Monthly Archives: January 2009

Save your cookies for later

Time for an update after another too long release cycle. Let’s see what
we should highlight of the changes…
Bookmarklets work now, that is you can use javascript: in bookmarks and
the address entry. New windows opened from web pages actually are opened
finally, in the form of new tabs, cookies can be stored on disk if you
are using a recent libsoup with WebKit and Midori.
And hey, changes to preferences or bookmarks are saved dynamically as
they are changed by you – regardless of crashes your configuration is
kept. Which brings me to the also new (optional) crash dialog that now
pops up if Midori crashed and you reopen it. It allows you to modify
preferences or discard your last open pages, which is useful if for
instance a script crashed and disabling scripts may prevent Midori from
going down again right after having started.
Last but not least, starting up Midori with a long history is much, much
faster now. There is still a delay but it’s comparatively small.

So [ download midori v0.1.2] already!