Bookmarks, bright paint and build fixes

Time for Midori 0.2.2.

Bookmarks can be imported from Opera, Arora, Kazehakase, Epiphany and other browser using XBEL. The XBEL support was improved in terms of performance and compatibility with other applications.

Colourful Tabs now work in combination with the Tab Panel. Delete Private data includes Web Cache which it didn’t before. And if you have a small screen or mobile device, Open panels in separate windows can be useful. Correct ordering of History and Trash were fixed. The Shortcuts dialogue display issues were fixed.

The options ‘Show in toolbar’ and ‘Open as web app’ were implemented for bookmarks. So you can selectively decide what bookmarks or folders to have in the bookmarkbar. And if you mark them as ‘web app’ bookmarks open in a separate process.

Several improvements related to portability and compatibility were applied, for Hildon and Win32. Build fixes for certain Glib and GTK+ versions were applied. libnotify is now a build-time dependency.

Incidentally Midori is available for the N900 in testing repositories, albeit it still needs some work, and Midori for Win32 may be updated soon once problems with extensions are sorted out.

So [ download midori v0.2.2] (590 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

16 thoughts on “Bookmarks, bright paint and build fixes

  1. despicere

    Thank you for Midori. Could you please add the option “open image”. To schedule after you turn off the page (re) load image from context menu or Ctrl + rightMouseClick without reloading the entire page, ala ImgLikeOpera FF.

    P.S. Only in Midori not work ru-> en, en-> ru working.

  2. Ben

    Err, that should be ‘positive or negative’, not ‘good or bad’, in the first paragraph’s second sentence.

    It’s annoying how you can read through something four or five times and still make a mistake.

  3. Ben

    I didn’t say not to complain, I said try to do it with less anger. I agree (here and in that reply) that feedback, good or bad, is a good thing. If it crashes vary easily and has no way to restore your previous tabs, I would call those things that you could bug report (if they aren’t already). The first is a stability issue with the browser (you might report what situations cause the browser to crash), and the second is a functionality issue (you might say that it is a feature that you would like and maybe suggest a way of implementing it). And if it’s already reported (and there aren’t a lot of other people requesting it and/or nobody has said whether it would be fixed/implemented or not) you can add your support for that bug.

    It should be considered that they are spending time on it, because if you don’t, you may end up ranting and raving about how a product which *isn’t necessarily guaranteed to work* with your payment, because you haven’t payed anything (now you have, of course, payed your feedback, but it takes a lot of useful feedback to make a difference). They are doing a favor, if they aren’t being payed, regardless of whether you were asked if you wanted to use the browser or not. It may not feel like a favor to you, because it’s not working to your satisfaction, but you may have been stuck with something worse if this browser was not available (though I doubt it, since there are pretty good alternatives). You also have to realize that the version for windows (if that’s the one you’re using) is old compared to the latest ‘stable’ version. But since you mention that you’re stuck with Midori on Linux, I’m curious which distribution you’re using. It would also be nice to know what version of Midori you’re using. 😉

    The incomplete sentence, ”contact at twotoasts punkt de”, was what I thought might be an e-mail address (e.g. ”’me at example org”’ might be ”’”’), but I suppose that was stretching the imagination a bit.

    Thanks for reading my (first, and now this) reply anyway, I realize it was a bit long.

  4. Raven

    I don’t think there’s anything to bug report, just an incredibly slow browser that crashes very easily and has no way to restore your previous tabs. I suppose the fact that tabs don’t reload even if you do eventually figure out the complicated actions required to get the browser to attempt to do so, but I wasn’t thinking about that since it is so difficult to have that setting up in the first place, and useless because the first session won’t be allowed to restore and by that time FireFox will usually have finished downloading. There is no e-mail address on that page. There is an address, a non-American phone number, some names, and a note that says, “Contact us at out website” (or would if it was a complete sentence). Thank you for paying attention to my comment even if you don’t agree with me. And I do believe that complaining about any product is appropriate. If a product is like the crappiest thing ever, and free, it shouldn’t be released or available unless it is to developers to help make it useful, and in the case of any computer software especially a browser the mere fact that it exists will can cause horrendous headaches for other people. With “any software”, it can cause your computer to malfunction, be bundled in with other software, be bundled in and also not be removable, or, if it’s Linux-compatible, it can be included with Linux versions and possibly prevent the distributor from including something necessary that’s actually useful, as in my case. If it’s a web browser, it can cause additional headaches for anyone trying to design a website if it doesn’t have the correct compatibility for what it’s supposed to have. I don’t know whether Midori has given any web designers headaches or not.

