Database, delayed loading and dozens of shortcuts

Time for an exciting step ahead, databased backed bookmarks, which brings in completion of bookmarks in the location entry and search in the bookmark panel. On top of that we have dragging of bookmarks into and out of folders.

A new feature is Delayed Pages. If Midori crashes and you open it again, pages will be delayed/ suspended/ frozen and not fully opened until you reload them. This is handy if one website is problematic, so it won’t crash or freeze immediately again. Also it accelerates startup because not all pages are loaded into memory at once. The feature can also be enabled by default in Preferences > General > When Midori starts > Show last tabs without loading.

Fans of Speed Dial will like the option at the top of the Speed Dial for larger thumbnails. Also you can now have as many shortcuts as you like.

Also worth mentioning are some performance optimisations during page load as well as optimisations in adblock including compatibility improvements.

Two new extensions are shipped by default: ‘Minimize New Tabs’ and ‘Copy Addresses of Tabs’. Have a look in the Extensions panel and try them.

A little goodie that came in last minute is completion of multiple words, for example type “my cat” in the location, and it will match any visited pages or bookmarks with a name such as “my chubby cats” or “my box with cat toys”.

So download midori v0.2.7 (745 kB) (MD5) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

[ Midori Win32 Setup v0.2.6] (10,5 MB)
[ Midori Win32 Archive v0.2.6] (15,3 MB)

42 thoughts on “Database, delayed loading and dozens of shortcuts

  1. anon

    fast, non-bloated browser is fast and not bloated. I like that, hope it stays that way, too (unlike eg opera or fatfox).

    One thing though, I have Midori set to save/restore my tabs, and often have it start with an URL as an argument from another program. Now, if I do that but didn’t have any tabs open the last time I closed it, I get two tabs, an empty one and a second one with the URL I requested. Didn’t like that behaviour, so I made Midori not save any empty tabs. Would be nice to get this pushed upstream.
    Patch can be found at

  2. spc


    For me usage of sidepanel for absolutely everything is most welcome feature of midori. It’s very coherent.

    What I’m thinking about when it comes to development cycle is :
    1. feature freeze – no new stuff for time being
    2. ironing bugs

    That’s it.

  3. dsarmov

    Combobox on Address bar crash midori. When delete all in address bar with backspace crash again. Bookmark button in toolbar removed. I dont like bookmark bar. Using bookmarks with sidepanel is unhandy. Too many bad news.

  4. trotter

    aarem, 128-bit encryption is already available. What you are perhaps suggesting is 256-bit encryption. I would also vote for this and hope this can be done. security is key.

    i like the ideas about a user-set autocomplete feature. Perhaps thia can also be incorporated?


  5. paulus

    good browser, but often falls and

    Unsupported RSS version 0.91 and is not possible to deduce the icon in navigationbar showing the number of updated channels.

    All *. user.css applied globally, but not for certain url and domain needed work in stylish firefox otherwise it makes no sense.

  6. True Go


    In Firefox, you have in about:config an option


    Actually it’s used, to display the webpage
    ONLY if every elements are downloaded (within a delay of X milli-second)

    This way, for exemple, when you want to look at a big picture on Internet, or a webpage full of stuff, it doesn’t appears destructed til the end . No , the results suddenly appears . And it’s far better. Il looks more stable.

    So let’s have it in Midori 😀

  7. Lee

    This is my only browser. However, the update very annoyingly reorganized my bookmarks and somehow doubled many of the ones in folders. I’m on Arch/Openbox. I am waiting patiently for drag and drop bookmark re-ordering, the absence of which has been the biggest annoyance in the UI for me from the beginning.

    Other than that I’m confused as to why safari can handle scripts better than midori. I guess it’s webkit’s fault, but isn’t it the same in both browsers?

  8. aarem


    I really liked midori, but i do not use it much because it does not come with as strong encryption (128-bit) as firefox/chromium. is there any chance that this will be incorporated in the near future?

    i would also like the ability to have auto-complete in my url typing. for instance, use ctrl-enter for filling www and com as in firefox. ideally, this would be user-defined.

