!

    Can’t wait to next version!!

  8. spc

    Jeez… It is unstable. Midori inherits all crap from upstream webkit/webkitgtk development, thus it segfaults quite often.

    With 0.2.9 I’ve tried plethora of webkits 😀 :
    r68882 – was quite stable though
    r72487 – stopped crushing on some among usual suspects sites, but I had serious issues with, for instance web cache addon
    webkitgtk-1.3.3 – currently using this one.
    Why do they call this gtk thing “stable” I have no idea?? It simply sux…
    You have to disable javascript in order to eliminate kbooms, nontheless some sites have extremely poor performance with webkit engine – html only.
    That’s beyond me…
    BTW how one can disable cookies in 0.2.9??

  9. Ark

    Hi there !
    Midori is great … but surely needs more development …
    here’s an idea … or rather a problem! :
    tab bar needs work … first problem is that i really hate it when i middle click on empty place instead of the tab to close it and it make a new tab …. and it seem’s there is no way to disable it …
    and another thing is the tabs are solid! i mean it’s REALLY annoying when i can only have 7 tabs on tab bar and i need to click on the arrow to go to the next 6-7 tabs … it would be nice if you would make the tabs to behave like safari or firefox or chrome ….

    and a (maybe silly) question … why can’t i customize the toolbar anymore ? if i recall right i could do it in the previous releases …

    oh .. by the way sorry for my bad english ….i hope the sentences are understandable …

  10. mnicky

    I’ve just discovered Midori and I’m really impressed by it and starting to use it as my primary browser. Keep doing the good work !

  11. Tim

    Danke Christian!
    ich nutz Midori schon eine Weile 0.1.7 oder so, und geb ihn nicht mehr her 🙂
    Eine Frage:
    kann man als Standart Suchmaschine einbauen? Ist schöner, netter, privater/sicherer als G. und außerdem is’ Gabriel ein netter Kerl 😀

  12. noxdafox

    Excellent job as always, just one thing: version was not updated, neither in the Information box nor in the about:version page.

  13. L&L

    Hi,that’s an excellent task.
    but the source is hard to understand.
    would you kindly add a little more comments.

  14. K.Ramanaiah

    Hi,Dywan, You have done a great job.Atlast i have found a fast and lean browser.Very nice and liked it much.Kindly release the next version with more features and more compatible with java ,data storage and password storage.

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