Monthly Archives: February 2010

Completion, performance and image blocking

Here we are after an elongated release cycle. The reason for that is notably the refactoring of the completion functionality. The suggestion popup was rewritten to hugely improve completion performance, Startup performance could also be improved a lot. The History panel gained a search entry so it is possible to search the entire history easily.
The panel layout was simplified, with icons without labels on the bottom to save space and make it look a bit leaner.
Adblock gained ‘Block image’ and ‘Block link’ menu items, which make it possible to easily block individual images that you don’t want to see.
There is a special page ‘about:version’ now to make it easier to see in what configuration Midori is running.
A new preference ‘Preferred languages’ should be good news for people speaking multiple languages.
Window raising behaviour was improved, which is important for users with multiple workspaces. Midori will no longer pull existing windows towards the current workspace just to open a new window.
Attaching of the web inspector to the browser window works much better. It is now also always enabled.
The address entry has a ‘Paste and proceed’ menu item in the context menu now. There is also a ‘Close other tabs’ menu item when right-clicking on tab labels now.
The cookie manager now allows selecting and deleting multiple cookies at once, which makes removing undesirable items much more convenient.
A number of improvements towards relocatability went in which are needed for Win32. And file existence checks are more portable and faster now.

So [ download midori v0.2.3] (625 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)