Web Cache, Weird Hotkeys, Window Opening

We are approaching version 0.2.1. A great lot of polishing went into this release. Mouse gestures are fixed, linking with gold is supported, the navigation toolbar is hidden in fullscreen and the preference dialogue was tweaked a little.
You may notice that opening of new windows is incredibly fast and startup of Midori is faster. Hotkeys involving Tab or single characters are supported now. Terminating Midori with Unix signals won’t trigger the crash dialogue anymore (a real crash will).
We have a Web Cache extension and a Tab History list now, both incredibly nice additions. Also form history was improved, it works with forms where it didn’t before and saves values to disk so it works after closing Midori in-between.
Here and there lots of changes are coming towards Hildon/ Fremantle support. It is not yet completely done but you may see a proper Midori on the N900 with the next release.

So [http://archive.xfce.org/src/apps/midori/0.2/midori-0.2.1.tar.bz2 download midori v0.2.1] (580 kB) ([http://archive.xfce.org/src/apps/midori/0.2/midori-0.2.1.tar.bz2.md5 MD5]) ([http://git.xfce.org/apps/midori/tree/ChangeLog ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

24 thoughts on “Web Cache, Weird Hotkeys, Window Opening

  1. Kamil

    I can’t build it. I didn’t have problems with earlier versions.

    [ 78/112] cc_link: _build_/default/midori/main_3.o -> _build_/default/midori/midori
    default/katze/libkatze.a(katze-utils_1.o): In function `katze_property_proxy’:
    /home/kangur/Desktop/midori-0.2.1/_build_/../katze/katze-utils.c:557: undefined reference to `g_icon_to_string’
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    Build failed
    -> task failed (err #1):
    {task: cc_link main_3.o -> midori}

    Can someone help me?

  2. Sergio

    Hello, thanks for the browser.

    I’m using Debian’s unstable package 0.2.0-1.
    A feature that I would like would be to whitelist sites for cookies so I can keep them blocked as the default behaviour.

  3. J. M.

    I am using a GTK+ environment (LXDE), so GTK+ is already loaded in memory. I am not running any Qt-based application, so Qt is not loaded in memory, yet Arora starts 4 times faster than Midori on my PC.

  4. l00p

    That’s relative to your enviroment. It’s normal that a GTK+ application as midori would take a little bit more to run on a QT enviroment as KDE where the libraries are already available in memory. If you want to do a real test, you need to try on a GTK+ enviroment as GNOME or XFCE first. Than you can post your result here. Otherwise it’s fry air.

  5. J. M.

    It’s interesting that the changelog mentions that opening new windows is now incredibly fast and startup time is excellent. My experience does not confirm it. For example – on my computer, opening new windows in Arora (a Qt-based WebKit browser) is instant. In Midori, opening a new window takes 0.5 second, it’s noticeably slow. Arora starts up in 0.5 seconds, Midori takes 2 seconds to start.

    On the other hand, once it’s loaded, it’s really fast compared to other browsers on Linux.

  6. Ajay


    You should probably pull out the link to windows version. Midori is very much usable on Linux, but same is not true for the ancient windows version.

    If you are planning to have a windows port, you may want to hold it off, till you can maintain it in parallel to the Linux version

    And thanks a ton for Midori! It’s already my primary browser on Linux

  7. Shane

    I can’t seem to get Flash working on Windows. What’s the folder Midori uses for Netscape plugins?

  8. iwkse

    Salvatore, I added the missing include and an internal copy of the new function. So it should build again. Apologies for the trouble.

    Thank you for your effort, but it seems there are other issues now.

    Here GIconIface is defined as:

    typedef struct {
    GTypeInterface g_iface;

    /* Virtual Table */

    guint (*hash) (GIcon *icon);
    gboolean (*equal) (GIcon *icon1,
    GIcon *icon2);
    } GIconIface;

    While i think it should be:

    typedef struct {
    GTypeInterface g_iface;

    /* Virtual Table */

    guint (* hash) (GIcon *icon);
    gboolean (* equal) (GIcon *icon1,
    GIcon *icon2);
    gboolean (* to_tokens) (GIcon *icon,
    GPtrArray *tokens,
    gint *out_version);
    GIcon * (* from_tokens) (gchar **tokens,
    gint num_tokens,
    gint version,
    GError **error);
    } GIconIface;

    to_tokens () and from_tokens () are too introduced in GTK+ 2.20.

    Best Regards

  9. Anonymous

    Salvatore, I added the missing include and an internal copy of the new function. So it should build again. Apologies for the trouble.

  10. Giuseppe Borzi

    I’ve written a login/password manager in javascript for midori, it can be downloaded from this page


    obviously, a login/password manager in midori would be much better, but until it’s implemented this script can be a workaround.
    lxde website appears broken with epiphany-webkit, so it’s a webkit problem, not a midori one.

  11. walterav


    Compiled it on ubuntu with help of the following link:http://brainwreckedtech.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/howto-compile-midori-from-source-in-ubuntu/

    It doesn’t work anymore, it gives a message for upgrading your browser for better live experience, I skipped the message and than got send to the inbox, but after that it won’t go any further to ‘sent’ or junk or etc


    http://www.lxde.org #broken
    It still gives strange symboles instead of a webpage.

    I really like the speed of this browser especially on old hardware and clean debian installs. Is it possible to add a “midori -f” syntax for fullscreen use without a window manager?
    startx /usr/bin/midori -f #I thought I read it somewhere but don’t know if you like the idea?

  12. Sat

    Hi Christian,

    Just wondering where I should submit bug reports/feature requests to? There are a couple annoying parts of the midori GUI that I would like to see changed.

    Awesome job so far though. I got so fed up by the bloat/instability of FireFox and Midori has been a breath of fresh air 🙂

  13. iwkse

    Ehy Christian!
    I’m glad to read Midori has made such improvements, go ahead with it!

    I have to say a couple of things about the sources i tried to compile on Debian Lenny.

    kadze/kadze-utils.h seems to be missing the include of gio headers while kadze-util.c is using GAppInfo.
    After fixing this i get also, g_icon_to_string (still used in kazde-utils.c) is defined in GTK+ 2.20 and doesn’t compile here 🙁

    Saluti 🙂

  14. kalikiana

    It should still support Diablo, in theory. However I don’t have an N810 anymore to test that.

  15. Anonymous

    Thanks for Midori, it is now my favorite browser!

    And it’s great news that you’re optimizing it for Maemo5!

    Is it possible to add support for older versions of Maemo as well?

  16. Loving it!

    Keep up the good work! I have tried Flock, Firefox, Chrome, and Midori. Midori is the best! Your JavaScript is a little slower than Chrome’s but your mouse gestures work!! Midori uses less RAM too. I am running Ubuntu/xfce on a 8 year old computer, I learned about xfce though you.

    Thanks for such an amazing web browser,

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