Frames, finity and fraction

Due to a fairly common crasher related to frames which fail to load, I decided to do a quick follow-up release. There is also a build-fix for API documentation, which didn’t work in the last release.

As it is my habbit to always have something small, that makes it worth upgrading in stabilizing releases, today I feature custom number of columns and number of shortcuts in the Speed Dial. I expect a few people with high-resolution screens should like that. Simply click one of the top left labels and type a number in the window shown then.

[[image media/columncount-t.png align="right" style="padding-right: 5em;" link="/media/columncount.png"]]

As depending on the icon theme, not everyone saw icons in error pages and the speed dial, I reworked the icon code. Now all icon themes should show ‘edit’ and ‘remove’ in Speed Dial shortcuts and icons in error pages.

So [ download midori v0.2.6] (696 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

[ Midori Win32 Setup v0.2.6] (10,5 MB)
[ Midori Win32 Archive v0.2.6] (15,3 MB)

32 thoughts on “Frames, finity and fraction

  1. franz1789

    Hi, following midori since first releases, but I always miss a thing: home button and being able to change buttons order… hope one day there will be these little features :D

  2. Farhad

    I also discovered Midori through Ubuntu 10.04 and I absolutely love. Let me tell you that it is better than Epiphany or Chromium, and it has all the features I need: it’s fast, light, renders pages perfectly, works with gmail (just make Midori identify itself as FF). I hate heavy bloated browsers, but dillo or elinks are just a tad too basic. Midor strikes the ideal balance! Frankly, Midori is a dream come true for me.
    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!!!

  3. sid

    Google Doc is not supported!

    I like mikdori very much. If Google Doc is supported well, I will use it as my default web browser.

  4. Anil

    If I look for Midori with synaptic in the ubuntu repository, I get the 0.1.2-1 version, does this correspond to the latest version? Why is this version so old otherwise?
    thank you

  5. William Logan

    I stumbled across Midori in Ubuntu 10 and liked it. No problems so far. I saw that a Windows version was available and installed into Windows 7 x86. Flash will not work and will not install. Also, everytime I download a file it appends the files suffix numerically (if it is the same file) and not its name (you try to install install_flash_player.exe5). Still no idea as how to easily identify which tab you are on. I like this browser. Please update. PS, would have registered to report a bug but I do not have and do not know what a JabberID is.

  6. chaos

    Good web browser.Surprisingly fast loading website. №1 in my great web browser list for Linux.
    P.S Sorry for my bad English.I speak only Russian.))

  7. Jean Guillou

    Midori is my favourite browser, but there’s just one last thing i lack : it would be great if an external application could be defined to manage podcasts (itpc). Just a click and the podcast would ben added to the software used to manage them. (e.g. Rythmbox). Maybe it is possible with a script, but i’m just a casual user of the computers, so…

  8. chris

    None of the flashblock userscripts I’ve been using are working with 0.2.6

    Was working fine with 0.2.4

    I’ve only been using Midori for a few weeks, and is the first time I’ve jumped ship from firefox, so I’m not sure if this is a common or expected thing to happen.

  9. Roald

    Just tried Midori on my netbook: looks good, it’s very fast!

    However, Midori writes to the harddrive so often that it keeps it from spinning down, hence lessening my battery life! ;)

    Is there a way to prevent Midori from doing this?

    While browsing the web and typing this I’ve just run lm-profiler (part of the laptop-mode-tools) showing that midori writes to disk once about every 6 seconds. Loading a new website seems to give a quick succession of 3 writes.

    I’ve tried not building against sqlite but that didn’t help.

    It would be great if this could be changed; overall it looks like a very nice browser for a netbook.

    All the best,


  10. User

    Hello! i’m having a misterious trouble with midori (dont know if because of midori). When surfing the web, sometimes, network connection seems to me down and cant use midori nor synaptic or anything online. After several seconds connection is back. Same problem with any release of midori or epiphany-webkit.

    BUT: this won’t happend if i use iceweasel, chromium or galeon.

    could be a webkit trouble? (1.2.1 installed)

  11. Dove

    Would you please share all list of command line parameters ? (not only –inactivity-reset and –blocked-uris)
    …I’ve loking for profile dir set command , but didn’t findit (((

  12. Andrés

    I have only two little questions:

    I’m an Archlinux user, I’ve just installed midoria via pacman, but midori doesn’t support my fonts preferences, It uses generic sans for webpage rendering style. ¿It’s there a way to change this? (btw: using Xfce – i686)

    Second, I’ve noticed that midori has fully support on YouTube’s html5 beta page, but instead of using webM, It uses H.264 (vía gstreamer plugin), I’ve installed libvpX support for WebM … but midori ignores it.

    I really like midori … it’s just perfect: small, fast and ligthweight.

  13. rudnykiv

    thank you.
    but i have a trouble. if i type in address bar something like
    ю /
    (cyrillic letters with slash symbol)
    midori crashes with
    “Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x008a5ed1 in g_hostname_to_ascii () from /lib/″
    is it my build problem?

  14. Grundoko

    So there is XD

    I can’t believe I missed it, I was looking for a long time, thanks.

  15. kalikiana

    This is because the speed dial is based on Javascript and is obliged to security restrictions. A solution would require work on WebKitGTK+.

  16. Grundoko

    Loving the newer versions of Midori, it’s completely replaced Firefox for me, but there’s one small thing I dislike. I wish there was an “Always show tab bar” option.

  17. KlavKalashj

    You could use the elementary icon theme, there is a really nice icon for Midori there.

  18. FERNmann

    Thanks for the fast release. Your browser is getting better and better.
    What about a bigger icon? In Docky, the icon has only a low resolution so it doens’t look great.

  19. Mike

    bug reports without registering would be nice.
    So, I’ll use this here. I’m using 0.2.6 on ubuntu lucid. Speeddial doesn’t work with local html (file:///…) files, only with http://… links. It shows a preview, but doesn’t open it.

    Cheers Mike

  20. Gavcheg

    How about scalable speed-dial? And it may be useful option will lock / start plugins like in the new Opera.

  21. AnyKey

    Hi, Christian Dywan

    I like Midori. Thanks. Very, very.

    Plz.. -> Midori Win32 v0.2.5 Portable. Job. Plz.

    reply my e-mail. Thanks.

  22. utilitytrack

    Ok, I don’t expected that next release will so quick. I will try it, thanks.

  23. OK

    google and youtube works fine in my new midori-0.2.6. I compiled it with: gtk 2.20.1 and webkitgtk 1.2.0. Great work, as always. Thanks.

  24. fjs

    Google and Youtube dont work.
    I hoped it worked in this version becourse i like Midori. But it wont work i get this message:
    Error –
    The page ‘’ couldn’t be loaded.
    Cannot connect to destination

    In Chromium of Firefox it work well.

  25. KlavKalashj

    Great job! I had trouble with a couple of pages, they work great now! Thank you very much!

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