Validation, vending and Vala

Today is a good day for an exciting release. Raise your paws… or hands for celebration, Midori 0.2.5 is out of the door.

Notably visible validation of SSL certificates, which is reflected in yellow or red background in the location. There is more to come, but it is a good step ahead. See [ bug 168] for further details.

[[image media/validation-t.png align="right" style="padding-right: 5em;" link="/media/validation.png"]]

For Kiosk usage, support has been enhanced. The new command line switches –inactivity-reset and –blocked-uris can be used to reset the session after a period of inactivity and also to restrict the accessible websites to prevent misuse of the Kiosk interface. Feedback in [ bug 605] is very welcome.

I am happy to say that the Windows support has caught up with the latest changes and Midori builds perfectly for Windows again. Thanks to Peter who worked hard to resolve a number of portability issues and continually provided binaries, all we reached feature parity and all extensions run smoothly. And we even have a proper installer.

[[image media/win32-small-t.png align="left" style="padding-right: 5em;" link="/media/win32-small.png"]]

A fancy new feature, targetted at those who want to extend Midori, is Vala support for extensions. There are currently no vital parts implemented in Vala except one example extension, and some bits are likely missing, but you can already implement seriously good enhancements in Vala. So anyone interested is welcome to give it a try.

Mouse Gestures now support the right mouse button and this is the default binding. Many users requested this and should hopefully enjoy gesturing a lot in the future.

People who like to surf the web fullscreen may find themselves losing track of time. A solution for this is the new Status Clock extension, which renders a clock in the statusbar.

[[image media/clock-t.png align="right" style="padding-right: 5em;" link="/media/clock.png"]]

Subtly but notably the Speed Dial now supports opening shortcuts with number keys. Now speed dial is even more speedy.

The Network preferences have changed to easily switch between No proxy, Manual proxy server and Automatic detection. This helps usability and facilitiates temporary use of a proxy server.

So [ download midori v0.2.5] (688 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

Windows Setup: [ Midori Win32 v0.2.5] (10,4 MB)

24 thoughts on “Validation, vending and Vala

  1. Stozi

    Hi, I use Midori for everything except WebCT Vista, which seems to have more javascript than Webkit cares for. Anyway, Midori rocks.

    My one problem is that Midori is the only program on my Arch system which did not automatically start using my bitmapped Chinese font, Wenquanyi. If I load a page with Chinese it freezes for a few minutes then seems to render the page using ‘fixed-misc’ which are such horrible fonts, seeing them makes me want to self-harm.

  2. kalikiana

    You can use a hidden switch to change that:

    Create a text file ~/.config/midori/extensions/ .
    Type the following in there:


  3. Otto Krüja

    Concerning the mouse gestures: It is a bit pity, that midori and thunar use different mouse buttons to initate the gestures.
    Maybe there should be a coordination to keep the consistence of the XFCE Desktop.

    Thanks for this great piece of Software!
    Greetings, Otto

  4. FERNmann

    Thanks for the relase. An awesome Browser! I’m looking forward to the 1.0 release, because at this state of development Midori is crashing sometimes.
    Does anybody know how to get apturl working on Midori?

  5. Jeff Johnston

    What a great browser! How is this not the default in GNOME?

    Very impressive work! Did you really do all the work yourself? This bodes very well with my “less is more” philiosiphy.

  6. specnaz

    Having upgraded to :

    webkitgtk 1.2.1 – stable marvell :D
    libsoup 2.30.1

    I don’t see any differance :(
    Above mentioned issues with sites remain there unchanged – still can’t read ars,, classiccat and more.
    Stability isues remain as well – segphaults often… Sorry

    About webkitgtk:
    I dont see any improvement in time loadning of sites nor stability against nightly build. Your millage may very, though…

    Like I said returning to my setup with 0.2.4…
    Maybe better luck next time.

  7. kalikiana

    libsoup 2.30 is the latest stable release. And WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1 is simply the minimum requirement to run Midori, which means you can freely choose from there to any later version.

  8. dbe

    Works just fine on my windows 7 at home, must be something at work.


  9. spc

    Yeah i’m aware,
    but you wanna tell me that libsoup 2.29. is unstable, so which one is stable.? That’s their development branch??
    Where it says its development snapshot…

    My milage says: New “features” are off scale…

    @Using either WebKitGTK+ 1.1.15 or 1.2.0 would be a good idea

    So why it says WebkitGTK+ 1.1.1 in requs??

  10. kalikiana

    You are using *unstable* libSoup and WebKitGTK+, so that is likely to surprise you with problems. Of course there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of the implications.

  11. spc

    I use r54843 nightly build webkit
    libsoup 2.29.6
    glib 2.22.2

    So what gives.. Requirements are there…
    Yesterday upgraded to r57054 -nothing changed…

    Moving back to 0.2.4…

  12. dbe

    I’m a fan, the light footprint and the speed drew me in. I’ve just started playing around with Arch and xfce4, so I will be watching your future development with great interest.


    (I don’t seem to be able to connect when running Midori on windows. However, I don’t trust this machine to not be the issue so I will try it on another machine before making any kind of report.)

  13. Gr1sS0W

    Primero que nada no hablo ingles así que perdonen las posibles incoherencias =P

    Bugs in Midori Win32 0.2.5:
    Import bookmarks no work in files HTM, HTML
    Import bookmarks of Arora’s works but do not allows to modify them
    This []page[/url] load bad (this load fine running Midori 0.2.4 in Xubuntu)

    [url=,-vending-and-Vala.html#c1446]The URL of the comment works well in WinXP[/url]

  14. kalikiana

    I can’t reproduce your problems, I’m reading Ars Technica regularly without issues. Did you upgrade other packages at the same time, such as GLib, libSoup or WebKitGTK+? Using either WebKitGTK+ 1.1.15 or 1.2.0 would be a good idea in any case since those are the stable releases and can make a big difference.

  15. spc

    It isn’t stable anymore it SEGPHAULTS far too often, on random pages without any good reason – it goes boooooom/dead -WTF??

    What’s more, i got lots of add sites blocked with /etc/hosts.
    Site starts loading and BOOM i get a full screen message that it is impossible to connet to add site – WTF?? It’s impossible to access site –

    This release is a bit one step forward two steps backwards….


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