Better Adblock, better feed panel, better tab panel and defrosting

So… this update brings great things like saving HTTP logins, much better address completion, a fixed news feed icon, improvements of the feed panel extension, and an update of the tab panel extension.

With WebKitGTK+ there is Undo/ Redo support now. And a revamped Adblock extension that loads adlbock plus/ easylist files, and unlike the previous version actually works wonderfully.

Last but not least the freezing is fixed that could occur when opening multiple windows.

So [ download midori v0.1.10] (531 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

32 thoughts on “Better Adblock, better feed panel, better tab panel and defrosting

  1. giorgio

    There’s only one thing needed to use midori instead of firefox or Chrome: password saving and management. Every time I log to facebook or other social network I have to spend time writing username and password! please can you implement this feature first?

  2. Olace

    Hi, thx for this best browser in linux.
    But, in Google Reader some buttons dont work, like mark all as read, links and all.
    Anyone have some help for that site in Midori?

  3. Kaushik

    How about private browsing? By looking at your button in the file menu, I realize this is planned,but it is clearly not implemented yet. It is not as crucial as the forward/back history button (recent pages in firefox, look at functionality), but I would like to know if this is planned. Thanks.

  4. Georg Nagel

    I needed also a kiosk like mode, where only one webpage is accessible. so i enabled the libshortcuts an removed every existing shortcut, then removed all panels and bars. everything works fine, except midori dont set the last-window-state when restarting and if the state is “MIDORI_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED”. you know a way to achieve this


  5. kalikiana

    What some people do is, to hide toolbars and only show what’s needed, so you can’t access more than you need. There is no way to fine-tune all visible items, though, if you need that.

    Feel free to join #midori if you want to discuss a use case that you think needs work, or file a request at and explain your case.

  6. Rickie Lee Jones

    Is there sort of kiosk-mode (disable as many user-interactions as possible) ?

  7. C. B.

    So I just unzip the windows binary and run ”’midori.exe”’ right? No gruelling setup or trick questions?

  8. ccnp certifications

    Adblock is a content-filtering extension for Mozilla Firefox- and Mozilla Application Suite-based web browsers. Adblock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being downloaded and displayed.

    A forked version called Adblock Plus has risen to replace the old Adblock. It features improvements to the user interface, filter subscriptions, and element hiding. It has become the most popular extension for Firefox, with more than 6 million daily users.


  9. radian

    ok, so built in userscript and userstyle is cool,but how do you get flash and java plugins recognised on windows?

  10. Kaushik

    Midori continues to improve, which I’m very grateful for. However, I’m still interested in a forward-back history on a tab-per-tab, window-per-window basis. Basically, like firefox’s recent pages. This is very important for websites that redirect your browsing as well as looking back to see some other activity you were doing in a particular tab/window.

    Please if these things are implemented, I’d be very satisfied with the experience. If I need to file a bug/wish list request I’ll do so. Thank you.

  11. Celtiore

    Hi from france,
    Thanks you very much for Midori

    I just have one request :p

    Can we have if possible real fullscreen mode …

    when i remove status and naviguate bar, i “only” have 1676×1046 for 1680×1050 resolution screen … (with firefox i “only” have 1680×1045)
    It’s just because we are working on a opensource web application.

    Thanks you.
    ps: example for the difference between midori and firefox :

    Désignation de l’article :


    position: absolute;
    left: 50%;
    top: 50%;
    padding:2px 2px 4px;

  12. Joachim

    Until recently, it was not possible to open messages in the Hotmail webmail interface using midori. The only thing happening was a notification ‘javascript:’ in the footer of the browser window, nothing else. On a system with webkitgtk 1.1.10, I have noticed that midori 0.1.4 fails in this respect whereas version 0.1.5 and later succeed. Since epiphany-webkit still has this issue, I wonder which change in midori 0.1.5 has allowed to overcome this issue.

  13. Valent Turkovic

    Thank you for great release! Could you please look into password management on Midori? That would be one feature that is missing and would really enhance usability of Midori.

  14. Martintxo


    Something have wrong the new Midori 0.1.10.

    I compiled one by myself with libwebkit 1.1.14 (this one) but it fails in pages like, or Later I install the one from Debian/Sid ( that is compiled with libwebkit 1.1.12 (i see it in the about dialog), and have the same problem.

    After browsing a lot, I realize that the problem may be in the google ads links. So I disable them in /etc/host, with sentences like:

    I see that the problem is with googlesyndication, and no with google-analytics (I don’t know about these, but it will be useful for you).

    Now Midori 0.1.10 works OK for me, and I don’t see the google adds :-DD

    Thanks for this light browser.

    Greetins. Martintxo.

  15. Guest

    I tried the lastest midori-version for windows. The (at) doesn’t work (with windows xp SP2) under midori. using the (at) was possible w/firefox, opera and internet explorer at the same time.

  16. Joachim

    + Implement disabling of extensions in crahs dialog

    Please change the spelling of -crahs- to -crash- in the Changelog, thanks.

  17. Ben

    Thanks for continuing this project. Despite domination by other webkit browsers (noteably Chromium/Google, safari and Epiphany) I strive to maintain and use a wide variety of browsers.

    Your browser is looking extremely nice, and is excellent for certain tasks – especially opening links quickly, and viewing pages which involve reading text.

  18. Anonymous

    Question was how to solve dependancy problems with libsoup/webkit when installing midori from ubuntu/ppa.

    Add webkit ppa to your apt/sources, see link for “Build dependencies” on midori ppa page.

  19. josias12

    Hallo, wie installiere ich midori in ubuntu. Ich habe mir die midori ppa hinzugefügt, hab aber immer abhängigkeitsprobleme mit libsoup und libwebkit. Ich kann irgendwie midori nicht installieren. Hilfe!

  20. Øyvind Sæther

    Could you please add a general FlashBlock feature? Firefox has one as extention, arora has the feature. What FlashBlock should do imho is to show “Flash object, click to play” instead of flash objects. Then, if you want to view the flash, you click on it and the flash object starts.

    Such a feature would be great. It would, as a bonus, replace a whole lot of advertisements with the click to play button.

    Gnash works alright with Midori and it does have a “click to play” setting, but gnash actually uses a whole lot of CPU power just to show this button (go figure), so it would be great if the browser could not start gnash until the user asks for the flash object.

  21. Mads

    Thanks, looking good.

    But the ‘Advertisement blocker’ extension is grayed out and ‘unclickable’. How do you use it?

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