Activation, detaching and feed panel

Time for another release. Lots of nice improvements. Midori now remembers which extensions are activated and which aren’t. Panel detaching works a lot better than it did before. A Feed Panel extension was added, that lets you read news feeds in a panel in Midori. Spell checking and custom fixed font sizes are supported now. Middle clicking on menu items does open new tabs now. libnotify is used (if present at runtime) to notifiy about finished transfers. The preference Open new pages in: New window is actually working as expected now (it used to be ignored). You can use ‘.’ or ‘/’ to search inline on any page, just like vim, man, Opera and lots of other utilities support it. And a little highlight for friends of user stylesheets, ‘@-moz-document’ is recognized and partially supported now, which means that lots of user styles now work with Midori that didn’t before.
And I almost forgot, we have speed dial on new tabs now (optionally), so go ahead and quickly add your favourite web pages to it.

So [ download midori v0.1.7] (452 kB) ([ MD5]) ([ ChangeLog]) already!

33 thoughts on “Activation, detaching and feed panel

  1. Ivo

    I soooo want to use it but I’m locked into Firefox since I can’t live without vimperator

    Is someone planning to add a midori extension similar to vimperator?

  2. Christofono

    in midori 0.1.7, the background on this page does not scroll when you move the scroll wheel. only the center contents scrolls. but when the mouse pointer is over the right hand scrollbar, (whether or not you are using the scroll bar or the mouse wheel) the background scrolls along with the center.

  3. Sertse

    I said it in the chat, but it would be handy to include a basic “dark themes” stylesheet to turn on, since it’s fundamentaly different, and you want to avoid black on black. 🙂

  4. Joao Paulo


    I’m writing a gtk application and I’m using the WebkitGtk widget. WebkitGtk is loading normal pages, but when I try to load a page that has a flash animation, the page doesn’t show.

    I know that here isn’t the place to ask such questions, but no one could help me in webkit mailing list and I don’t found a mailing list for midori.

    Do you know where I can find documentation about such problem? Any special file/section in midori source code I should see?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you very much,

    Joao Paulo

  5. Luca

    Hi Cris, i’m sorry if i’m out of topic. I’d like to update the italian translation (i know, there’s already somethig translated from english) of Midori. How can i help you in this?

    Thanks you for reply and for your hard work!

  6. actaea

    Has any tried to compile 0.1.7 in Kubuntu 9.04? I’m not a programmer, but I’m usually to get programs I like to compile, but I don’t seem to be able get Midori to compile. Is the problem that the webkit on Kubuntu 9.04 is out of date? Any help would be appreciated.


  7. zja

    My public blummy is not fully supported (icons only).

    javascript:user='TPFC';(function(){var l,s,d=document,i,a=function(o){d.body.appendChild(o)};if(d.getElementById('blummy'))return Blummy.close();l=d.createElement('div');l.innerHTML='Loading..';;i.position='absolute';'0';i.left='9px';i.backgroundColor='#f00';i.color='%23fff';i.font='normal%2014px%20sans-serif';i.padding='2px';i.zIndex='999';'l_blm';a(l);s=d.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src=''+user;a(s)})();

    more information:

  8. hybrid-kernel

    2 feature requests: (shift + )backspace for going forward and back in history. Its a habit I’ve had for years and cannot live without it. 2nd is for storage of cookies: make this setting: “do not allow 3rd party cookies” or w.e. Helps prevent tracking by stupid advertising agencies.

  9. Jonathan

    I am using 0.1.7 is a quick browser. I avoid using it for anything that requires bookmarks or password management (although that has improved greatly – I like to keep all my passwords and bookmarks in one place)

    The user style sheets is awesome, and I like having it, however it has two bugs that as soon as I find the time I will make an official report (need to find the develpmont website and see if I need an account) The browser displays the site style and then after it loads, rewrites the screen with the user style — very visually unappealing (probably a webkit thing though.)

    Also, and this one may be a Midori problem . . . The user style sheets ALL load every time. Since I like to be able to turn them on and off, I prefer it to remember the last status (on or off) for each style sheet.

