Colourful optimizations

This version of Midori has a focus on optimizations below the hood. The most important point here is that from now on, you need at least WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1, GTK+ 2.10, Glib 2.16 and libsoup 2.25.2. Lots of tricks to maintain compatibility were dropped. Supporting ancient versions of WebKit became increasingly hard, and various optimizations are in place already. The internal source view was also dropped, and the default text editor is used, or whatever you chose in the preferences. As for a really exciting feature, downloading of files works if you have WebKitGTK+ 1.1.3, including a sidepanel and progress bars inside the statusbar. As a goodie I added an extension called Colourful Tabs, which took me less than two hours to write and is quite nice for that.

So [ download midori v0.1.5] already!

21 thoughts on “Colourful optimizations

  1. Lee

    I am very impressed with Midori and happy to use it! But no updates for a while, is everything ok? Is Midori so good that we only need to wait for webkit to improve? I dream of the day I can forever remove firefox from my xfce!

  2. guy

    Nice browser you got there. I’ve been using it since 0.1.3. The version in debian sid’s repos (0.1.4) was too prone to crashing, so I decided to get latest. Sadly the only way was to compile. After about 2 hours of fetching and compiling dependencies, I got midori compiled and installed. However I get this:

    midori: symbol lookup error: midori: undefined symbol: webkit_get_default_session

    I have no idea what that means. Any help?

  3. Marte

    Very good browser, I love it! I’d like to see it replace at least epiphany. I already use Midori constantly.
    Features needed :
    - To be able to select where do I want to save the download on a per download basis.
    - To be able to delete sites from the bookmarks, because from the bookmark bar it works only if they’re actually on the bar and not on the “rest” part.
    Bugs :
    - Sometimes Midori looses the connection while loading the site, so it doesn’t load anything.

  4. Kaczus

    Not sure if this is the right place to post feature suggestions but the only thing necessary for me is the ability to modify mouse gestures along with the button that activates them.
    I love the startup speed and snappiness. Great work!

  5. DaVince

    Concerning the source view thing… Is there any chance of it reappearing as a plugin for those who prefer it? I don’t always want to wait for the text editor to load (crazy, I know).

  6. kalikiana

    There is an MD5 checksum on the main page, you are right it’s not in the announcements. I will try to add it in the future.

  7. lvlo

    Great and fast browser – thank you so much :)

    I have only one question: is it possible to add “scrolling speed” option in future releases? Cause this is the only thing which stops me from full-time-using of Midori.

  8. Calvin

    Ubuntu or Debain won’t put them in because of stability. Maybe Jaunty or Intrepid?

    Besides, you can get a relatively up-to-date version of Midori at – it’s 0.1.4 which is much more stable than the version Ubuntu ships. It still crashes though – mostly due to plugins and scripts.

  9. Sneakernets

    OK, maybe it isn’t your fault. But it, to me, shows the lack of promptness in distro maintainers these days..

  10. Sneakernets

    Yay, now I have to compile Webkit 1.1.1, GTK+ 2.10, Glib 2.16 and libsoup 2.25.2 from scratch and not use .deb packages for Hardy! yay!

    oh well!

  11. Albert

    Nice work! I’m using Midori more and more, thinking about trying to hook up libdbi instead of sqlite3 to maintain identity settings (bookmarks, etc.) across machines more easily.

  12. Brian

    I was just coming here to say the same thing as antistress. I really enjoy seeing the progress of Midori. It is such a fast & low resource browser for me compared to Firefox. I try to advertise it to people and get it out there – for example, by suggesting it as a top browser for

    I appreciate the work.

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