Follow up with a stablish focus

This is a less spectacular but still important release with a focus on small improvements and bug fixes. For instance automatic inline find can be disabled, bookmarks can be moved to different folders and bookmark folders can be opened in tabs. You can edit the selection in the completion dropdown as you select it and the history panel uses your local date format (as a tip for friends of the ISO date format, try LC_TIME=en_DK.utf8). Blanks don’t “load” anymore and you will only see one HTTP authentication dialogue with a recent WebKit, not two.

On a related matter, WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1 was also released today, so do download it from as well (MD5: d3a5d7233beab310e9d3e5568fae49a1).

So [ download midori v0.1.4] already!

9 thoughts on “Follow up with a stablish focus

  1. walecha [at] f0x

    Actually this is not about midori, but more specific it is about webkit engine. A friend of mine has been tested five internet browser and posted the result on his blog here. And just now I’ve been tested Midori browser which is using WebkitGTK as its

  2. kalikiana

    I’m not a user but I can point you to ~/.config/midori which contains a file bookmarks.xbel. That’s where bookmarks are stored.

  3. Nathan Hüsken


    I would like to syncronize my modori bookmarks with Somewhere I have read, that midori stores bookmars in XBEL format, is that correct?
    Where does midori store the bookmarks? I can not find them :( .

    Has anyone tried syncornizing bookmarks before?


  4. cwt

    I’m using webkit-gtk 1.1.3 with latest midori from svn. But I can’t browse to https and ftp pages.

    Sometimes close the youtube page with music was playing can crase the browser.

    Hope all of this problems be solved soon.

  5. Vanity Veritgo

    I’m using this as my main browser and I’m loving it so far. It’s so much faster and smaller than most other graphical browsers I’ve used. Keep up the good work. I’d love to see it mature.

  6. Adrian Sampson

    Things are looking very promising indeed. I’m using v0.14 as my main browser, for the most part, and it’s working nicely(except for the flash issue). Great work.

  7. Mr-Biscuit

    Need: History access
    cookie access
    cache access
    jscript/java tools front ends

    How does one set personal configurations?

  8. Prakash

    Hai developer ,
    I am using Midori and it’s great with webkit backend.but I can’t resolve the java issue.that is ,java plugin is not detected!.

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