  9. marzzbar

    I agree, I really miss the bookmarks menu option. I’m on one of the first eee pcs with a really tiny screen. The bookmarks sidebar takes up nearly half the width of my screen, and is pointless and cumbersome in comparison to the menu entry. I don’t really want to add the bookmarks toolbar for similar reasons: I need as much space to see the webpage as possible.

  10. Kees

    I to like Midori very much. I think that – if the development goes so fast – I’m gonna use it as standard browser next month.
    Thank you for bringing such a nice and good-looking webbrowser to Gnome!
    Firefox isn’t really fast and Chromium doesn’t have a native look.

  11. norbert

    I was a happy user of midori till 0.2.6. Even it was still incomplete I liked it very much. (I am using it in ARCH linux with xfce.)
    Unfortunately the removed bookmark menu makes it completely uninteresting for me. Additionally there is a very annoying bug that I can not switch off delayed loading of tabs. My settings are happily ignored. Everytime i start midori I have to manually load every single tab! This alone is a reason to go back to 0.2.6 and wait for the fix.
    But as somebody already mentioned somewhere else (I think in the ARCH linux forum) all your bookmarks are gone then! Hence what I did was exporting the bookmarks in 0.2.7 and then importing them back into 0.2.6. This worked for me.
    Hope this helps some others to avoid frustration.

  12. marco

    I like very much Midori but I agree with whom complains for the bookmark’s menu removal…
    And a feature I would like to have is the Open with… in the context menu hovering a link.

  13. utilitytrack

    Hello, I very glad to see new Midori! As I see new function of search in bookmarks appeared in new version. It’s very useful for my. Thanks! But that upsets me it’s crashes when I press “Back to the previous page” button and when I open new tab (Ctrl+T). This problems with stability I first saw in 2.6.0 version. Unfortunately, they remained in last 2.7.0 version. I will to send bug reports.

  14. Anonymous

    GUI bug zooming on pictures when zooming in and zooming out the magnifiying glass has a + both ways.

  15. chris

    I don’t know where else to post this since I don’t see a place to report bugs but 0.2.7 seems to be crashing alot since I updated to kernel 2.6.35 especcially on forums when hitting the down arrow to scroll.

  16. brian

    I definitely agree that the bookmarks bar is fast, but I have to disagree about it being space efficient for some people. For example, I’m on a 1360×768 resolution. That vertical 768 isn’t much to work with, so eliminating toolbars is important for comfortable browsing.

  17. Kyle

    How about making the Homepage button on the Bookmarks Toolbar optional, since some will already put the homepage button in their main toolbar as mentioned above?

  18. haijiu


    The Search with option when right clicking a selected word works perfectly fine for me. Does it work for you when you search from the web search entry field or from the location bar?

  19. haijiu


    I have no problems adding a home button. Once you’ve enabled the Toolbar Editor extension like Brian described, you can either use the menu button or go to Tools in the menubar, where you should find a Customize Toolbar entry. With this, you should be able to add a home button. The homepage itself will have to be set in Preferences and then General. Does that work for you?

    As for the button in the location bar, I also get a segfault when I click it. It’s the dropdown button at the very end.

  20. haijiu

    How is an entire toolbar more space efficient than a simple bookmarks toolbar button? Or are there some settings I happen to be glancing over?

    Granted, using the bookmarks toolbar might provide quicker access to your bookmarks, but that a) depends on the way you have your bookmarks organized, and b) it would mean that many of your bookmarks of bookmark folders are always in sight, which I personally think is a bit too much.

    As others have requested, I think the menubar and toolbar bookmark items should at least be optional.

  21. Sertse

    Except it doesn’t anymore. That’s a regression from the last version.

    +1 removing the bookmark button is bad.

    Anyone have issues with midori crashing from clicking the button on the location bar?

  22. Dove

    Dear developer!
    Would you please take back “Removed bookmarks and history from menubar” !
    (or make it optional !!!)
    And release Win build of Midori !
    Thank you.