    Anyway. I love the desktop un-specificness of it (it doesn’t say browser for blahblah desktop anywhere.), the speed, the java and flash (which is getting more stable), and as soon as LastPass or some other browser based password manager will not crash it, I may use it for most of my browsing (in fact the internal ones could be made as modules that could be turned off if you are using online bookmorking and passwords)

    Sorry for the long post, but I thought people would be interested in a slightly different review.


  10. aoi-midori

    A tool for cookie control would be nice, i.e., the possibility to whitelist a couple of sites and block cookies from any other sources. The “Cookie Manager” is just to little and deleting tons of cookies by hand and keeping those wanted/needed is too annoying. And in-browser storing of passwords/logins would also be nice.

    Else look and feel are great, especially that middle-clicking on the bookmarks now works!

  11. mrbig4545

    i know i’ve commented already, but im running the latest git version (i update daily :D) and i love the tab thummbnail preview, its bloody amazing! excellent job mate!

  12. ElPraga

    I cannot find how the speed dial is working. You mention it is optional, how do I switch it on? I compiled Midori myself, and I cannot find it out. Am I missing some libs at compile time?

    New tab only shows blank page. In Preferences checkbox Show fast link in new tab (or something like this, I am translating it from Spanish) is grayed out..

    Thanks for reply..


  13. Tomas

    You are welcome.
    BTW, could you drop a link to that ‘better’ flash blocker?

  14. Jason Simanek

    Just found this and am running it in Ubuntu. As a web developer it’s nice to have a quick WebKit browser available to test sites. This browser is so nice and fast though that it will definitely be my secondary browser after Firefox. Thank you so much!

  15. Devoid of Windows

    This browser gets better and better with every release. I wonder if there will ever be a port of Firefox’s Vimperator to it — that would make it perfect to use with keyboard-only WMs and laptops.

  16. Nathan Hüsken


    In firefox, I put
    gtk-key-theme-name = “Emacs”
    in my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to get emacs like keybindings for text editing.
    Since midori is gtk based, I thought this should work to.
    But it does not.
    Any idea why?

    Thanks for the great browser!

  17. Jamin

    I’ve noticed a bug this time. If you are scrolling down a page with a flash object, whenever the it goes off the page, there is a black spot left at the top of the browser UI the same width as the object. I honestly don’t know whether this bug is Webkit-based or Midori-based because it involves both the GTK UI and the web page interacting together.

  18. Tomas

    AdSweep ( ) plus FlashBlock WannaBE ( ) works with midori, but yes, we really need some real solution.

  19. Kaushik

    Agreed 100%. This is one of the few features I am missing. Think about all of the websites which redirect you when trying to press the back button; this would be solved with a back/forward history. Also, a more detailed search of the history when typing in the location bar (more like Firefox’s) to come up with webpages would be a good feature.

    Keep up the good work, this gets better and better!

  20. Dudu Maroja

    Thanks very much for midori, my laptop cant handle firefox verywell, i just miss a adblock extension ( for now i have to use /etc/host blocking )

    and there is a little problem with the spellcheck, the options to correct the text do not apearts rightclicking the wrong word, first you need to right click and choose Spell and grammar > Show Spell and Grammar

    again. Thanks!

  21. engored


    Midori only lacks proper proxy support and some useful extensions to become my primary browser 🙂

    On the other hand, some users have noticed unnecessary borders, a pixel of too much height here and there… I hope the next release cycle will be devoted to polishing look’n’feel as well as internal development. After all, “look” is obviously the first thing users notice 🙂

    I’d personally like mini-icons on nav-panel and some option to collapse a tab into a thin icon without any text.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Jamin

    Midori is looking AMAZING! One feature request, though, how about adding a pull down menu to the back/forward buttons so that when you hold the cursor down on one of those buttons and move down a history menu will pop up, like Opera or Chrome. Saving passwords would also be nice as well. This is by far the best GTK browser I have tried. Thanks!

  23. siafok

    Pardon, but I have one question. Is there any chance for some Catfish development?

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