A little refreshment for Catfish

Even though development of the next Catfish line is not exactly fast forwarding, it’s time for a maintainance release. Translators have added new languages, which is totally great, and I fixed a handful of small things. Plus, notably, the package now includes the new logo which has already been on the website for some time.

So [http://www.twotoasts.de/media/catfish/catfish-0.3.2.tar.gz download catfish v0.3.2] already!

2 thoughts on “A little refreshment for Catfish

  1. david


    do you know a way to pass the “-L” command to the find method through Catfish in order to search into linked directories?

  2. AJ MacLeod

    (Belated!) Thanks for this update… Catfish seems to be ignoring the –wrapper argument completely; if I specify exo-open or xdg-open PDF files are opening in Adobe Reader despite xdg-open or exo-open using xpdf as desired when run from a shell. Any ideas?

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