Completion, performance and image blocking

Here we are after an elongated release cycle. The reason for that is notably the refactoring of the completion functionality. The suggestion popup was rewritten to hugely improve completion performance, Startup performance could also be improved a lot. The History panel gained a search entry so it is possible to search the entire history easily.
The panel layout was simplified, with icons without labels on the bottom to save space and make it look a bit leaner.
Adblock gained ‘Block image’ and ‘Block link’ menu items, which make it possible to easily block individual images that you don’t want to see.
There is a special page ‘about:version’ now to make it easier to see in what configuration Midori is running.
A new preference ‘Preferred languages’ should be good news for people speaking multiple languages.
Window raising behaviour was improved, which is important for users with multiple workspaces. Midori will no longer pull existing windows towards the current workspace just to open a new window.
Attaching of the web inspector to the browser window works much better. It is now also always enabled.
The address entry has a ‘Paste and proceed’ menu item in the context menu now. There is also a ‘Close other tabs’ menu item when right-clicking on tab labels now.
The cookie manager now allows selecting and deleting multiple cookies at once, which makes removing undesirable items much more convenient.
A number of improvements towards relocatability went in which are needed for Win32. And file existence checks are more portable and faster now.

So [ download midori v0.2.3] (625 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

25 thoughts on “Completion, performance and image blocking

  1. rudnykiv

    reopening leads to an error “Opening and ending tag mismatch” (GTK+ 2.18.3, WebKitGTK+ 1.1.15)

  2. specnaz

    How to watch html5 video on dailymotion – I get firefox requset and flash kicks in – user agent change doesnt help

  3. despicere

    Thank you for Midori!
    A few wishes:
    1. Zoom default Ctrl++ does not work, needs to be changed to Ctrl+=
    2. You can make “Zoom text” Ctrl++ and “Zoom text and images” Ctrl+Shift++? Example for your site prihodistya do “Zoom text and images”, for almost all other “Zoom text”.
    3. Unsupported browser to gmail – this is due to Java? When it will be better?
    4. Could you please add the option “open image” (in mode no load images automatically). (re) load image from context menu or Ctrl + rightMouseClick without reloading the entire page.
    5. Only in Midori not work translated from Russian into English (characters ‘?????’ not words)

  4. Sertse

    It’s also dependent on your icon theme, some icon theme that are mainly scalable or some big size don’t scale properly in Midori. Themes that have icons are many sizes do.

  5. utilitytrack

    This is really exist, but I don’t known about this. Many thanks! I’m very nice open new features this browser. Very good.

  6. Samuel Creshal

    The buttons were there in earlier versions, but disappeared with iirc 0.2.1 or something like that.

  7. Charlie Kester

    So of course I solved it myself soon after posting my question. Click in the upper right corner of the speed dial “cell”.

    There’s no button or other visible widget in the upper right corner of the speed dial cells. I only figured it out when I noticed that the cursor changes shape there.

    (I’m running Midori 0.2.2 with the Musca window manager on FreeBSD. Perhaps the widgets are there with other configurations?)

  8. Charlie Kester

    How do I delete an item from speed dial? I want to replace one of the nine items with something else and can’t figure out how.

  9. kalikiana

    The compilation with GTK+ 2.14 is fixed in git. Please try using git, or you can wait for the next released which is planned roughly to be within 2 weeks.

  10. Samuel Creshal

    Well, the performance is faster, indeed. But the new version seems quite unstable (still trying to reproduce the crashes), and the adblocker doesn’t work anymore (e.g. on Filter Lists aren’t applied and custom filters don’t seem to work either…

  11. Sertse

    That already exists. 🙂

    You need to enable toolbar edit first in extensions, then go to customise toolbar. Drag the one called “Window”, that button would what you need.

  12. utilitytrack

    Hello, I’m very glad to use new version of Midori, and simple I want to say “thanks” to you and all of developers. One thing which I wish see in Midori: list open tabs with choice (like as Firefox – in top right corner on mouse click). Good luck!

  13. gadi

    I have an estrange problem with Midori. I use Debian Squeeze, GTK 2.18 and Webkit 1.1.21, and when I write some word with accents, the accents doesn’t appear (I’m Spanish). Other distro’s users say me that they work for them. Can you tell me what could be the problem?

    Finally, this is a old feature request, I guess. We need password manager! Although it is a script to do this using cookies, an official one would be much better.

    Thanks for the good job, and continue with it! I love your browser!

  14. specnaz

    Solved it – I couldnt compile it against gtk 2.16.6 so upgrade to 2.18.1 solved the problem 😀
    Works fine

  15. Kaml

    I got problem like this:

    [ 10/103] cc: katze/katze-scrolled.c -> _build_/default/katze/katze-scrolled_1.o
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c: In function ‘adjust_scrollbar’:
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:345: error: ‘wdgt’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:345: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:345: error: for each function it appears in.)
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:345: error: ‘alloc’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:345: warning: left-hand operand of comma expression has no effect
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c: In function ‘button_press_event’:
    ../katze/katze-scrolled.c:684: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘gtk_widget_get_visible’
    Build failed
    -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc katze-scrolled.c -> katze-scrolled_1.o}

    What to do?

  16. Ramsey

    I just installed Midori from the PPA on Ubuntu Karmic, but the side-panel looks a bit different from how you described. The icons are at the bottom like they should be, but they have text labels as well, causing it to take up half the screen. Other than that, I’m very excited for the new release! And such a HUGE improvement over the last! I’ll be trying it out for a little while longer before deciding but this is looking like a nice replacement for Firefox already!

  17. Kendall Weaver

    Nevermind. I had the libraries installing to /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib so I guess I answered my own question.

    Love your browser btw.

  18. Kendall Weaver

    Just curious, I don’t see the extensions in the side bar. Bookmarks, History, Transfers, Console, and Userscripts are there, but I’m not seeing anything for the Extensions. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

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