Mouse gestures, maemo and more

Lots of niceties again, something there for everyone I’m sure of it. For
one a preference toggles full image zoom, you can graphically add and
remove items from the toolbar, there is a plugin panel, the sidepanel
can be moved to the right side and international domain names are supported.
Among the highlights are Mouse Gestures, implemented as an extension,
integration with Maemo if you’re on a mobile device, finally support for
bookmark folders and last but not least Find as you type, much like
Mozilla browsers do it.

Thanks a lot to contributors, and testers, a number of significant
improvements happened within the last day and hours before the release.

So [ download midori v0.1.3] already!

10 thoughts on “Mouse gestures, maemo and more

  1. Andreas

    Ben used the F word that is one of my key criterias for browsing.
    Using ubuntu on my aspireone, firefox is performing poor.

    Midori is nice,slim, fast and performant, but I need something to sync my bookmarks across my PC fleet and foxmarks is my repository for this.

    Midori seems not to be at all on the foxmarks list, maybe a midori developer can help them to create a plugin to sync the bookarks.

  2. Ben

    Actually, I like to have folders and rarely use tags directly. I really dislike the Library in Foxmarks when looking in my history for sites I didn’t bookmark (I have a hard time remembering the names of sites, and rarely remember a keyword that would bring it up in the url bar); I much prefer to use the sidebar history, which can sort the sites according to date and domain, but they’ve made it a bit more difficult to open it since version 3. Many of ”today’s” users may expect tags, but that doesn’t mean that some of ”yesterday’s” users will not like (or even, expect) folders.

    That said, I think tags are very useful–especially when you use proper tags to describe your bookmarks. I think I would be fine whether or not the folders are removed from bookmarks. But I would appreciate it if I was still able to sort history. 😉

    Anyway, Midori seems to be turning out pretty well so far. I’m looking forward to it’s completion. ^.^

    (Note: It appears that double-quotes (and ampersands) aren’t handled well; when I previewed my post, it turned them into ‘[ampersand]quot;'(“), so I swapped them with two single-quotes.)

  3. my GettoWEB.DE

    nanu, Midori 0.1.3 ist verfügbar, aber mein Adept hat sich noch nicht zwecks Update gemeldet Aber hier trotzdem schon mal das ChangeLog: v0.1.3: + Sidepanel can be aligned on the right + Bookmarks can be organized in folders + Support find as you…

  4. antistress

    many thanks for that great app

    i’m not sure however that supporting bookmark folders is useful since today users expect tags.

    Firefox has implemented tags but it kept the old folder stuff which means it has 2 concurrential systems which is weird and can confuse users

    Epiphany only has tags if i remember well, which is far more logical and efficient.

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