Hot soup, history completion and extensions

So the next iteration of Midori is due. We now actually have integration
of history completion in the location entry, something that many people
have been waiting for long enough. libSoup is used in place of GIO for
loading icons, viewing sources, saving files, and for the first time
icons are actually cached on disk. The side panel gained a compact mode
to take up considerably less space. Bookmarks in the toolbar finally
match the menu and the panel at any time, this was a long standing
annoyance. The Web Inspector as supported by WebKitGtk since a while is
now supported. The beginning of unit testing has emerged.
And finally, the ground work for an extension interface has been done,
extension modules can be written in C at the moment. Bindings to Lua
and/ or Python are planned for the future. Note that the side panel
doesn’t currently expose the extension management, but the Page holder
was actually rewritten as one of the example extensions. Be welcome to
try it out.

So [ download midori v0.1.1] already!

10 thoughts on “Hot soup, history completion and extensions

  1. LLB

    Midori is really maturing well. I just finished making a comparison with Ephiphany 2.24 with Webkit and Midori, and I have to say that Midori was the more impressive of the two, at least from my non-scientific testing. Great work!

  2. the laughing linden branch

    Well, I haven’t been paying attention lately to Midori, and in that time, it has made some nice improvements, both in stability and in usability. It still can’t match Firefox for overall utility, but I think it is better than Ephiphany (We…

  3. kalikiana

    There is actually support for cookie storage in git, which depends on the current unstable libsoup. So it will be in the next release 🙂

  4. bypasser

    Dillo2 is improving too. It seems it will have decent css support soon, see -> 🙂

  5. Max

    Gibt nicht viel zu sagen, ausser: “Danke für deine Mühe u. Arbeit.”
    So, dann werde ich mal runterladen … 😉

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