The hated popup, javascript issues and tab panel improvements

This version of Midori is a bit of a follow up and improval of the
previous one. There’s a notable bug that breaks user styles, user scripts and the Netscape plugin panel in 0.1.8, this is fixed now.

The bookmark popup below the addressbar was an experiment in terms of usability. It is often hard to guess beforehand what works and what doesn’t. A lot of users expressed how they disliked the popup, and I have to agree, it isn’t as nice as it looked after using it for a longer time. So it’s gone for good.l

The tab panel extension was improved, it has close icons now, ellipsizes titles, tooltips and you can hide the panel operating controls now to make it really space efficient. I personally like to work on it incrementally, and see how it improves my tab usage a lot over ordinary tabs. Any power user should try it out, and you are welcome to say how you like it.
A related feature, useful for heavy tab users who prefer actual tabs, is minimizing tabs. If you keep certain tabs open, you can now turn them into small icons.

The menu button that’s visible when you hide the menubar had an annoying flaw, it wouldn’t let you access the Tools, like editing the toolbar, configure your shortcuts or the Delete private data dialogue. So now these items show up in the menu. If you like to reduce screen real estate, go and hide your menubar today.

Being careful with private data is easier because there’s a new tick mark in the dialogue in Tools > Delete private data, that tells Midori to delete the chosen information when quitting.
Another nice addition is that navigation history is preserved in newly opened tabs now.

So [ download midori v0.1.9] (504 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

21 thoughts on “The hated popup, javascript issues and tab panel improvements

  1. Orfeo aka Otacon

    I don’t know where to post BUGS…so…

    midori: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    this is the error i get installing midori on xubuntu 9.10 alpha 4 (updated to alpha 5)

  2. sqadas

    midori freezes when i run multiple instances, infact i cant run multiple instances because it freezes. Using 0.19 on arch btw.
    Love your browser. Good work, keep it up

  3. Zorofroozo

    i tried that one, but it doesnt give me what i need, when i hide the menubar, a menu button appears? If i click that men u button i’d like to see a link to my bookmarks. this whould make me able to hide the menu bar whitout losing the bookmars, same as the small menu addon in firefox …

  4. kalikiana

    Did you consider the Toolbar Editor extension? It allows you to add a Bookmarks button to the toolbar.

  5. Zorofroozo

    concerning the hide menubar option

    I whould love to see the menu button display the bookmarks. I am using an Acer Aspire One running Kuki Linux. And i need all the screenspace i can get on this 9′ screen.

  6. Simonny

    #7 marvel-less on 2009-08-05 23:11

    Get KeePassX Password Safe wich is a port of

    it’s already on the Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian Arch etc. repositories and the updated vertion for Ubuntu (ppa) is at:

    (KeePassX is based on QT. You can find some other password managers with GTK interface in your own repository, I guess)

    And now, you can Get (rid of) Firefox.


    * please delete my first duoble comment and all the content between the two asterisks *

  7. J.C. Denton

    I appreciate your work very much. Nevertheless I don’t wanna go too much into these 0.1.8 improvements…

    I’m an acive Ubuntu/Xubuntu user and writing on a fork for our organization. Over the last two years I had some insight on what the motu people do. I also realized lots of users dont install apps because they’re often outdated. That’s why we had to manually integrate stuff like Opera, KeePassX, Stellarium, WinstOn, etc.

    I think the same applies to Midori. Please get in touch (as a dev) with the motu people and update the Ubuntu package soon. I’m quite sure this will help you in propagating your great software.

  8. Stozi

    I am using Midori for everything I can, but from Ubuntu repository, so it’s way behind, godammit.

    I would like to have the bookmarks sidebar able to show on program startup, and the option to make the sidepanel icons not only compact, but gone. Horizontally aligned along the top would be ok too, just put them where the sidepanel title is, still highlighting the icon of the panel you’re using, making the title unnecessary. Right now the 6 icons fill 20% of the column, leaving a lot of dead space.

  9. utilitytrack

    great work! first impression is very good. I wait for new releases! good luck!

  10. martintxo

    A whistlist: the forward and backward bottons in the bottonbar will have to have a record of the last pages I visited in a dropdown menu, as have all the browsers…

    But Midori is awesome !!!

  11. Gavcheg

    Hmm. We need to work and customizable mouse gestures. And support for dynamic filters adblock +, as in fx. And the manager form.
    Thank you for your good work. 🙂

  12. Benjamin

    Midori is a fantastic browser!

    One thing I’d like is to be able to choose how tabs are handled on the tab bar. When I middleclick a link, and it opens on a new tab on the tab bar, it is created behind the current tab.

    What I’m used to is that tabs are created at the end, like in Chrome and Firefox. It would be nice if this behaviour could be changed so it acts like the user wants.

    Again, I love Midori! I have been using it for quite some time now, and it has never let me down. It’s one of the most promising indie OSS browser projects if you ask me.

  13. mike

    Great, small tabs is super awesome for things like twitter 🙂

    – Preserve Tabs (when closing or crashing…)
    – Use (GNOME-)Keyring

  14. Anonymous

    Some bug with tab panel extension:

    Open 2-3 tabs, then check “Tab panel” in “Extension” and go to tab panel extension. You’ll see nothing, no one tabs!

  15. Simon


    something that you might find interesting…

    about the XBEL file: has the ability to label/tag and to categorizing the users bookmarks in an XBEL file format (see the export option)

    they’ll give you the technique and you’ll give them an extension (sync) to rise up their reputation ;D

    keep that in mind!

    *note: at the moment the site is Offline (or just slow?) so use the archive(.org)*/http:/

  16. gadi

    I really like your browser. It is a fantastic work. But i consider that it needs one feature very important: password record. When you implement this feature, I will switch to Midori.

    I hope see it soon. Thanks for the good job!

  17. Anonymous

    > If you keep certain tabs open, you can now turn them into small icons
    I adore it!

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