Build fixes, bookmark export and better privacy

This is a stabilization release, focussed on small improvements. Build errors with different GTK+ versions were fixed, accidental middle clicks don’t search unless Alt + middle click is used and opening addresses from external applications in combination with multiple browser windows is fixed. Also the completion suggestion window won’t overlap underlying windows.
As a small increase in privacy, the micro version and architecture are not anymore included in the identification string.
Bookmarks can now be exported, from the Bookmarks menu, to XBEL.
Scroll keys can now be specified in the Shortcuts extension, to use for instance Vim style keys for scrolling in web pages (which is now the default).

So [ download midori v0.2.4] (630 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

21 thoughts on “Build fixes, bookmark export and better privacy

  1. some random dude

    Small bug I noticed: Stopping downloads by using the button in the sidebar’s “Transfers” panel doesn’t work (That thing doesn’t even look/act like a button (w/ regards to mouseover highlighting etc), actually). Using the button in the status bar works, though.

  2. Frank Starr

    I think Midori is a great browser. I discovered by accident its Speeddial feature. I’d like the Speeddial feature expanded to allow 25 entries, as Opera does.
    I’m using UBUNTU 10, and the latest version they have is 2.2. I’m exploring ways to install 2.4.
    Also, I’d like to see “manage bookmarks” added to the bookmarks feature, so that one could scan to a specific bookmark, instead of having to page down to find it.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. JujuLand

    Another error:

    ../extensions/adblock.c:156: error: for each function it appears in.)
    ../extensions/adblock.c:156: error: ‘download’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../extensions/adblock.c:160: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘webkit_download_new’
    ../extensions/adblock.c:162: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘webkit_download_set_destination_uri’
    ../extensions/adblock.c:164: error: ‘adblock_download_notify_status_cb’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../extensions/adblock.c:166: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘webkit_download_start’
    Build failed
    -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc adblock.c -> adblock_3.o}
    make: *** [all] Erreur 1

  4. kalikiana

    The two compilation errors in midori-view.c should be fixed now.
    The rst2html tool is needed to build the documentation which you can see via Help > Contents (F1).
    The rsvg-convert tool is needed to pre-generate icon files. It works without, but scaling won’t be as nice.

  5. JujuLand

    Theprevious error has been removed, but another one now:


    [ 29/103] cc: midori/midori-searchaction.c -> _build_/default/midori/midori-searchaction_1.o
    [ 30/103] cc: midori/midori-view.c -> _build_/default/midori/midori-view_1.o
    ../midori/midori-view.c: In function ‘webkit_web_frame_load_done_cb’:
    ../midori/midori-view.c:1005: error: too few arguments to function ‘g_filename_to_uri’
    ../midori/midori-view.c: In function ‘midori_view_populate_popup’:
    ../midori/midori-view.c:1999: error: too few arguments to function ‘gtk_widget_set_no_show_all’
    Build failed
    -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc midori-view.c -> midori-view_1.o}

    And during configure, I have these lines :

    Checking for program : not found
    Checking for program rst2html : not found

    Checking for program rsvg-convert : not found


    I suppose it’s not important, but I ought to know how to solve it.


  6. JujuLand

    After having installed all the dependances which were missing, I have been able to configure midori 0.3.4
    But during make I have had this error


    [ 23/103] cc: midori/midori-array.c -> _build_/default/midori/midori-array_1.o
    [ 24/103] cc: midori/midori-browser.c -> _build_/default/midori/midori-browser_1.o
    [ 25/103] cc: midori/midori-extension.c -> _build_/default/midori/midori-extension_1.o
    ../midori/midori-browser.c:203: error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘…’ before ‘WebKitDownload’
    Build failed
    -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc midori-browser.c -> midori-browser_1.o}
    make: *** [all] Erreur 1

    I’m under Ubuntu Karmic, I have installed Webkit 1.1.1



  7. Lee

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I would uninstall chromium if I could download files from WebCT (vista version) in midori. the links to the files are java links, if that makes sense. It does everything else perfectly, except sometimes (java?) menus are hidden behind (flash?) content.

  8. gadi

    I have two small feature request (I think there are small…): One is to limit the cache space on disk, and other is “autoscroll”, “scroll on midle click”, or the name you want to put it (press the mouse wheel and scroll quickly). I hope I’ve explained it well, sorry if not.

    Thanks one more time for this great browser.

  9. rururur

    i like midori and use it everytime but..
    gmail without js sucks so i want to cry:'( working with email.
    i confirm paulus said that’s translation from Russian into English with User Agent == Midori doesn’t work(but with UA=FF or IE works fine) (utf-8).

  10. Aaron Fournier

    Hey! 🙂 I’m not sure why, but the [i]h[/i], [i]j[/i], [i]k[/i], and [i]l[/i] keys stopped working all of a sudden in Midori. They work in every other program, so I know it’s not my keyboard. I’m wondering if it has to do with an update you made recently. I’m using version 0.2.4 on Ubuntu 9.10

  11. Andrés

    I love midori, it’s really light and fits well in my Archlinux installation, I only have one question, why grooveshark doesn’t work on midori?.

    Any near solution for this?

  12. PauloRcCanuto

    I love Midori. I read a great article in OMG! ubuntu e install it in the same time. But the last package crash all time, and i can’t acess gmail. My keyboard dont work properly on webpages via midori. But is say that is a aewsome browser. Thanks for the hard work!

  13. WindowsXP

    Hi all,

    i test , and like , midori but … ^^”

    “How block send refer ?”

    In firefox i use about:config and 0 on refer tab.


    ps:about:config in midori svp … :op

  14. paulus

    Only in Midori 0.2.4 not work translated from Russian into English and English->Russian (in 0.2.3 en->ru work) (characters ‘< ?>‘). Font Liberation in all browsers…

  15. tomas

    No, new midori versions won’t be packaged for intrepid. Some dependencies can not be satisfied – software in official repositories is just too outdated.

  16. specnaz

    Well, so far so good – it’s stable, staable at last 😀 ( it always sefaults while logging out of gmail,though ). Lacks ftp support (or maybe it’s webkit), some rendering problems -although tiny , security certificates handling could be improved, clear private data doesn’t delete typed-in search history – but these are small issues.
    Honstly, great improvement. Thumbs up for this release. 😀

  17. Me

    I really like this midori thing so far, good work guys !

    The reason i write here is that i have a question, obviosly i thouth its the best place to ask it – here it comes:

    Are there updates to midori 2.2. and 2.4 also for intrepid ?
    i can find them only for the newer distributions, if they work with intrepid as well it would be nice to have it in the repositorys, maybe it just didnt come to your mind 😉

    thanks anyway, keep up the good work – cheers Me

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