Menubarless, extended and also on Windows


it is once again update time for Midori. Performance of working with multiple windows was
improved. The download dialogue and the Transfer panel were enhanced. An annoying bug
was fixed that rendered Mouse Gestures virtually unusable.

Alt +n now does switch to the n-th tab as asked for by several users. Also a common question
was single instance support, we now have a socket based implementation if libunique is not
available on the system. Another popular question in its own right was using Midori with no
menubar, for which now there is a menu button that appears upon hiding the menubar and
provides features missing from the context menu.
Through two new extensions finally keyboard shortcuts can be edited comfortably and a
toolbar editor makes customizing the toolbar layout a walk in the park.

This is notably the first release that is supported on Win32. A lot of improvements to the build
system and miscellaneous tweaks to handle Win32 specific aspects were implemented. It isn’t
quite perfect yet but certainly very usable.

So [ download midori v0.1.8] (500 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!
Win32 Binaries: [ midori Win32 v0.1.8] (7,3 MB)

13 thoughts on “Menubarless, extended and also on Windows

  1. Noob

    Great browser, I would use this exclusively IF I knew how to get adobe flash player working =)So now it´s a tiny, fast browser minus all the videos on the web..Which would be great if I were 87 years old.

  2. Abe's Oddysee

    Dear Christian Dywan,

    I submitted your Midori Web Browser application on TPFC (the portable freeware collection) but it appears to be that Midori is NOT portable

    What does “portable” mean?
    Portability is when it comes to the place where the settings are stored.

    Please see an example about what I mean:

    I’m asking you to join to our conversation about that issue at TPFC

    It is always a big pleasure for us (TPFC users) when the developers are
    willing to involve themselves in the conversations about their own
    (talked) applications
    [ ]
    [ ]

    See you soon,

  3. Guillaume

    for #1

    diff –git a/midori/midori-view.c b/midori/midori-view.c
    index 6fc2426..96cb8f6 100644
    — a/midori/midori-view.c
    +++ b/midori/midori-view.c
    @@ -1115,6 +1115,10 @@ midori_web_view_menu_new_tab_activate_cb (GtkWidget* widget,

    if (!uri)
    uri = (gchar*)g_object_get_data (G_OBJECT (widget), “uri”);
    + // add http:// and differents scheme on URI
    + uri = sokoke_magic_uri(uri,NULL);
    g_signal_emit (view, signals[NEW_TAB], 0, uri,

  4. Guillaum

    Thanks ! Midori is really great, it need two or three things to allow me switching from epiphany.

    I use the current git version because I really dislike the “location bar is bookmark bar”.

    BTW, I have some features request and some bug.

    #1 (BUG)

    if you have an url (like in the second comments of this article) without scheme, the contextual menu propose to open it in new tab, but it result in Error in page loading. Please add default http:// scheme in that case

    # 2 (BUG)

    I like to browse the web without navigation bar/status bar or menu/bar. ctrl+l pop the navigation bar if hidden, which is REALLY great. But when you browse, the navigation bar pop up and disapear at each page change, this is really annoying.


    This is the “blocking feature” for me. When you open a link in a new tab, the new tab does not inherit the history of the previous tab, so there is no back button available… Epiphany does this and this is, for me, the most important feature of a browser 😉


    I hate, and this does not work when location bar is hidden, the “status bar in location bar”, google chromium do something that i really appreciate, it pop a little bubble in the bottom left of the page with the content of the status bar when needed…


    find for link. The inline search is really great, but it can be interesting to have an “inline link search” that search only for link in the current visible page. and allow using them with keyboard.

    sorry to post that here, but I’m still waiting for my bugtracker account.

  5. Timo

    awesome update 🙂
    Since firefox grows and grows and becomes really slow (even in 3.5, which should have been the speed-bumb-release) I tend to use midori as browser of choice for everything (and firefox becomes a plugin-host only ^^).

    Somehow I managed to hide the menu and hide the menu-button… have to edit config files now 😀

  6. Dave Hayes

    Awesome! The menubar-less thing was exactly what I’ve been wanting. Midori is absolutely my favorite browser interface, it’s just perfect in every way imaginable.

  7. EQuivalent

    Hey, thanks for your browser.
    It is FAST. It has light and fresh look and feel.
    But unfortunately, it still crashes.
    BTW, when it will become stable, it will be used as default browser in my own distribution.

  8. elkanguro

    Hi, I see Midori is developing very fast, but for me, mouse gestures still does not work. Do I have to do something additional to be able to use them?

  9. Simon

    Same problem with User.js scripts – AdBlock, FlashBlock, etc.

    and why I can see no longer my plugins list???


  10. Problems with CSS, or just me?

    the seletion thingy

    ::-moz-selection { color: #FF0000 ! important; background-color: #FDFF00 ! important; }


    /* CSS Classes */
    ~ purple ~
    ::-moz-selection { background: #6E377F; color: #F3DFFF; }
    ::selection { background: #FDFF00; color: #FF0000; }

    what’s wrong?

  11. Jamin

    Please, unimplement the status bar in address bar feature and the bookmark bar in address bar, or at least make them optional. These two features are extremely unessecary and add more unecessary bulk. If I wanted a bookmark bar I would enable that, and even then, I still have the bookmarks menu. Same with the status bar. Before these features were implemented, Midori had a clean, usable interface, but now there is alot of distracting elements where they shouldn’t be.

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