    In the case of a paid product, complaining is also necessary for obvious reasons.

    The fact that the developers “spent time” on this is not relevant to someone complaining, because they are not doing anybody any favors by designing this product. The didn’t do it upon request or as part of a message board. They just felt like it. So for that reason it is different then say, a tech support message board where someone gives advice that doesn’t work, and the OP yells at them.

    I don’t like crappy products, and I will let the people responsible know that their product sucks if it’s easily possible. With the information that “your product sucks,” they can then choose to improve it if they want to. A manager at a Taco Bell who was once interested in hiring me told me to ensure that any unsatisfied customers make complaints. Most people in charge of free products still want their “customers” to be satisfied. FireFox and Runes of Magic (MMO) are two examples of this.

  5. Ben

    I’m sure he appreciates the feedback. 😉

    On the page which describes Midori (link ”’Midori”’ at the top of this page), there is a link to a bug tracker[0] if you wish to file a bug report. There is also an IRC channel listed, if you would like to talk to developers directly, and a link to an FAQ page[1].

    Additionally, there is contact information on the ”’About”’ page of this website, if you want to send mail, call, or (possibly, not sure if that’s an) e-mail. I’d avoid calling, unless it’s really important, but I thought I’d counter your remark that ”it sucks so much that [he doesn’t] have a e-mail or contact form on [his] website”. Obviously, he doesn’t have a ”contact form”, but I’d think that anyone who knows how to use a mouse and keyboard properly should also be able to write a message or parse a bot-protected e-mail address (if that’s what I think I see on that page) and, as such, a contact form isn’t really necessary if those are available.

    Regardless, you should try to be a little less angry in your dialogue (or monologue, as the case may be). The people working on this browser do so in their spare time, and as such, aren’t being paid to listen to your whining. You have provided helpful feedback, but if it isn’t used it is probably because they stopped reading before they got there (since you happily displayed your hate for the browser at the top of your message). Oh, and it’s a bit of a mess to read your message, since it’s all one monograph. Just my two cents.

    P.S.: I don’t develop this browser (though I did attempt to help at one point, I still need to learn a bit before I can really help), and I don’t personally know any of the people who do develop this browser.

    [0] (Bug tracker)
    [1] (Midori FAQ)

  6. Raven

    Your browser sucks and sucks a lot. In fact it sucks so much that you don’t even have an e-mail or contact form on your website! It’s horrendously unstable, can’t restore sessions (these first two are a lot worse when put together), takes comparitive ages to open a new blank tab because said tabs are idiotiocally decorated with sqaures, has no spell checker, and is slow. However, since at least one human being apparently uses your web browser voluntarily as it is installed on a Linux distro with NO OTHER OPTIONS (okay, I guess the author of the linux distro in question must not be too great, either), I thought I’d point something out. Silver is an extremely common general theme color for OS’s; so common that it’s one of only two default color schemes on all semi-modern Windows installs. Since the loading bar in your browser is apparently silver (the indicator), it should probabaly be changed to something that doesn’t make it difficult to see when using a silver theme. Or perhaps it is just the fact that the text color under the indicator changes to white, which barely shows up under the silver bar. Yellow (standrad version)-on-white is actually easier to read then the text and URL bar of your browser while it is loading a page.

  7. Gareins

    Slowly becoming browser of choice and is my main browser for XFCE machines (slower 1 core machines). Thank you.

    I think you deserve some money and at least I wouldn’t mind if you make a deal with google to get some share of every search we do in top right box. You really deserve it!

  8. Trinni

    Great browser.

    A possible bug?: Feedpanel have to two sections, one with the feed and one big empty white section.

    I miss the ability to drag and drop bookmarks across bookmarkspanel and in the sidebar. If you put this features in I will stop using Firefox. I also belive the sidebar is way to “fat” and takes up alot of space.

    But all in all: great browser. Keep up the good work.

  9. Andreas

    Another happy user here. I been on and off midori – but as of lately midori is a really strong contender.
    One thing that I have gotten used to in other browsers, and midori still lacks: The ability to search history, and not only list histoty items per day.
    Especially in this xmas holiday season where I don’t want my girlfriend to see which webshops I have visited.

    again: thanks for midori.

  10. Resu

    Thank you for such a wonderful new release. Great work as always.

    I’ve been using Midori for over a year, and every release has been a major step ahead. I wrote an article on my website to spread the news.

    I do have one suggestion though. Could you add the option to remove the “Homepage” from the Bookmark bar and show Home icon by default?

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