  23. michael

    Use the bookmark toolbar. That’s as space efficient as it gets and way faster than climbing through menus.

  24. brian

    If you mean GUI customization as in editing the toolbar, you can enable the Toolbar Editor extension. Go to Tools > Extensions. Toolbar Editor should be the forth from the bottom. This will also allow you to add a Homepage button.

  25. chris

    Awesome release! I had some GUI responsivness issues with 2.6 I’d hit ctrl t for a new tab and it’d take forever but now it’s like ctrl t BOOM TAB IN YO FACE! Super quick responsivness, it also gets a smidge better results in sunspider. I have one question though, has anybody gotten midori to be able to check aol mail, every version I’ve used logs in and then doesn’t load my mail.

  26. Kyle

    Yeah, I have to agree with brian as well. There’s some loss of efficiency this way. The sidebar is fine for managing and organizing bookmarks, but not ideal enough for using them that I don’t at least want the option of a bookmarks button dropdown or menu item.

  27. spc

    BTW, how to disable this auto search of bookmarks in locationbar?? Anyone?

    And still : select word, right click on it -> search with->
    select engine and nothing happens – that’s galling.
    Search the web works, though.

    Thanks again for your commitment.Cheers.

  28. franz1789

    Still missing interesting feature:
    -gui customization
    -home button
    -import bookmark from chrome/chromium

    thanks as always for these release 😀

  29. haijiu

    Actually, I just noticed it is two more clicks than before, as you also have to double-click your bookmark to open it from the sidepanel, rather than single-click to open it from the toolbar bookmarks button.

  30. Rodrigo

    The Midori is getting better!
    I wonder when it leaves the Windows version.
    Flash in Midori (Windows) is possible?

  31. paulus

    It is unfortunate that “Removed bookmarks from menubar and the button in navigation bar” 🙁

    In Chrome and FF extensions are needed for the button bookmarks. In Midori had a button, but lost … Why do worse?

    Why not left in the Customize Toolbar button bookmarks?

  32. haijiu


    Midori does actually feature a spell checker. I am not sure whether it is enabled by default, but go to Preferences and then to Behavior. Add fr_FR to enable French spell checking, though for it to work you need to have the French Aspell package installed on your system.

  33. haijiu

    Have to side with Brian on this. In previous versions of Midori, I had to click the toolbar bookmarks button, then select my bookmark and click again to go to the page. In 0.2.7 I first have click the Show sidepanel button to show the sidepanel, then go to bookmarks, select my bookmark to load the page, and then click again to make the sidepanel go away. That’s one more click than before.

    Of course you could argue that it would be better to leave the sidepanel open all the time, but since I only ever use it to change some setting and it takes up a lot of screen real estate, I prefer to keep it out of the way.

    The new feature of database backed bookmarks will probably have me use the location bar to access my bookmarks more often, but sometimes I just prefer using the mouse.

    I understand the removal of the bookmarks from the menubar and toolbar might be useful to some, but I think it should be optional.

  34. avb

    Brian, Ctrl-B will popup you bookmarks sidebar. Bookmarks menu is uncomfortable to use and also preventing users from using a sidebar.

    Idea was to advertise more sidebar features because a lot of peoples have no idea that it exists.

  35. brian

    Any explanation for the removal of the bookmarks menubar item (and the lack of a toolbar button to take its place)? Accessing bookmarks are now a disruption to browsing with Midori.

  36. Tereva

    Hi there,

    I discover Minori by accident today, and I find it really great !

    I’m using it right now, and intend to keep it.

    Congratulation about the hard work !


    PS : Not the place for a suggestion -but I don’t see any for that. A very handy fonction most broswer have now is spell cheking. I have no idea if this is difficult to code or not, but IMHO this is a must have for any modern browsers.

    PPS : Not the place again, but if your looking for a french translator for this page intro, I can do the job.
    It will be my way to help since I have no talent in dev 🙂

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