Monthly Archives: October 2008

A little refreshment for Catfish

Even though development of the next Catfish line is not exactly fast forwarding, it’s time for a maintainance release. Translators have added new languages, which is totally great, and I fixed a handful of small things. Plus, notably, the package now includes the new logo which has already been on the website for some time.

So [ download catfish v0.3.2] already!

A minor version bump

The version bump is long overdue. The last development cycle was
interesting in a way, there was refactoring, experiments that did not
turn out as good as intended, and a number of annoying bugs turned up,
but the #midori crew is pretty good at hunting bugs, and we came back to
a stablish build in the end. Among exciting new features are
customizable toolbar, error pages, the beginnings of user documentation,
overall various interface improvements, history support in the form of a
panel and allowing to hide the menubar.
The future will probably bring integration of history in the location, a
proper toolbar editor and support for importing netscape bookmark. We
will see what else there is going to be.

So [ download midori v0.1.0] already!